A little bit of coronavirus humour

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Hey, guys! I haven’t written for a long time, but I’ll be back soon 🙂 In the current world of pandemic with all the quarantine memes flying around the net, I wanted to share with you something that’s truly funny and comforting to me. I’m pretty sure it will have the same effect on you, especially if you know ‘The Golden Girls’ TV show,. In the meantime, be safe and hold on and click away, if you could use a laugh and some comfort


Dior Addict Lacquer Plump

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I’m always in for something new in makeup. Something new by Dior I’m looking at right now is Dior Addict Lacquer Plump 🙂 Here’s what the name’s telling me. Lacquer seems to indicate it’s a shiny liquid lip colour. Ok, I like that.


Plump must indicate, that it’s plumping. I’m not really a fan of that. My lips are full enough to begin with, so I’m not sure I need that effect. Then again, sometimes lip plumping products have a fun scent to them and a fun cooling sensation, so we’ll see 🙂


On we go. As usual, I read into what it says on the packaging. It’s always worth doing that, as far as I’m concerned. Plumping Lacquered Lip Ink Long-Wear Colour. Uh-huh, the promises are made, Dior, now let’s see, whether they are kept or not 🙂


To me, the concept of lip ink and lacquered finish are a bit contradictory. Lip ink or lip stain is supposed to blend in, more or less. While lacquered finish is generally designed to pop. So, my curiosity is piqued, I wonder, how Dior did it all in one run.


As for long wear colour, I don’t really need it that much. Lip colour tends to stay on my lips long enough, and I don’t mind reapplying, when and if it takes. Then again, there are circumstances in life, when longevity is a good quality in lip colour. And… we’ve already covered the plumping part. Well, let’s roll.


The packaging is cool. I love it, how a little rectangular on top of each box shows off the shade. I also love, how the colour can be seen through Dior letters on the side of the tube and in its lipstick shaped transparent tip. This way I immediately know, what shade I’m grabbing 🙂 When I’m in a hurry, it can really make a difference.


Dior Addict Lacquer Plump has a distinct sweet, sweet and then some scent to it. This sweetness is there to cover up the chemical whiff all lip stains give off initially, I presume. Luckily, this scent doesn’t linger on the lips and seems to dissipate pretty soon. Still, if you are scent sensitive, beware, give it a test run before you buy.


Now, just as pretty much all lip stain products have this sort of a chemical scent to them, as far as I am and my nose is concerned, they also feel chemical usually. That is, there’s something almost extra chemical about lip stain and lip ink formula, which almost makes it uncomfortable for me to wear it.


Well, guess what, mission impossible is accomplished here by Dior. I don’t know, how they did it, but despite definitely being chemical in essence, this formula in particular feels very comfy, cushiony and nice on the lips. It’s a revolution. Love it. Dior, good job. Really.


There are sixteen shades in the range. Not that many, in my opinion. But they did cover all the bases – nudes, corals, pinks, reds, brights and hot and sexy colours. It’s all there. I got the shade that struck me as the most interesting one in the range and my usual pick in lip colour world – a bright pink.


When it comes to plumping, I can’t tell you I felt much of it going on. There’s something there, and it’s smarter than just throwing in a bunch of menthol to make your lips swell J I don’t get the feeling, that you’ll get a whole lot of plumping here, but some – maybe.


As for long wear, you’ve definitely got it here, babe. This lip ink melts into the lips, and not only it stays on and on and on after it does, but when you actually want it off, good luck trying to remove it. Get ready to put the best makeup removal means you have to work, because getting this thing off your lips is not an easy undertaking, I’ll tell ya.


Then again, all long wear products are tough to get off, because they pretty much are designed to stay in place. How else can a lasting power be possibly achieved? Anyway, if you’ve ever worn lip inks or lip stains before, you know how it goes 🙂


I think, I’ve pretty much told you everything I’ve come to know about this formula by wearing it. Now I’ll quickly cover the three important things left to cover – the brush, the shades and the finish. All are crucial for a product to work.


The brush is spongy, and then it’s wider and flattened, surprisingly so, and kind of blunt, shovely, sort of. It’s not what I’m used to in lip colour brushes necessarily, so it took some adjustment on my part. But the brush is very soft and cushiony feeling on the lips, and that’s a plus, a big one, because my lips are rather tender and sensitive.


Next. Texture and finish. Remember, I’ve been wondering, how Dior was gonna make lip ink, that usually melts in, work with lacquered finish, that’s supposed to pop and make a statement? Well, it does both all at the same time and, hence, feels contradictory.


On the one hand, it does melt in like a good little lip ink. On the other hand, it does try to do the mirror shine thing, because, well, it’s supposed to do both. As a result, you get the shiny part before it fully melts in and moves onto the lip stainy kissed lips finish thing. Kind of confusing.


As for the shades, I’ve already told you, that I got the one that stands out most in the range and my usual brighter pink. Also, when I looked at the little rectangular things on top of the boxing showing off the shades, they both looked super sparkly. And that’s something I, personally, like very much. Well, here’s what we have in real life 🙂


Dior Addict Lacquer Plump 898 Midnight Star. It’s an intense cool violet ink colour. Forget the plum. It’s not here. It’s absent. This shade isn’t about plump. It’s edgy and dangerously sultry. And it does have a whole bunch of tiny little sparkle in it. Oh the joy 🙂


Dior Addict Lacquer Plump 677 Disco Dior. This shade proved to be not just a bright pink. It proved to be a vibrant fuchsia. There’s a good deal of purple mixed in with pink here. And, unfortunately, the sparkle somehow doesn’t show that much in this shade. I guess, because it’s close to the shade itself in terms of colour. Alas!


All in all, I’m quite happy with the shades. If you like cooler pinks and don’t mind bright colours, go for Disco Dior. And if you want something off the beaten track a little, venture into your own and personal Midnight Star adventure 🙂


Ok, so, I’ve told you everything I know and think about Dior Addict Lacquer Plump. Now you tell me what you think, if you’ve already tried it. And, if you want to see me wear both shades, head over to my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/veilfairy/

Lunar New Year editions 2018 swatched

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I’d like to quickly look back here at the two super pretty Lunar New Year editions from this year. Both are powder. One is by Givenchy, the other one is by Armani. Both are amazing. Sounds good? 🙂


Check out this Givenchy Prisme Libre limited edition. This red and gold design is just… I mean, look at these flowers. Just look at them. Right?


