Makeup and manicure trends fall 2017

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Here’s what I’m noticing looking at all the fall collections. Brows are on. Definitely. I don’t know whether and how much exactly you like to shape your brows or use brow makeup products, but if you do, you are ever so lucky right now. Then again, if you’ve never thought much about brows, it’s a good time to start, because there are even more brow products on the market than usual at the moment. You can find the ones that suit your taste and – who knows – maybe, you’ll find a new way to make up and add something to your cosmetics arsenal. It can be fun. And if you are not a big brow makeup fan – I, for one, am not – you can always go to a beauty salon and ask a makeup artist to teach you or just shape your brows for you to see, what it will look like, and how much difference it will make for you, if any 🙂


That’s brows. Next on our list. Remember I told you some time ago that matts have been on so strong in makeup and manicure and that metallics will inevitably follow at some point? Well, this point has come. Metallics are all over the place now. On your lips, on your eyes, on your nails – if you so desire. Personally, I do like metallics. I’ve already mentioned more than once how gleam and glow makes certain shades more becoming, how it can soften shades and textures up or make them more mysterious and more vampy. A little metallic shine can easily turn day makeup into night makeup in just a couple of minutes. In a word, there are a lot of good things about metallics, so don’t miss out on this trend. If you aren’t that much into it, the easiest way to test run it is to wear metallic nail colours. Then you can go for the lips. And then move on to the eyes 🙂


Finally, there’s a very interesting clash of trends going on in makeup world right now, that I’d like to point out. You know what I’m talking about? Can you guess it? I’ve just kind of mentioned it, actually 🙂 Matts and still on, and metallics have kicked in already. It seems, these two trends are opposing things that will be in conflict, if they happen simultaneously… well, not necessarily. For starters, it’s a great thing for us, because we can simply pick what we like best, and what we are most comfortable with – shiny or matt finish. Being comfortable in your own skin is the most important thing in makeup, no doubt about that. Anyway… here’s what we got, when these two trends collided – metallic matts. What? Wha? Yep. You’ve read it right. Metallic matts.


Now that’s interesting. That’s rare. And certainly worth trying, as far as I’m concerned. Mostly we are seeing metallic matts on the lips now. This exciting texture comes in two different shapes and forms. One is just metallic matt lip colour all in one tube and one run, when you can just get it and apply it, and where the shades are already picked and tuned for you by the brands, and you can just get the ones you enjoy most from the range offered. If that’s what you want, go for Dior and their Rouge Dior Double Rouge or Estee Lauder with their Pure Color Envy Metallic Matte, for example. The other way to do this trend is more complex, maybe, and more artistic, maybe, but at the same time, it’s more versatile. You know how ombre trend in lip colour started the whole topping thing in lip makeup? Uh-huh. Well, why not use it to create metallic matt effect?


Now there are all those lipstick and liquid lipstick variations and new ranges out there with all kind of shades and all kind of textures in them, and you can just pick any matt shade you like and then top it with any metallic shade you like. Say, look at Estee Lauder new Pure Color range or Urban Decay new Vice range. Decide on the formula – regular or liquid – and then try the combination of colours that appeals to you. And then try another one and another one… you got what I’m saying here 🙂 By the way, if you aren’t planning on buying any new lipstick any time soon, because you have no place in your makeup stash – I hear you, by the way 🙂 – just take your favourite matt lip colour and top it with any pearly lipgloss you feel is a good match for it. Can you imagine just how many new shades and new looks you can create this way? Wow. I’m in! How about you? 🙂

ORLY La La Land spring 2017 swatched

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Fairyland. Wonderland. Dreamland. La La Land. La La Land by ORLY, to be precise. Let’s not get into talking movies here and argue about, whether it’s a good one or not, and whether we like it or not 🙂 Let me just say, that in terms of tone and mood, it seems to me, this collection is very much in tune with the movie. It’s delicate, fragile, tender in a way. And a little fairytalish. Romantic to a certain point. Pretty and desserty. If you come to think of it, the qualities listed above are pretty rare in this world. Nowadays it’s more about drive, more about movement, more about progress. We rarely stop and marvel at something that’s beautiful but kind of shy. And that’s the best thing about this collection, as far as I’m concerned. It helps us do just that. This la la land ORLY created in just six strokes – as there are only six shades in this collection, the usual number for ORLY – is amazing. And once we are in it, we feel happy.


This here is a true romance with a little bit of fantasy – or fairy tale – element to it 🙂 That’s what this collection’s got in it. And that’s a lot. And that’s rare. And I like that. Also, there’s something desserty about this whole La La Land by ORLY. Which appeals to me, personally. At the same time, this desserty feel and mood is not too straightforward, not too on the nose, not overly sweet. Not really sweeter than life. It’s just a little sweet, sweet enough, just right to be yummy in a good way. Once again, that’s rare. It’s hard to balance it all so precisely and not slide into the candy girl world. Ok, so, there are six shades total in La La Land collection, as I’ve already mentioned. Or if we look real close at them, we’ll see, that five of these are definitely shade shades and one is actually a top coat. Or is it? Maybe, it’s a complex shade. Or a multi tasker? I’ll wait till I see all these shades swatched 🙂 Especially as we are all set to go here.




