Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons cruise makeup 2017 swatched

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Are you going on a cruise this summer? No? Of course, you are. Even if you are not. Here’s how. This collection by Givenchy will give you the sensation of being on a cruise, wherever you are. This collection is beautiful in terms of design, it’s compact – there are only five products in it, to put it simply, it’s gorgeous. Now, let’s think about it. What do we usually get in cruise collections? Bronzer would be the first and obvious guess, and we do have one here, of course. Some version of lip colour is the second guess. Two lipstick textures is what Givenchy prepared for us this year. And then something for the eyes. In this case it’s mascara and mascara top coat. I would agree, that when on a cruise, we might well skip even eyeshadow and go straight for the mascara to make our lashes full and long and whatever else. Makes sense. Also, the whole handful of cruise makeup by Givenchy is kind of on the artsy side – as usual – which I happen to like, because it means, it won’t be just like everything else out there.


What is a cruise makeup collection to you? To me, it’s something infused with light, ocean breeze, sunshine, aquamarine water and sweet tropical fruit juice. It’s healthy glow and fun colours. And a little extra happiness as a cherry on top of this Sundae. This season Givenchy so-o nailed it. Big time. And the green packaging on those lipstick shades is just oh so fresh and nice. And did you notice how this collection is called Gypsophila? Do you know what Gypsophila is? It’s a flower from the carnation family, so it’s related to carnations we know so well. You know what it’s also related to? Baby’s breath. Those white tender mist of flowers that are sometimes used by florists and landscape designers as a background. Gypsophila can be found in the Mediterranean, among other places, which befits summer season and cruise season. This flower it tender and lush at the same time, because it blossoms in bunches, it’s not one flower, it’s a whole cloud of flowers. White or pink cloud, because these flowers can be white or pink. Cute. I think, it’s a very charming image for a cruise makeup collection.


First things first. Face. Powder. Bronzer. It’s bound to show up in a cruise collection. Tan and healthy glow go hand in hand with summer in general and cruise in particular.


This year Les Saisons Poudre Bonne Mine by Givenchy comes in shade 02 Douce Saison. Sweet Season. Yes, Givenchy, this season is sweet. By all means.


Also from what it says on the packaging here we learn that it’s a Floral Edition. Interesting. What’s a floral edition?


And that it’s a healthy glow powder, as I presumed it would be, because it makes sense for a cruise edition.


And that it promises long lasting radiance and total weightlessness. All good things. I just hope it’s not too dark.


I think, the brownish black and bronze packaging in very laconic and elegant. And summery 🙂 This powder box looks very chic, in fact.


And inside… oh. This is beautiful. Look at these flowers. Gypsophila. They are not too much, not over the top, just right.


And the shade doesn’t look too dark, too orange or too yellow. Few bronzers manage to avoid looking all three successfully 🙂


Now let’s see that shade. It’s totally worth it. Well balanced. Well put together. Well rendering tan and healthy glow. Not too dark. Not too yellow, orange or bronze, for that matter. With some golden sparkle woven into it without it standing out too much. If you have to wear bronzer, this here is a splendid way to do it. You know how I’m not into bronzers, actually, but this one is good. The texture is pleasant. And guess what, no super strong tropical scent of any kind here, in case you don’t like that element in Terracotta by Guerlain. I, for one, don’t 🙂


Next. Mascara. What should a good cruise edition mascara be? Waterproof. It’s the first thing that comes to mind.


You want mascara. But you don’t want it to be smudged all over the place and ruin your whole look, right? Of course, you don’t.


Cruise 2017 mascara by Givenchy is Noir Couture Volume Waterproof. Ok, so it’s waterproof. Good. And it’s volume.


I don’t know about you, I happen to like volume mascara, in general, because volume formula in mascara somehow usually gives me length 🙂 Can’t explain it, it’s just a fact of life.


Anyway, the shade we get in our cruise paradise 2017 is 02 Blue Gypsophila. So, it’s eponymous, actually, because the whole collection is called Gypsophila, only this Gypsophila in particular is blue. Which it never is in nature, by the way 🙂


Noir Couture Volume Waterproof mascara tube is not noir in any way. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s white. Which makes it look edgy and relevant. And helps you tell your waterproof mascara from the one that’s not.


Also, it being white, to me, plays as yet another Gypsophila reference. I mean, the shade might be blue, but gypsophila is actually mostly white in nature 🙂


Before we talk about the shade though, I wanna quickly talk about the brush and state yet again that I prefer brushes that are evenly thick all over, without any bumps and bulges on them. I know, they say it helps to get volume, but volume can be achieved without it. While these bulges on the brushes just make it harder to evenly distribute mascara on my lashes. Maybe, it’s just me, but that’s definitely what my mascara experience is telling me 🙂


The shade. It’s blue alright. Not your classic mascara blue. Brighter and artsier. Not crazy artsy though. Pretty wearable, I’d say. Even for me, though my eyes are brown. Depends on what you wear and how you make up, in fact. Sometimes it can be a very good counterpoint. And if your eyes are blue, well, it’s going to look just a little more summery on you than a regular navy blue mascara. I’ve come to understand one thing. This intense and vibrant azure blue might seem too funky, but it actually looks good on almost everyone out there. It’s very becoming, whatever your eyes are – blue, green or brown. So, no need to be afraid of it. And it does have the wow effect wrapped in it.


Well now. Instead of going with eyeshadow, Givenchy decided to go with mascara top coat here. Interesting. I like that 🙂


When they first released their Encre a Cils, I’ve already told you about it. This year it comes in shade 03 Green Gypsophila.


Another artsy thing, probably, because there’s no green gypsophila in nature. It’s Givenchy creation.


Mascara top coat is an interesting concept. Now the makeup world is more into lip shade play. With the whole ombre trend and such. But transforming your mascara shade by topping it with something else, can be fun too.


I was suspicious at first, because when it comes to topping one makeup product with the other, I always think – there’s no way it can go smoothly.


There’ll be smudging, creasing and whatnot. And if you can fix it with ombre technique and even make it part of the whole look, maybe, you don’t want any of that on your lashes. Or else, I don’t want any of that on mine 🙂


And the small shovel like brush that Givenchy suggests applying their Encre a Cils with didn’t look easy to operate at all to me, initially. But… I was wrong.


This little shovely thing is not something I’m used to, but it does its job well enough. And it’s pretty easy too, once you overcome your mental block you might have on seeing it first. And trust me, this season you might wanna overcome it, because… because the shade is amazing. It’s not just green. No. It’s pearly aqua green, aquamarine, it’s magnificent. There’s so much in this shade. It’s full of undertones and reflections and shades and undercurrents like an ocean. And just like Blue Gypsophila mascara, Green Gypsophila mascara top coat will become most of us. Even those of us, whose eyes aren’t blue or green. Trust me, this shade will bring out new depths in your eyes you didn’t even know existed. And create wow effect for sure, if you combine it with Blue Gypsophila mascara. Love it.


On we go. And approaching the most beautiful design pieces in this collection. It’s all in lipstick. And this design is in green colour, so I’m happy 🙂


The first lipstick is Givenchy signature Le Rouge. I have mixed feelings, when it comes to Le Rouge. I love the design, but the formula itself is not my favourite.


It’s a little too hard for me, literally, I prefer softer lipstick formulae, when I don’t need to apply that much pressure on my lipstick to get the colour out.


Also, the scent is just too strong for me. It’s majorly makeupey. It’s not that it’s unpleasant, it’s just very very strong. And I’m scent sensitive.