Armani highlighting palette design is also red and gold, but it’s more held back. So, should you be into elegance, strictly speaking, yes, strictly, it’s probably more up your alley.


Inside the boxes we have this. Pretty much, what I said above holds true. Givenchy design is more opulent with those flowers against the red background.


While Armani design is simple and clear with one single hieroglyph in gold blazing in the middle of a sleek red round box.


When I open the two though, the roles kind of swap, really. Givenchy kept it simple and true to its permanent range design.


While Armani has this adorable dog etched on their powder. If Givenchy got me at the boxing design stage, Armani definitely got me here… at the doggie.


On we go and look at the swatches. You might have guessed already, that Givenchy is pretty fair. Very fair, in fact. Say, it’s too fair for me, more of an accent thing, really.


While Armani is this kind of warmer, without being too warm, stunning light beige with a light golden glow thing going on in its very core. I LOVE this highlighting powder shade.  I really do. It’s delicate, beautiful, elegant and everything nice there is out there. It’s a great highlighter starter. You can’t miss with it. And the texture is super soft and lush.


To round it up, we have two great face products here. Givenchy design is a show stopper. It’s loose powder. And it’s a very light shade. Armani design is not as all out there as Givenchy, still beautiful. And the doggie is just almost too cute. Armani shade is just the right highlighter shade, where it will light up your skin from within and help your natural glow without going overboard with it. In fact, the shade is so great, you can use it all over. Sophisticated. Enjoy 🙂

11 matt shades and 1 satin shade of MAC lip colour swatched

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Once the craziness of the holiday season wears off, and spring season is up and running, I get the time I need to look at all the big makeup sets I scored during the holidays. While the holidays are still going, I’m too focused on limited editions to look through all the shades in the sets, you know 🙂 But here we are, finally, and here are 12 shades from MAC permanent lip colour range. That is, you can actually get any of the shades you like easily 🙂


The shades I’m looking at here are: Party Commencing (Matte), Little Darling (Matte), Please Me (Matte), Mangrove (Matte), Ruby Woo (Matte), Rebel (Satin), Flat Out Fab (Matte), Good Kisser (Matte), Diva (Matte), Velvet Teddy (Matte), Whirl (Matte), Stone (Matte)




Party Commencing.


The texture is matt.


The shade is a lighter lilac pink. Very light. Very catwalk/movie shoot/photo shoot friendly nude. Not universally becoming though. If you like it, make sure it works for YOU.




Little Darling.


The texture is matt.


A medium coral shade. I don’t generally love corals, but this one is oh so nice. Elegant. Appealing. Pretty. A wonderful colour. My little darling 🙂




Please Me.


The texture is matt.


This is a very pretty medium pink with a purple undertone. Or a very pretty medium purple with a pink undertone, depending on your colour preception. Pleasing, yes.






The texture is matt.


This is a blazing hot coral, borderline red, in fact, but not quite. Boy, what a vibrant colour. Amazing. I have very tender feelings for corals here. Surprising 🙂




Ruby Woo.


The texture is matt.


Now, this is definitely red. No doubt. It’s a red classic. Vampy. Hot. Womanly. All those things. Deep and intense and everything. Wow.






The texture is – attention – SATIN. It’s the only one in the dozen, that’s satin.


Plum as plum can be. With sort of a modern twist to it. Sultry. No less sultry than plum classic. This shade is a statement. For sure.




Flat Out Fab. Love this shade name.


The texture is matt.


You know, that ultraviolet is the shade of the season, right? Well, this here is ultraviolet with a good deal of pink mixed into it, that warms it up, sort of. If you got any outfits in ultraviolet, this shade would go well with those 🙂




Good Kisser. Love this shade name too 🙂


The texture is matt.


There’s something about matt pinks on the lips. I’m telling you 🙂 Everyone is so distracted by matt reds and matt nudes, matt pinks get overlooked in a way. And it’s a pity. This shade is awesome. Love it. Wanna wear it. Am gonna 🙂






The texture is matt.


This shade looks brown, at first sight. But once I apply it, it reveals its gorgeous Bordeaux secret essence 🙂 What a beauty of a shade. Steaming hot.




Velvet Teddy. How cute is this shade name?


The texture is matt.


This lighter to medium beige is as comfy and nice and pleasing as a teddy bear. True 🙂 There might be a pink touch of an undertone lingering somewhere there too.






The texture is matt.


Whirl. Cool. Sounds nice. The shade is a medium beige. I expected it to be more greige by the way it looked in the tube. But there’s a warm feeling about it. And it’s almost universally becoming. Like it a lot.






The texture is matt.


Now, this one is definitely greige. Ever so greige. Stone, yes, that’s what they call greige in clothes, more or less 🙂 That is, it’s rare, the kind of shade that can make your look. Be careful though, it’s not universally becoming, so be sure to make it work for you. You’ll probably have to work with your whole look and build this lip shade in.


That’s my dozen by MAC. I enjoyed it a lot. Some real finds in it, I’d say. And given how big matt texture is right now, it’s nice to have options. All shades feel quite good on the lips. There’s a pretty strong sweet scent to all of them. Now, let’s go and have some fun with these colours, shall we? 🙂


P.S. Wanna see all twelve shades on the lips? Head over to my Instagram page









YSL Couture Palette Black Opium Pure Illusion and Wild Illusion swatched

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These two palettes were released to support YSL Black Opium Pure Illusion perfume limited edition launch. The design of these palettes kind of matches the limited edition design of Black Opium. It’s edgy and YSL like. At first glance, the shades in the eyeshadow palettes are pink, grey and violet. An exciting and imagination stirring combo, as far as I’m concerned 🙂 I mean, grey and pink are a good match – in clothes, in interior design, in makeup, we know that much. When you throw in violet though, it’s just the right zest that makes things special, makes looks special and helps to create your own style. A little rock’n’roll, probably. But that’s what YSL is all about, right? 🙂 Then again, such glam rock looks are also a good party – going out – night club options, even if that’s not something you do in makeup department in your everyday life. Although, who knows, you might come to love them and wear these shades more often than you’d think seeing them for the first time, you know. I’m telling you, there’s something about them. Ready? Let’s get going 🙂


YSL Couture Palette


Pure Illusion Edition




This design is impressive, no question about it. Greenish grey, avant garde and very close to what Black Opium Pure Illusion perfume limited edition bottle design is. Only the bottle is more like grey pink 🙂 What I really like about it, is that the shades in this palette are impressive too 🙂


Before we get to the shade breakdown though, let me quickly tell you about the brushes.