Also, it always confuses me, that it says on the packaging that the finish is Sensuously Mat, because it’s not really matt. It’s typically classically lipstick satin, maybe, a little more matt than it is traditionally, but pretty close, I’d say. So, why it says it’s matt, I can’t understand.


And the texture of this lipstick is very rich. It’s in tune with what it says on the packaging. Intense Colour. Yes, intense, too intense for me. Not in terms of colour, but it terms of how thick and present this lipstick is on the lips.


Given all my reservations about Le Rouge, you’ll understand how overpoweringly beautiful the design must be for me to step over them.


I have to admit Le Rouge leather design is always fabulous and fetish like. But this year it’s even more so. Because it’s summery cruise green in colour.


Absolutely fantastic, crisp and clean, fresh and perky, cool and soothing. This tube is summer. One look at it is enough to feel it, to find yourself on a cruise, and who cares what season it is, and that you are at your desk in the office 🙂 The shade further supports this impression. It’s super summery. Bright coral. Or orange even, I might say. It’s a clever orange though, so that it will become most people, and it’s not too edgy and not too bright. It’s just the right intensity and vibrancy and light enough, not too dark, to make your orange lipstick experience special and pleasant. You never thought you could pull an orange lipstick shade before? Well, you can now, with Le Rouge 322 Coral Gypsophila.


Next lipstick. Are you excited? I am 🙂 I just hope it’s going to be as great as its coral counterpart here. And that’s a toughie.


The next limited edition lipstick in this collection is Le Rouge a-porter. Well, for starters, I’m not ecstatic about this formula either. Sorry 🙂


When it just came out, I was hoping for a better relationship with it than the one I have with Le Rouge. Alas 🙂


My main issue with Le Rouge didn’t go anywhere, it just drifted right into Le Rouge a-porter. The scent. Although, if you wait forever, it does go away in Le Rouge a-porter. In Le Rouge is doesn’t 🙂


Actually, I’ve already told you about this formula that’s relatively new on the market here Givenchy Le Rouge a-porter reds: Vermillon Creation and Rouge Atelier swatched


To recap, this seems to be a take on sheer lipstick formula. But it’s not as shiny and lightweight as most sheer lipstick formulae out there.


While the colour in this lipstick is very much diluted the way it is in most sheer lip colour formulae. So, the whole thing is very confusing.


Also, it feels heavier on the lips than most sheer lip colour products do. It’s a pity, as far as I’m concerned, because I happen to love that airiness and lightness.


Nonetheless and regardless what I said above, this design is just too gorgeous to pass on. I love thin lipstick design. It’s hot and then some. Le Rouge a-porter leather design is always beautiful. Le Rouge a-porter 305 Red Gypsophila green leather design is not just beautiful, it’s truly couture. There’s just something about it. Something that makes me love it, even though I don’t adore the formula. The shade is red. And it’s so smart. Just as the coral in Le Rouge. This red has some pink in it, some coral, just a touch, and everything it takes to make red lip colour super becoming and wearable for almost all of us. Have you been craving red lip and couldn’t find the one that looks flattering enough on you? This might be it right here.


That’s Givenchy Gypsophila Les Saisons 2017. And it’s so much more than it seems. It’s one of those rare collections, where everything is thought through. To the very last detail. Design, shades and textures. It all looks simple and elegant. It’s full of sophistication. It all comes together really well here. And is achieved in just a couple of easy steps. At the same time, there’s a zest in this look and this collection. It’s like Gypsophila. Looks simple but is magnificent, really. This flower is just the right symbol for this collection and the concept behind it. Easy chic is definitely the way to go on a cruise and in summer. You don’t wanna overdo it with your outfit and accessories and makeup. You want it all to look relaxed and beautiful. And that’s what you get here. Here’s what you get on top of it all though. There’s this inherent happiness and joy hidden somewhere in these makeup items. It’s something I can’t express efficiently, but I can definitely feel it. It’s there. This makeup has the power in it to make you smile 🙂






Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and OPI Infinite Shine fall 2016 swatched

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Aqua and coral and pink – summer always brings bright colours with it. Bright colours in clothes and shoes and purses and makeup… and manicure 🙂 I don’t know about you, I, for one, like bright manicures, but – let’s be honest here for a second, Ok – it’s July, and I’m just a little tired of all the intense colours. I can’t say I’m a huge dark manicures fan, but I kind of miss deeper, darker and sultrier shades here. Or more neutral shades. I want them in my rotation for variety sake. So, what I did is – I took a good look around for a nice batch of shades of the kind. And I found one, Ok, not one, two, really. Shades that can rock the dance floor and give my look – and yours – a sophisticated and sensual twist. There are six shades in each batch, which makes it a dozen altogether. One is by OPI, the other one is by Sally Hansen. All these nail shades were released in fall 2016, so you can still find them and get them, if you want them to be yours on seeing them here.

I’ll start with OPI Infinite Shine. If you like the whole lasting manicure, gel in its feel and look without any actual gel or lamp stuff involved concept, you probably know this formula and enjoy it. It’s pretty solid. I’ve already told you about it, when it just came out and about. So, if you want to know more about this formula, please, look here OPI Infinite Shine Nudes swatched  Here’s what I like about this take on gel without any gel in it by OPI specifically. I like that it comes with a base. It’s not a two step system with just colour and top coat, which is what most of these systems are, where you keep wondering, what base would work well here and support the effect of gel like manicure. When it’s about OPI Infinite Shine, I can relax and just follow the usual manicure steps: base, colour, top coat. The catch here is this: to get the longevity and shine and stuff, you have to use OPI Infinite Shine base and top coat with OPI Infinite Shine colour and not just any base and top coat.


Ok. Six shades. Remember, right, that I’m looking here for a little darker, a little hotter, more neutral, more nude, but not all the way. Looking for something that’s summery, basically, but not one of those brights or neons. Looking for something different. And fun. And I’m going to get it. From OPI Infinite Shine 🙂


One. This shade is, probably the most summery of the whole dozen I’m going to show you in my post.


It’s green. And when I say green here, I mean really green. This shade is called IS L80 612421 I Do It My Run-Way


This green is just what I’m looking for. It’s green. It’s bright enough. At the same time, it’s a little darker and a little more intense.


It’s not neon in any way. It’s not off black in any way. It’s a rich grass green shade. Gorgeous. And pretty safe, I’d say.


And guess what, this green doesn’t really have any blue in it. It’s not aqua. It’s not turquoise. Not even close.


I don’t know about you, to me, seeing a clear green without a blue undertone in it and that’s not too artsy is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of all the summer heat.


Two. Well now, this shade here is a totally different animal. Not green, in case you are wondering 🙂 Comfy and perky at the same time.


The shade is called IS L75 612512 Made Your Look. It’s nice to have a nail colour that can make your look, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


This shade is air like, nude like, fairy like. It’s not white. Although, I guess you can call it off white, if white is what you see most in it.


Other than white I see here some grey and some blue though. And it makes it special. Like a cloud or mist or something. Very nice.


It’s a well groomed nail look with a little bit of something else in it. This something is an elegant and clean touch, very exciting, because it’s so rare.


I can’t say I love nude white based nail shades, generally speaking. But I love this shade here. Each and every one of us will see something of our own in it. It’s like a magic mirror, really 🙂


Three. Grey for summer? Dark grey for summer? That’s unusual. I know. Still… this wet asphalt like shade is something I want to wear now.


It’s hot. So hot. Like asphalt after a summer thunderstorm, when the sidewalk is still wet, but the sun is already out and reflected in myriads of drops.