A dual ended sponge, one side is a classic eyeshadow sponge, the other side is a thinner precise application eyeshadow sponge.


Eyeshadow brushy brush.


Back to the shades now. There are five.


Tender matt beige lilac


Sparkly and shiny white. Very flattering.


Matt dark grey – not really charcoal – with silver sparkle. Surprisingly, the sparkle seems to stay on the shade, which is very rare, when it comes to this texture. Almost impossible, in fact 🙂


Satiny bright warm pink. Absolutely love it. Believe it or not, I find this shade very becoming.


Satiny lilac beige. An amazing shade. Will look good on most of us.


That’s the palette, and I want to start applying these shades and wearing them RIGHT NOW. They are just so awesome 🙂 Also, I can’t wait to see the second palette.


YSL Couture Palette


Wild Illusion Edition




Wow. This design is pink and black and snaky and stuff. Cool and edgy and relevant and bold. Intense. There’s energy in it.


The brushes are the same as in the other palette.


And the shades are…


Satiny medium cool pink. A great shade. Not as artsy as that warm pink, so more people can pull it.


Sparkly and shiny light silver


Matt midnight blue with purple undertone and just a handful of silver and pink sparkle. A beautiful shade, not an easy one to pull though.


Darker metallic silver. Incredible. Decadent almost in its beauty. Those two silver shades looked pretty close in the packaging, so I was – what’s the point? Well, guess what, there is a point. They are totally different. And equally gorgeous.


Matt midnight purple with a blue undertone and a lot of pink and lilac sparkle.


That’s the palette, and it’s like a grey purple cloud with pink lightning. It’s so YSL, it has its spirit in it. And these shades, man… they are made to stand out. At the same time, they are just so chic.


These two eyeshadow palettes by YSL – Pure Illusion and Wild Illusion – are fantastic. They are anything but usual, tuned to go well with almost any eye colour and complexion, and they definitely have the wow element to them that’s truly couture. They are more than artsy clubby palettes. They can help you create, say, very special smoky eyes look that you will own, really own, because it won’t be just black, you know. These palettes have personality, and if your personality can get on good enough terms with them, the result will be splendid. I’ve already told you how I love pinks in eye colour. They aren’t too common, but they are good. Also, violets on the lids are elegant and mysterious in the best possible way. And sparkly and medium greys can help you easily round up your makeup and create a smooth transition from violets to pinks and back. All in all, it’s like these shades are calling for creativity, experiment and inspiration. To put it simply, these aren’t just eyeshadow palettes. It’s fashion encased in two little designer pattern boxes.

MAC Justine Skye iridescent pressed powder swatched

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This collaboration between MAC and American singer, songwriter, actress and model Justine Skye starts with… design. Look, no, I mean, behold…


I’ll tell you what, they had me at this boxing. Now that it’s getting closer to holiday season, it’s getting even more relevant.


Fairytale is all I can think of looking at this box. I so wish the case itself were decorated somehow too. It’s black and MAC like and laconic instead.


Even though MAC calls it powder, I’d say it’s a highlighter. I mean, how many of us wear something lilac all over, when it comes to base and tone? 🙂


Also, iridescent powder just sounds like a highlighting thing to me. Iridescent tone and base all over my face? I don’t think so 🙂


Other than the boxing and design here’s what I love. The shade. The shade is awesome. Special. Iridescent. Yes, definitely so.


It easily goes from cool lilac to warmer plum to a beige fluffy cloud. There’s lilac sparkle in it. Not too much though.


Iridescent is just the right word for it. It’s not really pearly, not sparkly either, really, it’s more like iridescent with a satin sheen.


You know what’s great about this shade? It will work with your skin tone. Adjust to it. Blend into it. Merge with it. Become one with it.


And… unlike those light lilac highlighter shades, that one should be careful with, this shade is super becoming and universal.


Instagram has been raving about iridescent highlighters for a while. You know that, right? Well, the truth is, there’s something about them 🙂


If nothing else, they are fun. They are versatile. They give you all the choice and all the options in the world. So, get at it.


It terms of quality, texture and performance, this powder is all professional and matter-of-fact like all MAC products. No trimmings 🙂


Honestly though, to me, this design and the shade speak for themselves. Once I see it, I know I love it and know why. Now see if you do 🙂

Diorouge Precious Rocks Collection Couture Rouge Dior swatched

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Do you love lipstick? I do 🙂 How about Dior lipstick? Well, holiday season is on and going, and Dior released this set for all of us who enjoy lip colour and their lip colour in particular. Collection Couture Rouge Dior. Precious Rocks is the name of their holiday makeup collection, by the way, that I’ll tell you about in a separate post. Too much to cover 🙂 For now I’m focusing on Diorouge. It’s a nice pun, by the way 🙂 I like sets of the kind, because they give me a chance to get some of my favourite shades plus try out new shades, that I might not have bought otherwise. Especially as Dior has recently revamped their Rouge Dior range, so there might be something interesting there, who knows. Also, I’m sure Dior prepared something limited edition, holiday like and special for us in terms of design. I mean, look at the name of this thing alone – Diorouge with ‘ouge’ being red. Pretty cool 🙂


As I’ve told you more than once already, studying the back of those boxes might be worth it sometimes 🙂 And I get such kicks out of makeup, I actually like doing it. So, after I do, I spot not only separate lists of ingredients for each lipstick in the set, which might be really crucial to those of us, who are allergic to anything out there… I can also see what shades we have in this set. Now, that’s interesting. Let’s see: 999 Matte, 964 Ambitious Matte, 772 Classic Matte, 962 Poison Matte, 743 Rouge Zinnia, 434 Promenade. Well, for starters more than half of the shades here – four out of six – are matt. Which might be something you like or something you don’t – you decide. It makes sense though, that so many of these shades are matt, because matt lip colour is just so super hot right now. In case you are more into classics, there are two traditional cream texture shades here for you.