This shade is called IS L78 614612 The Latest and Slatest. Slate is a good key to understanding this nail colour, actually.


Here’s what I love about it. First of all, it will be a great contrast to a vivid and lush summer colour scheme. And contrast is a good thing.


Second of all, this shade is not just grey, there’s a whole world behind it. A blue undertone that’s lingering somewhere in the background, among other things.


It’s not like it’s blue grey. It’s not. But there’s this hint of blue, a blue cushion at the bottom of it all, that I can definitely feel, if not see.


Four. Lilac. Summery in a way. Spring like in a way. Or is it? Let’s take a closer look at it and see. The first thing that comes to mind is how cool this shade is.


I mean, lilac is cool in the first place, but this shade especially is cool and crispy, even cooler than lilac shades usually are.


This coolness is something that’s pleasant and something I like to have in summer. It’s like milkshake, only in manicures 🙂


The shade is called IS L76 612312 Whisperfection. For starters, this is an awesome shade name. I love it so much. It makes me wanna wear this shade.


Also, Whisperfection is not just a fun name, it perfectly renders the essence of this shade or whisperfectly, I guess 🙂


This lilac is really just a whisper of a shade and only a whisper away from being a classically spring summer season shade. Whisperfection it is.


One but last. Navy blue. What? Navy blue in summer? Yep, I want to wear this shade in summer. Bear with me, and I’ll explain why.


Let me say here first that, to me, navy blue is a classic in manicures. It’s a modern classic, yes, it’s a little artsy, true, still, it’s a classic.


There’s something artsy and bold about this shade without the Gothic black manicure element to it, which some of us might not favour or be tired of.


This shade is called IS L79 613911 Boyfriend Jeans. It’s a great shade name, by the way. Yes, this shade does look like boyfriend jeans. Cool 🙂


So, what’s in navy blue for us in summer? Well, there are occasions in our life, when we wanna wear darker shades, even in summer.


Navy blue is a surprisingly womanly shade, it being darker provides that contrast I’ve already mentioned to all the summer colours out there. Also, it’s a great summer substitute for black.


And the last one. Should I call this shade a darker lilac? I don’t know. It’s purple, but not a classic purple by a long shot.


Purple shades are very often warm. This shade might be on the cusp, but even if so, it’s markedly leaning to cool and cooler.


This purple is misty, stormy, it’s full of weather, basically. It’s called IS L77 612511   Style Unlimited. I agree, this is style unlimited. By all means.


Cloudy, rainy and windy Style Unlimited is a perfect middle of the road shade, which makes it just right for a whole lot of purposes.


It’s not too light, not too dark. Not too nude, not too bright. Not too classic, not too edgy. It’s anytime anywhere kind of thing that comes in handy more than you know.


You can wear it anywhere you want, and it will look relevant, interesting and appropriate. Also, it’s just not too common, so I, for one, want to have it in my collection. How about you? 🙂


Next. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure fall 2016 shades. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is a good old classic nail polish formula. For those of us who don’t want any gel feeling from our nail colour, but want exactly the kind of feeling we’ve had since we first applied nail polish. Traditionalism in manicure is not a bad thing in any way 🙂 Feeling comfortable is important, and if no gel but gel like formulae make you uncomfortable, this Sally Hansen formula is a nice option for you. It’s easy to apply, works well with most bases and top coats, lasts long enough, doesn’t damage your nails and has enough shine to it, but not too much, which is something not everyone out there likes. Also, this nail colour formula has been around for a while, which means, there’s a huge range of shades available for you to pick from. It’s your choice, of course. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not ready to let go of the good old nail colour. So far no one has managed to release a new formula, where I’d go – it’s so much better, no doubt, I’m just switching to it 🙂


We have six shades here, the same number as in OPI Infinite Shine batch. You’ll see how these six here are kind of like OPI Infinite Shine shades in a way that they are darker than usual summer shades and/or more neutral, at the same time, Sally Hansen shades are different in a lot of ways. Let’s go 🙂


One. I told you that these two collections have a lot in common. Well, here we go 🙂 We’ve already discussed two shades in OPI Infinite Shine formula that give you this one here, if you put them together. This combo of navy blue Boyfriend Jeans and darker grey The Latest and Slatest comes in conventional nail colour formula now – Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.


The shade is called 533 574 Tropic Thunder. And it’s a darker grey blue or blue grey, depends on how you look at it and what you see.


Tropic Thunder is pretty cool in terms of it’s not overdone, which makes it relevant and interesting and a multi tasker.


This shade can go with blue or grey outfits. It’s in the day. And in the moment. It’s modern day classic.


It’s dark but not too dark. Not quite blue, not quite grey, in case, you are tired of any of the two, and given how much they get released, you might well be.


It’s not black, but kind of close. Which means, it can be treated as off black or darker manicure shade and be artsy or special occasion dark. And it’s great for summer. Just great 🙂 And, well, it’s a tropic thunder.


Two. 375 Seal of Approval. This shade is greige with a good deal of grey in it. Some of us might actually see grey here.


To me, this shade is greige. Not a classically summer shade. Greige usually gets released in fall and, maybe, in winter or for holidays.


Well, I’ve already told you how I didn’t get greige colour first, then tried to understand it and then come to really really love it.


It’s mild, a little darker, neutral, but not nude, relevant and not too overused, just what I’m looking for and wanna add to my summer nail wardrobe.


There’s something inherently hot about greige nail shades. Hot in the best possible way. Not in a flashy way, hot on a much deeper level. Naturally hot.


In summer greige gives us everything. Warmth and coolness all in one. Depending on what we wear, what looks we create, greige looks one or another and easily becomes part of our world.


Next. To me, this shade here is probably the most exciting and the most luring one of the whole dozen. Because it’s so rare.


I haven’t seen a shade quite like that. And I love it, when something shows up, that I haven’t seen or worn yet.


The shade is summery and not summery simultaneously. It’s a mix of blue and green. But it’s not aqua and not turquoise.


It’s called 585 515 Bow to the Queen. And it’s darker than aqua and, to my eye, is leaning to green a little bit more than to blue.


It’s a spectacular nail colour. The kind of nail colour that doesn’t stand out too much, but will give your look the kind of zest nothing else can give it.


It’s the kind of nail colour I’ll enjoy wearing this summer and on any given day of the year. The kind of nail colour that gives me this super rare sensation of trying something new.


Ok, so think back to greige Seal of Approval for a second. Well? Have you? Good 🙂 Now, this shade here is its warm counterpart.


It’s a warm beige shade. Medium beige. Not too light, not too dark. Not too nude, which is a great achievement for a beige nail shade, btw 🙂


This shade is warmer than the greige we’ve seen here already, but it’s not super duper warm. There’s a touch of a breeze in its core. Just a whiff.


The nail colour we are talking about it called 373 Nude Awakening. What a wonderful nail shade name 🙂 Nude Awakening. Very poetic.


Just like greige Seal of Approval, this shade is very customizable. Depending on what you wear it with, it will look a little warmer or a little cooler, a little darker or a little lighter.


It will round up your look with an easy chic and flourish. It’s kind of more of a classic than the greige shade, so if you like classic manicures, check it out.



One but last. This is blue. But not the third navy blue shade in our dozen, of course 🙂 It’s a darker bright blue.


As all shades in the batch though, it’s not too artsy. It’s something you can wear and feel good doing so.


I guess, some people would still say it’s a dark blue. You’ll agree with me though, I think, that this shade is more intense than navy blue.


This nail colour is called 515 A Blue Attitude. Still, there’s nothing blue or sad about it, take my word for it. In fact, it’s fun.