Off the top of my head I know shade 999 by Dior, of course. Although I haven’t really tried its matt variation yet. It’s a red lip classic. I also know their Rouge Zinnia shade. It’s a deeper and darker cherry like red. Very nice. I like it. The rest of the shades I don’t know by names and don’t really think I’ve worn. So, I’ll be more than happy to give them a shot. It will be fun – applying, trying, wearing them. Anyway… Back to the set. The design with Dior word in gold in the middle of it all is pretty awesome. Although I can’t say I’m a big fan of this pleather finish. It’s a matter of taste, of course. Whatever you say or think about it though, you do have a nice compact pouch here, that holds six shades, according to the list in the back. It’s great. And as usual, when I look at all the makeup collections and limited editions I can feel the holidays getting closer 🙂 I’ll tell you what, it’s a nice feeling. I appreciate it.


And here we go… Hm. What’s up with one shade coming in a square regular size tube, and the other five coming in smaller roundish tubes? Another look at the back of the box. It usually helps to figure it all out 🙂 Uh-huh. 1 limited edition refillable jewel lipstick + 5 precious refills in a couture pouch. That explains it. And kind of scares me too. I mean, I like the idea of jewel lipstick. I’ll have to take a closer look at that tube design. But refillable, rechargeable stuff… I’m not a fan of that usually. For starters, I’m pretty clumsy, so refilling anything doesn’t go that easy, you know 🙂 Second of all, in all honesty, I just don’t want to spend the time. I want to grab my lipstick, apply it and get going. So, if I got six lipsticks in this set in bijou tubes, I’d be ecstatic. As it is though, I’m only ecstatic about the one. I’ll try the rest of the shades, but recharging them… nah, I don’t think so, it’s not my kind of thing 🙂


Ok now, let’s take a closer look at that jewel lipstick tube and that matt red shade. The tube is navy blue, like it always is, when it comes to Dior. The jewel or bijou part is obviously in the middle. And it’s nice, it really is. I like that it’s not all strass and shiny and stuff, it’s metal and embossed instead. Nice 🙂


The cap is red underneath it all. Love it. There’s silver CD logo on top of the cap – Dior usual 🙂 And on the bottom of the refillable case – now I understand that it is 🙂 – instead of saying 999 Matte, it says Precious Rocks by the name of this holiday collection, so that whatever shade you put in, it all makes sense.


The shade does look very much like Rouge Dior 999, only the finish is matt. Very interesting. That is, if you love this shade, you can try a new version of it 🙂


This red shade by Dior is bright, pretty much a classic, when it comes to red lip. It’s not cherry red, not a deeper red, the key element to it is its brightness. It’s red flame like.


Now let’s look at the five shades that come in smaller round tubes. Basically, they are refills for the big square jewel tube I’ve just shown you. They are really small compared to the usual size of Dior lipstick. The star on them is cute though 🙂


To twist them, you need to pull off the navy blue round bottom part.


Once you do, you’ll see the white part underneath it, that you can actually twist 🙂


I’ll tell you what, I don’t want to take the trouble to move the lipsticks around to get them in and out of that tube, but I definitely don’t want to carry this thing around with me with the white plastic bottom either. So, I can only apply these at home, I guess. Pity.


In case you’re up to the task of interchanging all those in the bijou tube though, here’s what the five shades are like.


One. 964 Ambitious Matte


This shade is all languid and all plumish. It’s a very classic plum, actually. Vampy and all. No shine, no sparkle, no glow. Just the lush plum colour.


If matt red lip looks hot, there’s an additional element of mystery about the matt plum lip. It’s sultry and elegant, yes. It’s mysterious too though, and that’s great.


Two. 772 Classic Matte


This shade name doesn’t give us much of an idea of what the shade is going to be like. Well, it turns out, it’s a cool pink beige with a lilac undertone.


The colour looks very modern and very relevant. It’s also a good matt take on a medium everyday calm and soothing pink. Whatever the occasion is, it will work.


Three. 962 Poision Matte


Poison is an iconic name for Dior. Their Poison perfume is legendary. This Poison lipstick has some of the perfume character in it. It’s purple.


It’s very different from plum Ambitious Matte though. It’s not plum. There’s almost no pink in it. Just purple, cool purple. And then it’s matt. Very edgy, very artsy, very Dior.


Before we move on and see two more shades, I’ve got to remind you that they are cream, not matt. So, let’s talk matt lipstick texture here for a second, shall we. I’ve already told you, how there’s always dryness in matt lip colour formulae. Or so it seems to me 🙂  Well, Dior Matte formula isn’t bad. It feels soft enough and cushiony enough. After a little while though the dryness starts coming through. It’s there, on the bottom of it all, as usual 🙂 I’ve already told you about my experiences with matt lip colour here Matt lip colour: the catches. So, to me, the dilemma is as follows as usual: should I wear lip balm underneath Rouge Dior Matte for it to feel better on the lips or wear it as is to keep its matt finish to the full, because lip balm dilutes the matt finish, generally speaking. Ugh. I just can’t have it all, when it comes to matt lipstick. And it’s a drag. Because I do want it all. A nice feel and a striking dramatic look that we all love matt lip colour products for. Ugh. And ugh again.


Well, the two shades left to discuss are cream texture, so they have none of that 🙂 They feel pretty comfy on the lips and have that traditional satin like shine to them.


One. 743 Rouge Zinnia


More red lip. Only this red lip is all sultry, cherry like. And has a creamy shine, or else, gleam about it. I know and like Rouge Zinnia shade by Dior.


I’m not so sure about Zinnia though. I thought this flower, when it’s red, is brighter and lighter, then again, there are so many kinds, maybe, there’s a shade like this one too 🙂


Two. 434 Promenade


Promenade is a pleasant thing. This promenade by Dior is a pleasant shade. It’s beige. A pretty clear beige. You know, how beige always has something mixed into it.


Well, this beige doesn’t. It’s medium and cool. And if there’s a pink or lilac glimpse about it now and again, it’s more on the undertone level than anything.


Let’s take a look at all the six shades side by side. Left to right here I have: 999 Matte, 964 Ambitious Matte, 772 Classic Matte, 962 Poision Matte, 743 Rouge Zinnia, 434 Promenade.


That’s Diorouge Precious Rocks Collection Couture. I like the design and the boxing and all. The bijou or jewel tube is nice. The star on the smaller tubes is cute. The shades in this set are a good batch – some are more of a classic, others are on the artsy side of things, some are darker, others are lighter, so there’s a chance we’ll all find something to our liking here. Now, I’m not all the way on friendly terms with this matt texture. I so wish it weren’t drying my lips. Maybe, you won’t have this issue though, who knows. Also, the whole refilling the tube thing doesn’t work that well for me. I don’t want to have to move shades around and pull them out of the tube and get them back in there. Once again though, it might be just me. Still, Diorouge Precious Rocks Collection Couture is an awesome way to give Dior Rouge shades a major test run and find the ones you like or to stack up on some of your favourite lip colours by this brand.


P.S. I have pics of me wearing each and every one of these shades on my Instagram. If you are interested, click away https://www.instagram.com/veilfairy/

Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette holiday 2017 swatched

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Clarins The Essentials is a ten shade eye palette Clarins releases every holiday season. With Mineral and Plant Extracts 🙂 In 2014 this palette was plum, in 2015 it was nude Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette holiday 2015 swatched , in 2016 it was lilac pink and violet, more or less Clarins The Essentials Eye Make-Up Palette holiday 2016 swatched. I wonder, what it’s going to be like this year 🙂 The design is not as much holiday this year, it’s more Clarins. Very true to their DNA. Flowery. Fresh for holiday season, I’d say 🙂 Cute. The thing you absolutely need to know about the texture of this eyeshadow is that it’s oh so loose. Oftentimes you need to really work it to get enough shade out of the box. Also, this shadow is very very soft. Almost too soft, to my taste. Clarins eyeshadow is always like that 🙂 Well, this year The Essentials by Clarins is blue grey. Blue eyed beauties will look divine wearing these shades. Grey eyed beauties will look stunning. And violet eyed beauties can join them easily in that, I’d say 🙂


See the flowers? 🙂


In each palette of the kind Clarins has a makeup chart with a little guidance as to how to use these ten shades. My personal motto is, actually – learn the rules and then just go for it your way 🙂


Also, there’s always a dual ended brush in The Essentials palette by Clarins.


One side is a classic eyeshadow brush. The other side is smaller, thinner, meant for precision application.


And here are our ten shades. Looking good 🙂


One. An off white shade, that would be just a base shade, more or less, if it weren’t for this really flattering satiny shine to it and the finest white silvery sparkle in it. As it is, this shade is light, yes, very much so, I wanna wear it on its own though. I mean, it’s one of those shiny or kind of shiny or glowy whites I love. They make you look well rested, even when you are not. Also, with all the tiny sparkle and reflection, it looks kind of holiday like. And it will create an interesting effect, if you top it with other shades.


Two. A matt medium grey. Doesn’t sound that interesting? Or exciting? It does though. Grey. Medium grey. Bond. James Bond… Here, let me try to get you interested. There’s something about medium grey – the key word here is medium, not too light, not too dark, but in between – where it’s ever so becoming. I don’t know why, but it looks awesome on more people you could possibly think it does. Even if your eyes aren’t grey 🙂 Not even nearly that. So, if you have this palette, do try it, it might surprise you.


Three. An amazing – no, I’m serious – amazing – light grey blue. Some people would say, it’s blue grey. I definitely see blue in it though, first and foremost. It’s satiny in texture. And here’s why I enjoy it to the moon and back. The balance of blue and grey in it is… perfect, for the lack of a better word 🙂 The proportion is so good, this grey blue wonder is elegant and will become a lot of people, even those of us, whose eyes – once again – are not blue or grey or anything like it.


Four. A satiny metallic medium to darker grey. There’s shine in it, but this shine is sophisticated, held back and not over the top. I’m loving these greys by Clarins, I’ll tell you what. They are hitting it every time they try so far. It’s so easy to slide into too light or too dark with grey colour, they don’t though 🙂 This grey is also very nice in terms of colour and intensity, you can definitely try wearing it, even if your eyes aren’t grey or blue. The shine in it is lighter than the shade itself, which makes it exquisite.


Five. If all the shades before this one I had to like rub seven times to get enough colour out of them – that’s what Clarins mostly does in eyeshadow, so if you like and wear this brand, you know it, if not, be prepared 🙂 – with this shade I almost got too much colour, because I was trying so hard. Too hard for this shade 🙂 It’s metallic silver, shiny, glowy, and it’s loaded with silver sparkle and then some. I mean, loaded. This silver is so silver, it’s decadent almost in its luxury. Now, that’s holiday 🙂 And special occasion.


Six. A darker satiny grey with some blue and with some aqua hidden in its depth, or else, reflected there. 🙂 Here’s how. It’s all due to that warm golden, kind of, sheen in it. It makes the shade womanly and noble, instead of just, well, grey 🙂 It lights it up from within, warms it up big time, like the sun it all its golden glory. This grey is like the ocean with rays of light piercing its surface and going real deep, where it’s all dark, almost black, and dancing around there. We can all try out this one. Say, do smoky eyes.