It’s a great step up from navy blue, if until now navy blue was the only blue you could actually wear on your nails.


A Blue Attitude is super chic. And it’s not turquoise or aqua or baby blue or one of those shades that get overdone every spring summer season.


And the last one, believe it or not 🙂 Yet another take on greige and beige by Sally Hansen. Amazing.


This greige is the darkest one of the three here. At the same time, it’s not too dark. See? I promised that these shades will be wearable in summer.


It’s one of those nail colours that has this inherent niceness about it, that’s hot in a way that only naturally hot shades are.


Let me introduce it 🙂 445 558 Talk is Chic. I agree, actually, talk can be very chic. This talk here by Sally Hansen is definitely chic.


I think what makes this shade so stunning is a truly perfect proportion. There’s just as much grey in it as there is beige.


As a result, we get a stunner of a shade. If you wanna do dark manicure in summer, this here is absolutely the way to do it.


This is our fun dozen. These shades have it all in them. Natural, kind of artsy, intense, hot, sophisticated. And even if you don’t find any of the dozen all the way summery, trust me, there is summer there, even if it’s not immediately obvious. It’s not on the surface, it’s hidden deep beneath it all. And that’s exactly what makes these shades so exquisite. If you come to think of it, true chic is never too obvious. It’s more about understatement and ‘signals’, if you like. About how much your makeup, your outfit, your accessories, your look, eventually, is you. If your personality is reflected in your image, it all clicks and gives you that mysterious something we are all trying to capture and render, when we dress and make up. And manicure is a very important step on this way to perfection. It might seem less conspicuous and kind of be the last thing on the list, but if your hands don’t have that well groomed look, or if your nail colour dissonates with the rest of it, it can be that one tiny little inch that will stand right there, between you and, well, whisperfection 🙂








Squeeze the packaging trend in makeup

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This isn’t about products, this is about packaging. Or is it? Dior mascara, Bobbi Brown lipstick and what not comes in squeeze-it packaging now. How do I feel about all this squeezing frenzy? I don’t know. I’m apprehensive. It seems like a good idea, but I have my doubts and reservations. I just don’t think it will work as smoothly as it’s supposed to work. I mean, what do I squeeze to get it out? Toothpaste, for one 🙂 Sometimes hand cream. Does the same amount of it comes out every time I squeeze it? No. Is there any consistency in it? No. Can I fully control the amount I get? No. So, do I believe that it’s going to be different with makeup? Not really. No. I don’t. I strongly prefer jars and pots and tubes, in fact, where I can get in with a brush, my fingers or whatever to have an upper hand of the amount I get, as a result of doing so. You know, like with lipgloss, cream eyeshadow, base, mascara and just everything, in fact. Maybe, it’s just me, but that’s my initial reaction to this trend. Then again, I love makeup exactly for – among other things – its ability to surprise me big time and pleasantly now and again. Who knows? What if they pulled it, and squeezing is easy now? Squeezing in makeup, in particular. I hope so. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s still remains to be seen.

P.S. Hey, if you come to think of it, squeezing tubes (think toothpaste, paint and what not) can be kind of fun sometimes. So, if it works, it’s going to be great.

Summer 2017 makeup and manicure trends

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This summer is very much of a classic. You know how? Because of all the bronze 🙂 Bronze is a traditionally summer shade, because it looks so good with tan and… well, because it kind of looks like tan. Anyway, bronze definitely rules this season. It’s almost always in base and tone, sometimes in manicure and eye colour, a lot of the times on the lips. It can be glowy and pearly or kind of subdued and satiny. More or less, it’s up to you how you play it. To me, the most important element in doing bronze in makeup is not overdoing it. Because of all the sun and all the tan the temptation to really go for it, when we are talking bronze colours in makeup, is strong, but if you ask me, you have to resist. Let’s be honest here. Too much bronze in makeup, especially in base and tone, of course, makes you look older, which might be good, when you are sixteen, but kind of stops being good later on in life. Also, too much bronze on the face can look weird in a way, and when I say that, I mostly mean that it sometimes looks orangey. And orange is not the most natural shade for our face. For lips and nails – yes, but face? No. But when it comes to eyes, lips and nails – there bronze can actually look lush. It’s up to you what combinations of the above you’ll go with. Oh, and it seems to me, bronze looks very nice, when it comes in pearly finish. I don’t know what it is about pearl, but a metallic touch seems to soften up bronze and make it more becoming and customizable. So, prepare your brushes and dip, dip, dip in this fun summer shade. Looking for a match clue? Well, in general, bronze looks really good with orange, red and beige and two of those three mixed together. Say, orange and red, orange and beige, well, you got my point here 🙂

ORLY One Night Stand base

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Why did I get this top coat in the first place? Because I like variety in manicure, and I do wear glitter shades sometimes. And as much as I like wearing them, getting them off is a real drag. Ugh. Wouldn’t you agree? I mean, it all looks so cool and special occasion like even, when it’s on your nails. Every time I try to remove glitter nail polish though… I swear – never again 🙂 And then time passes, and my hearts warms up again to this sparkly beauty. You know how it goes. Me wouldn’t be me though, if I weren’t trying to find a better way to do it. And when I try to find a better way, I don’t give up easily 🙂 So, first I started simply applying two base coats under any glitter polish. My thinking there was based on pure science, physics, specifically, more base coats under glitter means less adhesion for it, which means, it shouldn’t stick so badly to my nails and should come off faster and without that much trouble. I have to tell you, it kind of works. It doesn’t work all the way, it’s not like getting glitter shades off is a breeze now for me, but it’s definitely better this way.


I didn’t stop there though. I’m striving for perfection 🙂 So, my next step on this path was to sample a special base for glitter nail shades designed to make nail polish removal easier. One Night Stand by ORLY is a peel off base, that is, you are supposed to be able to simply peel the base together with nail colour off your nails in a day or two. Mind you, this base is not intended for long wear. It’s for having fun with your nail shade for a day and then off it goes, and you can move onto something different. It might be a disadvantage for some of us, for me, it’s not, because I like changing my nail colour often, so as not to get bored with it. So, two days and even one day of one and the same nail shade is more than enough for me, personally. ORLY says we should apply one coat of this base, then wait for it to dry, then apply glitter nail polish, and in a day or two peel it right off with the base coat. Honestly, when I hear that, I go – no way, there’s no way in the world it can work this way. I mean, sounds great, yes, but it just can’t be, it’s magical almost the way it’s described here 🙂


The base is milky whitish in colour. It’s not sheer. When it dries though, it gets more like matt and less visible on the nails, almost like a thin film and almost sheer. I’ll tell you what, be sure to give it time to dry, because if you don’t, when you start applying nail colour over it, it will just slide right off together with the base, that’s for sure. When it’s wet, it’s like extra slippery 🙂 Keep it in mind, better safe than sorry, when drying this base. Once it is dry though, you can apply nail polish on it as with any other base. This One Night Stand base in particular though sometimes can be tricky to apply. I’ve found that it goes on more smoothly, if you get a little extra base on the brush, as opposed to too little. That might be just me though. You do want to distribute this base on your nails evenly though for it to work the way it should. The more you do it, the more steady your hand will get, as in anything else. So, don’t give up 🙂 This base also has a rather strong and characteristic smell that goes away or almost does, once it gets dry.