Seven. This shade surprised me quite a bit. In the palette it looks darker and bluish, like all those five shades in this half of the palette. Once I swatched it though, it proved to be, first of all, a very clear blue without green or grey or whatever mixed into it. Also, it revealed a metallic, or else, intense satiny finish, that I didn’t expect it to have, when I saw it in the palette. It might be leaning to violet just a little. There’s also tiny blue and lilac sparkle in it. Guess what, we can probably all pull it, especially as eyeliner 🙂


Eight. I wanna call this shade midnight blue. I know, that they mostly call the blues that have purple mixed into them that. To me though, midnight blue is a clear blue, only darker and deeper. Well, that’s what this shade by Clarins is. It’s intense. It has satiny finish. Also, there’s blue sparkle wrapped in it. And then it’s basically this gorgeous navy blue, maybe, with a step towards purple, but just a step. Another shade, that will probably be easy enough to wear for more people out there, who might come to like it 🙂


Nine. A dark dark and matt matt and deep deep blue 🙂 with some aquaish undertone to it and tons of blue and violet sparkle. The shade is definitely out of the common run. There’s something about it. I have to warn you though, that it will look best on people, whose eyes are blue. Grey eyes? Yeah. Violet? Yeah. Green? Maybe. Brown? Tough. Keep in mind, that this shade is sultry, and that it’s very intense. So, your makeup will look very dramatic. As for the sparkle, it doesn’t hold in place enough to lighten it up.


Ten. A dark dark and matt matt and deep deep – wait a minute, haven’t I already said that just now? 🙂 – grey. Uh! That explains it. It’s not aqua blue, it’s grey now. It’s built the same way though. Matt colour and then loads of sparkle. The sparkle is silver and blue and lilac pink. Once again, don’t forget, that this shade is dark. That’s the main thing about it. Don’t rely on the sparkle to dilute this shade, as that sparkle goes all over the place and around and just doesn’t want to stay on the eyeshadow proper 🙂


That’s The Essentials by Clarins 2017. At first glance, it looked very blue to me. Once I started looking into them, swatching them and wearing them though, I got more and more interested in those greys. Grey shades are amazing in this palette. They are the kind that can actually help you get into grey on the eyelids, if you’ve never really been into it. Who knows, maybe, it’s your new favorite 🙂 Some of the blues in the palette are exciting too, they even make me feel like – ugh, I wish my eyes were blue for me to be able to wear them. Then again, there are colour lenses in this world 🙂 Or, if you like these blues no less than me… Working and weaving them carefully into your whole look helps. Matching them to your clothes and accessories. Then it will all come together nicely. And allow me – and you, if you so desire – get it all from this palette, and not just grey, as splendid as it is here.

Burberry Festive holiday 2017 swatched

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The first times around Burberry did holiday makeup collections, they were so traditional, I was like almost falling asleep, in all honesty 🙂 I was thinking – yeah, yeah, I know, gold on the face, gold on the eyes, red on the nail, red on the lips. What’s new? Well, here’s what. This year Burberry did something very Burberry, finally, and I love it. I do understand, that Burberry came on the makeup market much later than, say, Chanel and Dior, and that up front they just had to do, kind of, what everyone else’s been doing for decades. To catch up, you know 🙂 I’m so happy though, they did, and now they can be themselves. The exciting selves, I might add. Where’s all the shiny gold? Where’s bright red and bright pink? There’s almost none of it in this collection. Believe it or not though, it turns out, it’s possible to be ever so festive without any of it. Here’s how.


Let’s go through this look step by step and see how exactly Burberry does it.


Face. There are so many face products here, I can tell immediately, that the accent is going to be on the tone. I mean, there are seven products in this collection, and three of them – almost a half, that is – are face products. Well, perfect skin is ground zero of any look, right? 🙂


One. Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base


The shade is called Nude Radiance № 01.


That is, the base and tone here is glowy. Or radiant. It makes sense in holiday context, I guess. The texture is nice.


The shade is a light cool glowy beige, there’s almost no pink undertone in it. It’s just a clear and a really great beige. Love it. Love the fact it’s not whitish and not sparkly 🙂


Two. A truly interesting thing. Burberry Illuminating Drops Glow Concentrate.


The shade is called Metallic Pearl № 01.


So-o, it’s concentrated radiance. Not a highlighter, huh just pure radiance? 🙂 That’s what Burberry seems to indicate, at least 🙂 Lighter than creamy in terms of texture.


These drops look whitish and silverish, instead they surprise me big time by being… light gold. Not this heavy darker gold, but light gold. Very different. Very nice. Kind of sparkly, but just a little.


Three. Burberry Silver Shimmer Illuminating Powder.


The shade is called… silver shimmer 🙂


This illuminating powder design with a bow is amazing. No question about that. Laconic, beautiful. I’m in awe. Gorgeous. The texture is silky. The powder looks silvery, at the first glance.


When I take a closer look at it though, I see golden glow in the parts around the bow 🙂 It’s mostly silvery, yes, but there is this light golden undertone there, or else, more like shimmer, and the mix of the two is breathtaking. And very very sparkly.


I mean, can you imagine the pale glowy skin tone we can create with these three face products? Wow 🙂


Moving on. Eyeshadow.


In this collection it comes in a stick 🙂 And in two shades.


One. Burberry Eye Colour Contour


The shade is called Sheer Gold № 151.


This creamy texture stick is all nice. And, yes, I know, I said, there wouldn’t be any shiny gold here. But… this is more of a counterpart of that awesome silver than anything 🙂 Here’s how…


This shade is a very light and pale gold. Glowy. Very sophisticated. Exquisite, really. So much better than all the shiny and sparkly madness that’s about to go on in the makeup world 🙂 Love it.


Two. Smoke & Sculpt Pen.


The shade is called Sheer Pearl № 150.


The fact that we can smoke and sculpt with this pen means that it can provide both washed over and precision application. Variety. Always a good thing 🙂


This shade is light silver. Light is the key word here, just like in that pale gold, the key word is really pale, not gold 🙂 Once again, this silver being so light is what makes it special. And chic 🙂 Oh, and it’s very sparkly.


These two eye shades are like holiday basics or holiday nudes. They are just so-so good.


A-and lip colour. In a pen. Shaping. Two shades.


Burberry Full Kisses. I’ve never told you about this texture before. So, I’m going to take a minute – or two – to do it right now. First and foremost, this lip colour is shaping. Up front it feels most comfortable of all shaping lip colour I’ve ever tried. But like three minutes later I can feel it start trying to do something to my lips 🙂 Shape them or whatever. Ugh. Don’t like this feeling. It’s no worse in Burberry than in all the other shaping lip colour kinds. I just don’t want lipstick or lipgloss or whatever to push my lips in any direction. I want it to make my lips feel comfy. And that’s it 🙂 The finish is real nice and pretty. And kind of hot, really. It’s full on cover with shine over it. I mean, I like this finish very much, I like all the colour and all the shine in it, I just don’t like the shaping element of it all 🙂 Off to the shades now.


One. Burberry Full Kisses.


This shade is called Deep Crimson № 567.


Reds are traditional for the holiday season. Remember, I told you – no bright reds here? Well, this red is so much more exciting than those, because it’s not as common.


Burberry says it’s crimson. Deep crimson, that is. Yeah, maybe. It’s a darker red shade. Or you could say, it’s Bordeaux, I guess. A nice version of Bordeaux without much purple. More like with some brown in it. This red shade is subdued and hot. And womanly. Ever so womanly. Due to that wet shine, among other things.


Two. Shaped & Full Lips Long Lasting Lip Colour.


This shade is called Oxblood № 549.


If you know Burberry makeup range, you do know by now, what they mean, when they say Oxblood. If you don’t, I’m going to tell you right now 🙂


Basically, oxblood is Burberry signature dark purple or – I guess, you could say – dark plum shade. They have it in different variations in their permanent range and in their limited editions at times. Oxblood is something to wear, when you want it dark, sultry and graphic in makeup department. The wet shine makes it even hotter.


I’ll tell you what – these shades are hot. How’s that for a poem? 🙂


I love this collection and the look. Here’s what I don’t understand though. Why no nail polish? Say, Burberry has Oxblood nail shade is their permanent range. Why not do a nice limited edition of it to round up the look? And, maybe, another red nail shade to go with the crimson lip colour? I don’t get it 🙂 See here, if you wanna see Burberry Oxblood nail colour and their red nail shades – and their other nail shades, for that matter 🙂 I’ve already told you about them  Burberry nail polish – all shades swatched.


This collection is a beauty. Seriously. It’s special. And so so Burberry. And not something you necessarily expect for holidays. This vampy look with a little bit of a vampire almost twist on it is Burberry signature look. The combinations of nobly pale – aristocratic almost – skin and sensually dark purple and red lips – is stunning in a way that it’s based on a very stark and a very strong contrast. Light versus dark. There’s style behind this makeup. Burberry style. It’s not quite like anything else out there. Still, it’s festive. Super festive. And splendid in its sophistication. Speaking about the festive element, it’s not immediately tied to the holiday season. So, you can wear it any time you feel you want to be and look exquisite. Don’t be afraid to go beyond cocktail dresses and evening gowns, when pairing this makeup up with outfits. I mean, those famous Burberry trench coats will go well with it too 🙂

YSL All Hours Primer, Concealer and Foundation swatched

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First things first – yep, all these three things last and hold and then some. I mean, you can like wear a black mask on your face after you apply them, and they won’t stain it. It’s amazing, really. I love that. Me being me, if I could possibly stain my clothes or everything around, for that matter, with my foundation, I’d be sure to do it. You can bet on that 🙂 So, I was like – there’s no way these products are going to do what YSL promises. No way. Not for me. I decided to try though for two reasons. One. I love their Anti-Cernes concealer. I’ve already told you about it here  Correct me if I’m wrong – best corrector out there. Two. The super holding and lasting power promise, you know, the whole 24 hour thing, is something I really need, want and am looking for in my base, concealer and foundation.


Even if I rarely wear full on foundation 🙂 When I do though, the lasting power and no staining is what I absolutely have to have. Well, these three products definitely provide that, so I’m happy 🙂 I didn’t even expect them to be that good. Now, in foundation the glowy finish has been ruling the ball and owning the scene for a while. As long as matts on the nails and on the lips and even on the eyelids 🙂 are ever so strong and definitely a trend right now, base and tone just had to catch up with it, and it did. As a result, we get a whole bunch of matt finish foundations showing up on the market. YSL 24 Hours primer, concealer and foundation are just that. What they give you is matt finish. You know, that classic and classy base and tone finish. The initial face makeup finish, so to say  🙂 Or no makeup finish. Because your face doesn’t usually glow on its own, does it? Yeah, I know 🙂


It all starts with a primer. In fact, if you look up any kind of manuals, articles or posts about how you can make your foundation last and not smudge, it’ll say there almost for sure, that primer is essential. I’m happy to report though, that All Hours concealer and foundation by YSL works and holds and lasts even without primer. I’m serious. I tried it both ways – with the primer and without it. Anyway, this primer is called Encre de Peau All Hours Primer. According to YSL, it’s a flawless matte long-wear primer. If you come to think of it, mattifying is probably the main purpose of primers. If that’s what you are looking for in a primer, YSL has it covered. At the same time, mattifying here doesn’t go off the cliff. So, no need to be afraid to overmattify. As it generally goes with primers, there’s only one shade of it, that’s supposed to be universal.


Also, do notice, that it says on the packaging – SPF 18. I don’t generally need SPF that much, unless I’m in super hot climates. Still, it’s nice to know it’s there. And maybe, you need it 🙂 Further on, base is generally there to unify and correct imperfections, sort of, but I just never find that base does it enough for me. It’s more of a prep step than a full on makeup, that is exactly why it’s called primer 🙂 And then you are supposed to use concealer and foundation, if you want to create perfect tone. To put it simply, I think this primer does its job. Whether it helps the foundation last 24 hours – I have no way of knowing that exactly 🙂 It might. It has a makeupey scent to it. I don’t know, if it matters to you. It sure does to me. I prefer no scent or, if any, I want it to disappear fast. I’d say, that this primer falls into the second category 🙂 There’s scent, when you apply it, it’s gone soon after though.