So, is it really One Night Stand? Does it actually make it easy to get glitter shades off your nails? Can you possibly peel it right off? To me, it works, even if not a hundred percent. For starters, I can’t peel it right off, I have to peel it in several pieces, which isn’t as convenient as peeling it all off in one run, but it’s fine. In terms of damaging my nails, I think it might do a little physical damage, purely from peeling, but this damage is minimal and is no worse than the damage that comes from nail polish remover. So, to me, damage is not much of an issue. The only thing I can point out here is that peeling sometimes makes my nails surface a little bumpy here and there, and I use two base coats after using One Night Stand. Other than that, it’s pretty sparing on the nails, given all the peeling I do. Although, if your nails are extra sensitive, I think you might wanna be careful with this base as with any products that involve some physical action or traction on your nails, you know, like peeling, scrubbing and what not.


Now, I’m back to my ultimate questions here. Is this base really One Night Stand? Yes. You can get by with it for a day or two, maybe, three, but that’s all. And on day three this base can already start peeling off together with your nail colour. I find that it’s the easiest to get nail colour with this base off on the second day. It might be different for you though, because our nails are all different, unique, in fact. Moving on. Does One Night Stand actually make it easy to get glitter shades off your nails? My answer is yes. It does. It’s not a breeze, no, but it does make it easier. And that’s a lot to ask from a base. It’s not perfection, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s definitely closer to perfection than just base, when it comes to removing glitter nail shades. So, yes, I did include this base into my routine and found a place for it on my shelf. And the place for makeup in my home is precious 🙂 because there’s a lot of makeup around here. You know how else I use this base? To quickly change nail colour day to day, when I swatch it to show you in my posts.


That is, you can use this base not only under glitter nail shades. You can use it under any nail shades, if you are only going to wear it for a day or two and want to easily remove it afterwards. The main question for me about this base is as follows: can I really remove nail colour from my nails, if I wear this base underneath it, without even pulling out a bottle of nail polish remover? I’m happy to tell you the answer is yes. Yes, I can. And that’s awesome. Some people might choose to finish the removal process off with a quick run of a pad with nail polish remover over their nails for a super fresh and clean feel, but even at the times I choose to do it, one pad with not too much nail polish remover on it is enough for ALL my nails, while it takes several extra big pads soaked and soaked and then some in nail polish remover for me to remove nail colour, generally speaking. So, One Night Stand is what it claims to be AND it does make the ouch process of getting those glitters off my nails easier. Yay 🙂

Guerlain Happy Glow spring 2017 swatched

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What is it about Meteorites? In 2017 they are celebrating their 30 years anniversary. Can you imagine? 30 years! We’ve been drawn to them and enchanted by them for thirty years already. Wow. I mean, in the world of beauty, where everything flows and changes so fast, where new products show up every week, what can actually be that permanent? Only something people sincerely love. Well, Meteorites by Guerlain is one of those things. There’s no question about that. What makes them so special? I think, it’s them being beyond natural. I mean, yes, Meteorites are all about natural look, but they always seem to give you something other than that, right? I think this something other is pretty. Natural and pretty seem to be two contradictory concepts, and Guerlain being able to combine the two in their Meteorites products is exactly what makes them so special. They give you a natural not made up look, at the same time, they use light play like a magic wand to make your natural look even better, or else, bring out the very best of your natural beauty and show it to the whole world. And that’s a great thing to have in makeup, isn’t it?


Now, there’s some confusion with the name of this collection. All over the place and even on Guerlain website proper they seem to alternate, kind of, between calling it Happy Glow and Rosy Glow. Which makes it harder to find any information about this collection, because this information is dispersed through the net with two different names, hence, two different sets of tags and stuff. As a result, it’s harder to find what you are looking for. So, be forewarned and look for both, actually. Then you’ll get more coverage and wider choice. I still want to find out what this collection is actually called though. So, as long as immaterial sources – that would be the net – do not have a consensus, I turn to material sources and find the answer I’m looking for there. You are asking what material sources would be in the case of makeup? I’ll tell you. Packaging. Probably, the most material and oftentimes the most reliable source of all. On all products packaging is says that this collection is called Happy Glow. So be it, I say. I do understand though, why Rosy Glow is applicable too in this case. I mean, look at the packaging. And I don’t mean boxing proper. I mean casing. You’ll see 🙂


First things first. The iconic Meteorites Pearls. See? They are called Meteorites Happy Glow Pearls.


Also, these ‘Light-Revealing Pearls of Powder’ are 30 years limited edition, according to the packaging.


The boxing and the casing alike are all nice and sweet and light pinkish. The boxing is on the warmer side, the casing is on the cooler side. The design is beautiful. It really is. So tender like a spring version of those Guerlain holiday snow globes.


The mirror is nestled in this face powder lid as usual. I’d say, if you really want to see something though, you might need another mirror 🙂


Look at the pretty pink furry puff. Love it. Love the bow too. Very cute. I missed this design. Guerlain hasn’t done it for a while.


The scent is still here. The famous romantic violet scent all Meteorites face products have in them. The powder itself looks all romantic too. It’s all pink and lilac and white pearls with a little bit of a lighter yellow touch here and there.


Once swatched, the shade looks very light, but as usual by some sort of magic – I still don’t know exactly how Guerlain does it – it blends in with my skin tone that’s not too light or pale or whitish, actually. There’s a handful of sparkle hidden in the depth of this shade, but it’s micro, so small you won’t see it. It’s more of a light play kind of thing than actual sparkle. These are Meteorites at their best, the way we know them and love them.


Ok, so as long as we are talking powder, we have to talk this brush. You know it almost as well as you know Meteorites themselves.


And as long as it came as part of this collection, I expected something different, something limited edition, something new.


To tell you the truth though, I don’t see much difference about the brush proper. Maybe, it’s a little longer. A little different in colour, just a touch. And that’s it, pretty much.


Where I do see the difference though is the packaging. Look at this case. This case is awesome looking. Finally, finally, the velvety case that had everything stuck to it and on it ever so fast – all kind of hair and specks of dust and whatever else – is not here. The leathery (or else, plathery) case we have instead looks elegant and chic and a little like high end glasses cases. But… this new case is just too hard to open. And close. Super hard. I mean, it’s a major let down for me. I was so happy with the way this case looks, and then this. Pity. The way this case opens and closes is too much effort. And that’s a problem. I hope it will get fixed somehow.


Next. Meteorites Happy Glow Blush. See? Happy Glow. My conviction is even stronger now that the collection is called Happy Glow.


Meteorites Happy Glow Blush by Guerlain is also 30 years limited edition. And the boxing of this ‘Light-Sculpting Compacted Pearls of Powder’ blush is still the same warmish light pink.


This lighter pinkish case, even though it’s the same in terms of finish as the Pearls of Powder case, looks kind of cheap. Too plastic. I don’t know why. Can’t explain that. That’s just a feeling I get on looking at it.


The violet scent is still here. If you enjoy it, you’ll be happy to know that. If you are scent sensitive, I am too, but this scent is one of the few makeup scents that doesn’t bother me.


This blush is rosy in colour. Cooler pink like rosy. It’s diluted a lot, when applied, compared to what it looks in the case. So, don’t be turned off by the brighter pink you see up front. It’s a healthy blushed, healthy glow look kind of thing. No blush blush, if you know what I mean. There’s tiny little sparkle here too, actually, there’s more sparkle in this blush than there is in Meteorites Pearls of Powder. Or else, I guess, this blush is a step up, really, from natural no blush blush. It’s still natural, but it’s like perfect natural that’s achieved by what we like so much – making up 🙂


The last thing there is in this collection that’s meant to round up our look is lipstick that comes in two shades. KissKiss Creamy Shaping Lip Colour, to be more specific.