I love the packaging. It’s lacquer. It’s black. With golden lettering. It’s sleek. It’s chic. No, really. This rectangular primer packaging is amazing. Love it. One of those things in makeup, where, to me, design alone is worth it all the way already. Now, every time I try to get a little primer out of this awesome packaging, I fail 🙂 There’s almost no way to get a little out. This primer is liquid, like many of them, so it comes right out of the bottle in a big splashy move. No matter how easy I try to go on it, the result is always the same, so, be careful, please. Especially, when you do it for the first time, you know. Give it a tiny little squeeze and see, where it all goes. If you are Ok, then you can go full on power next time around 🙂 Also, don’t get thrown off by the colour of this primer. It’s pearly white. I was surprised to see it the first time around. It’s not glowy though, it’s mattifying, really.


Next step. All Hours Concealer. It’s a liquid concealer. I’m usually not a fan of liquid concealers, as they are hard to work with. To me, it’s must easier to get on terms with creamy concealers. Still, I do remember, that it’s YSL, that I love their creamy concealer, so I try All Hours. The tube is pretty cool in a way, that you can actually see the shade in the back. It seems, it’s an easy concept, while, in fact, I think, it’s pretty clever – and not that common 🙂 The packaging is cool, not as chic as the primer packaging though. Nothing can beat it, as far as I’m concerned. It says on it – full coverage 16H wear. Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s not 24 hours, it’s 16 hours. Naughty naughty, YSL 🙂 It’s fine though. 16 hours is enough to me, personally 🙂 , I don’t know about you. I guess, after 16 hours we might well fix our makeup a little, right? Especially as concealer is small, and you can carry it around with you.


Let’s talk about the scent now. There’s a little bit of a chemical whiff up front, but it goes away real quick. So, it’s like there’s almost no scent there. The brush is spongy and comfy to use. Not too big, not too small, just right. Slides over your skin easily. The cover power is pretty good. Especially as every time you dip the brush into concealer ever so much of it comes out. It’s almost like with that primer, you know 🙂 I didn’t know how to deal with it, at first. Then I got into the habit of wiping the brush against the tube neck, after I pull it out. This way I can get rid of the excess of the concealer. And if I need more, I can always dip it again and get more. Easy 🙂 It’s great, that you can layer this concealer like that and go from almost sheer veil to full on camouflage 🙂 So, don’t be afraid to experiment, this texture is the texture to do it with.


The finish you get with this concealer is matt. That’s what I’m looking for in a concealer. As much as they talk about light reflection, the best way to conceal and cover up is the good old tone with matt finish. Light reflection can only cover up like super minor imperfections and only under certain angles. While this concealer can cover it all up. Even dark circles under your eyes. If you hit the right shade, that’s really close to your skin tone, you can even skip the foundation step altogether. Think about it, this concealer lasts so long – so-o long – you can just throw it on and get going and not worry about smudging. It’s awesome, right? Speaking about the shade, I got the one that’s called 2 Ivory. In makeup language and beauty language it usually means that the shade is pretty light. I would say, it holds true here. It’s a lighter and cooler beige.


And the last step of the three 🙂 Foundation. YSL Encre de Peau All Hours Foundation. Unlike the concealer that’s 16 hour 🙂 , this is 24 hour long-wear flawless matte full coverage foundation. Oh, SPF 20 🙂 So, it lasts 24 hours, according to YSL – I haven’t really checked, because I haven’t really worn this foundation for 24 hours in a row. It does last though. Big time. And doesn’t stain your clothes or whatever else. I mean, it’s really really long lasting. Just what I’m looking for. Flawless? Yep, like any foundation with good formula it can make your skin flawless, once you apply it 🙂 YSL says it’s matte. Absolutely. The finish it provides is perfectly matt. No glow there. A-a-and full coverage. Definitely. It easily goes on your skin, not as a sheer thing, more like as a full on foundation thing. At the same time, it looks pretty natural, especially if you go light handed on it.


Speaking about it, to me, it’s important in a foundation to be able to build it, depending on the makeup, look and effect I’m trying to achieve and create. From almost sheer nude to super full cover and vampy. And no matter what you do with this foundation, you can be sure that it won’t smudge and won’t let you down. That it will stay right where you put it 🙂 For 24 hours, I guess 🙂 Oh, this foundation also has YSL signature watermelony scent to it. You know, the scent they have in their lip colour products. It’s fruity, but mostly, it’s watermelony. At least, that’s what I gather from it. As scent sensitive as I am, I can get over this scent, it’s even pleasant to me, and it doesn’t really linger on my face, it somehow seems to dissipate pretty fast. I don’t know how or why it happens, but it does. So, me feeling this scent for only a bit, it being so nice, is a pleasant bonus 🙂


Now let’s talk about that packaging, shall we? It’s not all black and all lacquer. It’s pretty cool though. Not chic, but cool. That’s the right way to describe it. That black stripe with All Hours down the middle looks modern and very YSL. I love this design. It really stands out in the looong row of foundation bottles 🙂 You get this foundation out through a pump. A little of it is enough to like make ten people up 🙂 Keep it in mind. Start with just a bit. And if you want more, you can always add and layer. The texture is good and easy to deal with. I really made friends with it. Once again, I can’t account for 24 hours, but it hasn’t let me, personally, down 🙂 The shade is lighter beige. Not as light as the concealer shade, still pretty light and pretty cool. And a touch pinkish. A touch of pink is always good in beige foundation. It becomes it. Very much so 🙂


That’s what my experiences with YSL All Hours Primer, YSL All Hours Concealer and YSL All Hours Foundation are like. All three can be relied on. Together and/or separately. I don’t know what your preferences are in base and tone world, whether you are looking for lasting power in it. If you are though, you’ve got it here. YSL has you covered. What I, for one, am looking for in base and tone is that it won’t smudge and won’t get on my hands, if I happen to touch my face during the day – or night 🙂 And that it won’t stain my clothes. I couldn’t even tell you exactly, how I get it there, but I do 🙂 Well, with this primer, concealer and base I definitely found that. I’ll enjoy wearing it without worrying about all the smudging business. What I love about it is that it’s not one product. It’s three products. That is, I can actually pick what I need at the moment and what I’m going to wear. It doesn’t have to be all three. These products are so good on their own, I can even use just one. Awesome 🙂