I’ve already told you about this lipstick, when it was just released. And I have to admit I’m no big fan of this formula. I don’t like it trying to ‘shape’ my lips 🙂 and being pretty hard to the touch, as a result. If you are Ok with it though, you might like this limited edition. The scent of this lipstick is flowery and pretty strong, so you might want to check it out first, if you don’t know what it’s like.


The case looks whitish almost, like, you know, Guerlain lip balm packaging – while KissKiss lipstick usually comes in a black tube – but it’s not really white, it’s this pearly touch of pink, and you can see it pretty clearly in certain light. This tube is like marshmallow or cotton candy. All cute and baby doll like. Yummy. Love it.


The first shade is 564 Pearly Pink.


Pearly Pink sounds very nice, I have to say. Looks nice too in this pinkish tube 🙂


This shade is very nice and very womanly. I expected something more girly here. While this shade can be girly, but it can be elegant and sophisticated too. It’s a cooler pink with a lot of sheerness to it that will help all the light play. A beautiful basic kind of lipstick shade to wear on any day and any occasion you feel like it. The ultimate pink lip colour, when it comes to natural looking pinks.


The second shade is 565 Blossom Glow.


Blossom Glow sounds good too 🙂 Hm. It’s warmer, huh?


This shade is more intense, less sheer and, yes, warmer. Also, it’s – well – more pink, I guess. It’s a brighter and more modern pink. You’ll get more colour here, more pink in your pink lipstick, and if warmer pinks are up your alley, you’ll probably like it better than the other shade. To put it simply, it’s for those of us who like more of a made up look as opposed to all nude and natural look.


These are our two pink KissKiss shades.


That’s the collection. Meteorites Happy Glow by Guerlain 30 years anniversary. I think this collection shows really well what it is about this formula and concept in makeup that drove the world crazy for decades. This beige pinkish magic Guerlain has been working on our lips and cheeks and chins and foreheads for years and years is lightweight, fairy like and simply amazing. Those pearls, this glow and this happiness hovers over our day and makes us smile again and again. Makeup that makes me smile is my favourite kind of makeup. Because, to me, makeup involves a lot of things past just shades and textures and formulae. Happiness and smiles are all part of makeup too 🙂 Now, this collection in particular is so great, because, as I’ve already told you more than once, pinkish natural look is very appealing. Once you add a pinkish undertone to almost anything – almost – it gets better. And here we have pink in packaging. And then pink in shades. All this pink is pearly without being over the top. And without being too pink 🙂 It’s glowy without shining too much. Sparkly without really sparkling. Nude without being boring. Meteorites Happy Glow by Guerlain is the ultimate pretty look collection. Charming.

ORLY Sunset Strip holiday 2016 swatched

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Why am I posting about this collection now, even though it’s a holiday collection? Because it was cutting edge and kind of artsy for holiday season, and now in summer it’s just, well, chic. You’ll see 🙂 The name of this collection actually indicates chic in a lot of ways. The Sunset Strip is the name of a part of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. This trendy area is full of fancy restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs, well you got the point 🙂 And billboards, of course. That’s how you know it, even if you’ve never been there. You have an image in your mind somewhere, for sure. This collection by ORLY is full of bright colours, which seems to be very exotic for holidays and very traditional for summer, but those colours are not just brights, they are more saturated, more intense, deeper in their core than usual. They have a very high level of radiance and vibrance in them, much higher than shades generally have. All of the above makes these shades special for summer or any other season of the year, for that matter.


See what I mean? 🙂 How often do bright colours slide right into dark somehow? How often does intensity darkens things up in makeup? Too often for me, I’ll tell you. While this batch of six shades by ORLY doesn’t disappoint. It delivers it all – colour that pops, professional quality and just fun 🙂 And there’s no coral and no turquoise in it 🙂 There’s pink, yes, a bright one too, but it’s not fuchsia, and it’s different in essence from summer pinks that almost get suffocating this time of year, because they are all over the place and then over some. While these six shades right here can give you brightness and an artsy feel without undermining the elegance there’s generally in your looks. And that’s really high class, because it’s something that’s hard to achieve. You know how it always goes – it’s either elegance or relevance, basically. Well, personally, I think both are doable in one run. Now, it requires more thinking, but the result is always worth it. Because elegance and sophistication with a little bit of an edge to it is a mighty power. Try it, and you’ll see.







20899 The Who’s Who


You like blues on your nails? But don’t like summer turquoise? Here’s something for you.


This blue is big time blue, but it’s not crazy, it’s deep deep blue sea like.


The Who’s Who balances on the very tip of too dark but proudly remains standing.


So, beware, if you like navy blue manicures, this isn’t one 🙂 Then again, maybe, you are ready to try something new?


You know what this blue is though? Profound. Yeah. That’s the word that comes to mind when looking at it.


This shade will take your bright blue outfits to a whole new level. You didn’t even know they can look that.




20897 Up All Night


Of all the shades here this one is the least summery, some people would say. I can see that. But…


Grey nail colour is so much of a part of our life now that a lot of us wear it at any given point of year. Even in summer.


Then again, as any shade in this collection, this one here is so much more than what it looks like at first glance.


It’s not just grey. It’s not really crème. It’s a subdued metallic. Wow.


It’s medium and even on the darker side grey, but this metallic glow in it changes the whole narrative.


It makes this grey mysterious and special occasion like, and you’ll see how it will play in the sun.




20900 Sunset Blvd


This shade looks red in the bottle. With an orange undertone, maybe. Before you start yawning and saying you have brighter and better reds lined up for summer though…


It’s not just red. It’s metallic. Pearly. But you can only see it, once it lands on your nails.


Actually, believe it or not, there’s some golden sparkle there too.


And I’m back to – all this beauty can do only so much for you in winter.


But in summer, when there’s sun, it can do a whole lot of great things.


It’s not in vain that this shade is called Sunset Blvd. It’s awesome. If you thought red is always a classic in manicure world, this shade will show you red can do more.




20902 Celebrity Spotting


This purple is vibrant and – once again – very concentrated and intense.


Rest assured though, it’s not too dark. It has a secret in it that makes it stand out.


A whole bunch of golden sparkle and a touch of golden pearl.


The purple itself lights up from within, once it’s settled comfortably on your nails.


The sparkle and pearl starts dancing with light – both natural and artificial. And this dance is breathtaking.


Celebrity Spotting is truly special. I’ve seen so many purple shades, and this one is still super exciting. Thanks to its perfect balance of colour brightness and sparkle.




20901 Invite Only


This shade name makes sense, as my whole post is pretty must an invitation for you to take a closer look at these nail colours.


And I’m most pleased to show off to you this one in particular, because it’s green.


Let me tell you up front. It’s bright. It’s not a cute little spring like pastel bud or pistachio green.


This here is a real deal for green manicures fans. Can anyone else possibly get into it?


Let me try to make a case for you to, maybe, do. This green is a rare case of intense rather than just bright.


It’s more like it’s full and deep and rich than super bright. Just like that blue with blue outfits, this green will be a killer with green clothes. Absolutely.


Six. (And it’s pity, because it’s the last one)


Conveniently, the last shade is called 20898 Last Call


Ok, Ok, I just structured my post in such a way as to make it be the last one. Still, pretty cool, huh?


Well, for starters, it’s pink. What can be more summery than that? Only turquoise 🙂


Is this shade too bright? No. Neon? Not really. Fuchsia? Nah. Disco like? A little, in a good way.


Not only it’s pink, and a pretty bright one, it’s pearly too. Wow. That’s rare.


It’s a cool pink with a lilac glow to it due to the pearl. And even that doesn’t make it slide into fuchsia. Nice.


Instead it’s pink and there’s a certain lightness about it. Not in terms of colour intensity, but in terms of sensation it gives you and people around you spotting your manicure.


These are our six shades. Sunset Strip by ORLY. Holiday? No, c’mon, these shades scream summer, whisper summer, breathe summer. They are sophisticated, not too much, and at the same time they have so much happiness wrapped in them. A bunch of happiness you can have all for yourself and share with the world. They make you feel that summer is here on your fingertips. Can you feel it? Of course, you can. If not, one of these shades, that’s ever so yours, will get you there in a minute. This collection has magic in it, like all truly great things. It’s almost impossible to explain it, describe it or word it. But once you try it, you’ll know it’s there. I’m very much impressed by what ORLY did here. Working magic is the ultimate goal of fashion and makeup, if you come to think of it. It’s all about transformation, and transformation is always magical. And even though in our fast moving and very much commercial world we tend to forget about it, there are things that remind us of it. This here is one of them. Or else, six.

Clarins Love Blush and Clarins Kiss lip balm swatched

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In all honesty, these are Valentine’s specials, that is, limited editions that Clarins released in honour of Valentine’s Day, but there’s just something super spring/summer like about them. You’ll see 🙂 This mini collection has three blush shades in it and one universal lip shade. It’s all about lightweight and natural makeup. And isn’t this kind of makeup best suited for spring and summer, when the sun and warmth and beauty make us glow with health and joy? I think, it is. Also, summers are often just too hot to wear a bunch of makeup. You know what I mean 🙂 So, wearing minimum might be a good idea. And some of us are just too much into natural look to use bright summer shades that are going to be dumped on our head again and again now that the season is turning all summery. Yeah, fuchsia, turquoise and orange are going to flood the counters soon. But what do you do, if it’s not your thing? Here’s what. And, by the way, even if it’s your thing, you do like a change of scene sometimes, don’t you? 🙂


First things first, this heart packaging design is girly, upbeat and perky in the best possible way. There’s something fresh about it. Pink hearts against the white background are arranged in a rather loose and fun way. Did you notice how I said it looks fresh, by the way? Isn’t that what we want most in summer? Freshness? 🙂 Summer is the time to show all the vitality we’ve accumulated over the year and recharge for months to come. Clarins formulae can help with that, as they contain plant extracts and trigger our system own mechanisms to make us really really shine. Now, when it comes to natural look and nude look, there are several strategies. Lips and nails is one. A classic. Then there’s lips and eyes. What Clarins is going for here is a more rare variation – lips and cheeks. Think about it for a moment though. Where do we naturally have brightness in our face? Other than in our eyes. Yep. Lips and cheeks are the focal points. So, lips and cheeks look is the most natural of all natural looks ever.


That’s why I like the idea of this mini collection by Clarins so much. It goes with the natural, as opposed to going against it. There’s nothing wrong with creating artsy looks and your own world in makeup, but sometimes, especially in summer, I can’t help but feel like emphasizing what’s there instead of changing it all completely to create something new. Clarins is offering an easy and quick way to do it, and I’m all for it 🙂 Who knows what adventures might be out there, when I get out of the house in the morn in summer? I wanna be ready, and I don’t want to spend too much time away from it all making up. At least, sometimes I don’t 🙂 This handful of makeup products by Clarins smiles and winks at me promising the whole world beyond it. It’s a clever combo of modern and classic. Because what can be more modern than a clean natural look without much lipstick and powder? And what can be more of a classic than no makeup makeup and a fresh and pretty look instead? When the two come together, they provide for an easy chic, and that’s very rare.


Clarins Love Skin Illusion Blush conveniently comes in three shades to flatter all skin tones and suit any taste in cheek colour. I like that. Nude and natural doesn’t mean boring and doesn’t mean all the same. Other than natural, by the way, these products can be used for colour enhancement. That is, they can bring out your own unique cheek and lip colour and your natural glow. It’s there, don’t you doubt 🙂 It just needs a little push to come through.


The first shade of Clarins Blush with Mineral & Plant Extracts is called 01 luminous pink. Sounds good. I do want some of that. Some of the luminous pink. Don’t know about you 🙂 And when I see the pot, I want it even more. It’s just so nice with the bottom showing off the shade it has in it and the top bragging golden gleam and more pink hearts that are like loaded with joy. This design is made for lifting spirits right up and getting smiles on our faces in no time.


The pot construction is simple to let us get to the blush quickly and apply it super fast. You won’t necessarily need a brush, because, see, Clarins planted a sponge here for you to always have it with you. Also, a sponge can be very efficient sometimes to get the texture seamlessly blend in with your skin leaving no hint of makeup almost and that much hankered healthy glow behind. Oh, and there’s a mirror on the bottom of the jar, so you’ll definitely be able to fix your makeup on the run, if need be.


The shade is just perfect for what it is and for the purposes I’ve already stated here. It’s pink in a super natural, not overused, not glamified and not fashionized way. Instead, it’s shy and cute and nude like and pretty and healthy looking, not bright, warmish and spring like and summery and nice. Niceness is the overpowering feeling there is about this collection. It’s hovering over these products like tiny little fairies waiting to get on your cheeks and do their magic there.


Next blush shade by Clarins that’s as full of joy as you can’t believe, is, yep, it’s… coral. Or else, 02 luminous coral 🙂 Luminous. Nice. Now, please, please, can I ask you to forget for a second everything I said about bright summery corals that might be too bright for you, if you prefer natural makeup? Because, you know, there’s a lot in coral. More than just orange. So much more. Trust me. There’s an endless range there. I’m going to show you that right now with this LOVEly shade here 🙂


Look how cute it is in this coral pot with the golden lid and pink hearts. Of all the shades here this one is, probably, the most summery, the warmest and the sunniest. In fact, it’s like sun in a jar. Holding it in my hand gives me a boost of positive energy and, hopefully, it will have the same effect on you 🙂 If you asked me, whether pink hearts as a pattern match coral pot colour as a background, I’d say no, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that Clarins pulled it and made it all work.


Here’s the small little sponge to ease the application. Speaking about it, if you don’t feel comfortable using the sponge, you can always get your favourite brush going here instead. Just make sure it’s not too big, so that you can efficiently dip it into the pot. Notice how deep down in this coral shade there’s just a handful of golden sparkle hidden and cushioned and wrapped in this warm colour. There’s too little of it here to give you sparkle sparkle, but it can accentuate coral marvelously.


As for coral itself, it can do so much for you. It’s a great apricot like shade that has the most wonderful warmth to it without the excess of colour and brightness. It’s not a vigorous and intense coral, it’s rather a cloud of warmness that will work with your skin tone to give it a cute summery twist. There’s something pinkish about this shade, warm pinkish, but only distantly. Nonetheless, if you like warm pinks, you might like this coral that proves yet again it can be romantic and elegant and not just bright bright and then some.


And the last shade. The darkest one of all here. Called 03 golden havana. Now, when you hear about dark colours in summer, is bronze the first thing that comes to mind? And does ‘golden’ in the name of the shade sounds like it’s definitely going to be in the bronze family? Makes sense, especially as bronze is like the colour this season, but… that’s not what it is 🙂 This collection is full of surprised, and I love that. Havana though? Wow. I mean, havana is really dark, right? We’ll see 🙂


First I get a really good look at the bottom of the pot. The shade preview looks most intriguing. The shade seems greige almost warmed up to the boiling point though and with a good deal of golden sparkle in it. Not like a whole bunch of sparkle, but the most sparkle I’ve seen so far in the products in this collection. This shade doesn’t look golden or bronze or anything traditionally summery. It looks hot and darker and mysterious and… awesome. I only hope it will look as great as it promises to be.


How can we use such intense dark beige shades in summer, and why they can be so great? Well, not everyone loves getting their cheekbones all gilded, that’s one. Two, gold is not really universally becoming, whatever everyone’s telling you about it 🙂 It’s not. Most of us can pull ‘a touch of gold’ look, but this highly demanding shade can’t be everyone’s shade of choice. And why would it be? There are so many shades out there and so many different people, right? 🙂


This shade here is made for those of us who like contouring. This is like the ultimate contouring shade that can provide that catwalk look you’ve been craving for years and months. It’s an easy higher than life cheekbone thing. There’s so much in it, so much there, you never knew you could look that model like 🙂 And even if contouring isn’t necessarily your thing, you can always dilute golden havana big time and turn it into a darker beige warm blush shade that’s ever so appealing and ever so flattering.


I have to say, these shades are subdued, exquisite, chic and imagination stirring. Personally, I highly appreciate the latter. Clarins Love blush is like no way to go wrong with almost. If complex blushing is not what you like or are interested in, you might wanna take a look at this trio and pick one of these shades up to have it in your stash and be able to quickly dress your cheekbones and show the world the real you, the most beautiful and special.


Ok, that’s Love by design and by Clarins. Once and if you’ve fallen in love, you’re probably ready to move onto the second product in this perky and cute collection – Kiss. The bright pink hearts against the white background are still here and still looking good. The packaging of this lip balm is all paper, by the way, and very little plastic. That is, it will feel very light in your hand. Much lighter than you think. The packaging looks… well, lovely. I mean it. Pretty and lovely and nice.


Clarins knows it, as their lip balm is called Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm. All sounds good. Daily. Yes, I do need my lip balm daily. Evergizer. Ok, I don’t mind some energizing and revitalizing for my delicate lip skin. Lovely. Absolutely. I’ve told you already the design is super lovely. No question about that. And lip balm – well, yes, it is a lip balm. A highly useful lip product, that is. And in summer it can actually be the only lip product I wear on my lips.


So, are you ready for kisses? Pink kisses, white kisses, all kind of kisses, they are right here, in the palm of your hand, on Clarins Kiss Lip Balm 🙂 The tubing is modern looking, modern feeling and energizing, just like the balm in it, obviously 🙂 This design rocks. It’s spring like, summer like and clean. And it renders the natural concept with a little fun twist perfectly. Also, white is a great colour for summer, cool in essence, running deep and light. So, everything in this design is right for the season.


The shade is super customizable. It looks delicate coralish in the tube, but don’t be deceived by it. This lip balm is all about natural colour enhancement. So, what shade you’ll get, as a result, depends on your complexion and your lips. On me this balm looks a touch pinkish, much cooler than it looks in the tube, actually. And has more of a sheen to it than big time shine and pearl. You won’t really know what it will look like on you, till you try it. So, good luck 🙂


In terms of care element in this balm, it’s there, but I can’t say it’s super strong. Then again, Clarins tells us we should use it day by day to experience its benefits to the full, and I tend to switch from one balm to another and then to something else 🙂


Well, how’s that for love and kisses by Clarins, huh? I say, it’s pretty cool. These basic products Clarins put together for us in one collection are charming in their design and their essence. They have a youthful natural look in them that’s only a couple of brush strokes away from you, if you like it. To me, this kind of look, a happy look, basically, makes total sense in summer, this season, when nature peaks and blossoms. It’s the most suitable time for showing the world your real self and emphasizing your favourite traits that are so you. Get ready for love and kisses that keep coming at you from all directions in summer. From the sun and the sea, from the trees and the flowers, from the wind and the air. In summer nature breathes love, saturates love, and we are more than tempted to love it back. And on those rare summer days, when nature is going to frown, maybe, sneeze and wince, we can pull out a handful of sunny Clarins makeup and smile brightly. And who knows, maybe, the world will actually smile along? 🙂

Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron fall 2016 swatched

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In fall Morgan Taylor released this collection that I happen to like a lot, because it has a bunch of very basic – in essence – nail shades in it mixed with some classy modern ones. As a result, these six shades are all great to have in any nail colour wardrobe. Trust me, even if you don’t think so now, these shades will come in handy again and again, and they’ll help you out in more situations that you know in life. And, yes, I checked, and you can still find them in a bunch of online and offline stores, in case you want them 🙂 On the bigger scale, this collection made me think about what being womanly is in general and what it is to each and every one of us. What manicures make us feel womanly and do they have to necessarily be red or pink, that is, classic. How different our definition of womanly actually is these days? Who wears and likes what and why? And what can we learn from each other, maybe? 🙂 Always a good thing. Anyway… Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron first.


There are six shades in this collection. The usual number for this brand seasonal collections, actually. It’s a good number, as far as I’m concerned. Not too little, not too many, a solid middle of the road number 🙂 Now, I have to tell you up front here that I enjoyed the theme and design of this collection. It’s called Sweetheart Squadron, remember? And squadron is an air force thing. That is, the idea behind this collection is, basically, clashing hot and pretty girly girls with strong military, to be more precise, air force aesthetics. There’s something about military style, there must be something, that is, as fashion world has been on and off this trend for a while and keeps coming back to it again and again. The secret is pretty simple, I think. The combination of – once again – womanly and manly, tender and stern is intriguing. As what can be more intriguing than a paradox, right? 🙂


Anyway, I liked this design so much that instead of just getting Morgan Taylor shades I got Gelish and Morgan Taylor duos with one and the same shade in two textures – gel and classic nail polish. All for the sake of packaging with more design on it 🙂 You’ll see. I’m talking only Morgan Taylor texture and formula here, as gel polish is not for me. It… lasts too long 🙂 I mean, seriously, if I had to wear the same nail colour for like two weeks, I’d be bored to tears. I need change so much. There are too many shades out there, and I can’t help but want to try them all. Ok, Ok, not all, but as much as I can 🙂 You got my point here. Now, Morgan Taylor formula is good and solid. It’s well put together, applies easily, lasts long enough, shines and doesn’t damage my nails. Their classic base and top coat are good things too, in case you are into one brand mood. If not, you can use any of your favourite classic base and top coat products with these shades.


Speaking about the shades. On we go. Here’s one. Perfect Landing.


Now, what did I tell you about all the design, huh? 🙂 Awesome, I know.


Here are more details for you. What’s in this nail polish? In Perfect Landing Morgan Taylor we have:


In Perfect Landing Gelish:


And here are directions for use and the shade preview. I love shade previews 🙂


And here it is. The shade proper. Perfect Landing.


I dunno. Coral? Yeah, but not quite.


Coral beige? Maybe. Peachy, I’d say. If anything, this coral is classy, elegant and well rounded.


It’s not a big time super bright summer splash coral. It’s subdued and held back.


There’s just something about it, even though I don’t love corals.


This one in particular is just so… nice. Yes, nice, that’s what it is.


It’s calm, soothing, can easily help you out through a bunch of occasions.


It’s one of those shades, when you just know that your manicure is looking good and high end. And what more can you ask for, really? 🙂


Next. Rule the Runway.


How’s that for fashion world meets military world, huh?


And here’s what’s in this shade. Morgan Taylor:


And Gelish:


Directions for use are here, and the shade itself looks… grey.


Now, that’s some modern elegance for you to behold.