20923 Cool in California


Cool in California. Boy, I love the sound of it. The alliteration. It’s all smooth and nice sounding. Awesome.


The shade is pink. And light. This light pink is surprisingly warm though. While most delicate pinks tend to be on the cool side.


This one is warmer without being too warm. Because of this warmness it has a coral tinge to it, somewhere deep down and well hidden.


It’s nice to see a warm cute little pink for a change. In the long row of all the cool pinks that we see so often – bright and light pinks alike.


Cool in California can be a fun nude shade. The kind of nude shade that’s so much more than just nude. Just the way I like it.


We see and wear pink so much in makeup and manicure, you know. Seeing something off the beaten track and this pretty in pink is pleasant.




20926 Forget Me Not


Forget Me Not, huh? This shade has to be blue, right? 🙂 There’s no way around it. Yep. It’s blue, and this blue is surprisingly warmer.


In fact, it’s very much like the colour of actual forget-me-not small little flowers. And I love it. That it’s not just a shade name, it’s true to what’s mentioned in this name.


Remember what I told you about pinks? Most of them are cool, when they are light. I’d say, that the same is true about blues.


Pale blues, specifically. When blue is light enough, everyone seems to go in the baby boy blue direction almost instinctively.


While this shade is a warm and kind of sunny blue. It’s light, but there’s enough colour in it. It’s not an off white shade with just a touch of blue in it.


Forget Me Not is proudly blue and splendid. The warmness there is in it makes it cozy. It’s enveloping and easy and all the good things.




20921 Head in the Clouds


Head in the Clouds. I often have that 🙂 Anyway, here it is. All pink and cool. Told you, cool pinks and rather common, more common than warm pinks.


This pink is not just cool though. There’s always more, when it comes to this collection. It’s not real world we are talking here. It’s la la land, you know 🙂


So, this pink is not just cool and not just light. It’s super light. And super cool. At the same time, it’s not off white. Surprisingly not.


Instead it has a lilac undertone hovering over it, or else, under it, I guess. This undertone makes the shade look outlandish and fairytalish.


Another great nude shade that’s not just and not really nude. It’s pink, yes, light, yes, but it’s not a well groomed look shade.


It’s a full on shade that will easily take you to la la land and lift your spirits for the time you are wearing it on your nails and more.




20925 Big City Dreams


Big City Dreams, wow. I’ve had some in my life. This shade name is great. I absolutely love it. If you have any big city dreams, I hope they will come true 🙂


What makes this shade even more my kind of thing is that it’s green. You probably know by now how much I like green manicures.


This green in particular is light and pale and delicate, and it’s on the warmer side, which makes it very special, because greens almost never are.


There’s certain niceness about this shade. It gives me a fluffy and plush feeling, like I’m up in the clouds or something having my big city dreams 🙂


Seriously though, greens are usually cool or cooler, especially when they are pale or as pale as this one. And I’m happy to see this sudden warmness here.


I know that green manicure is an artsy option and not really everyone’s thing. If you wanna start though, this shade is light enough and innocent enough for that.


One but last.


20922 As Seen on TV


Another great shade name, given that the name of the collection is the same as the name of the movie. Very clever.


You know what this shade is? Lilac. Not purple. Not at all. Lilac. Tender. Flowery. Cute. Lilac is a rare flower in manicures. Not nearly as common as purple.


And yet again ORLY does something here to make sure the shades in this collection are in their own category and not like everything else out there.


This shade is lilac, yes, but it’s… warmer, believe it or not. Just as pinks, blues and greens, lilacs are usually cool.


It makes sense, lilac is a cool shade, in essence. So, most shades that are built around lilac are cool. And this one is not. And I enjoy it.


As Seen on TV is lilac with this warmness to it that makes me smile every time I look at it. It’s wonderland on your nails, that’s what it is.


And the last one.


20924 Anything Goes


Anything Goes? Really? 🙂 Anything goes is manicure? Anything goes in makeup? Maybe. To an extent. I guess 🙂


Here’s the question though. I’m back to where I started my post, more or less 🙂 Is it a top coat? Is it a shade? Or is it both?


Well, this pearly white with sparkle in it and bigger metallic green star and pink dot shaped glitter can definitely be a top coat. I’ll show you how a little later.


But now that I look at it here, I can say that two coats of it on your nails don’t give you full coverage, but are close enough to it to be a shade in its own.


So, my answer is it’s both. You pick how you want to wear it. A sheer one coat thing, a two coat artsy nail colour or a top coat.


This shade/top coat looks awesome but there’s a big but there. It’s pretty hard to operate. I had issues with application. Now let me tell you more about it.


I’ve already said it here in this blog, in my post about this Annie nail polish collection for one ANNY Hippie Time Is On swatched. I’m going to say it again. Bigger glitter is hard to get out of the bottle through that small little neck. The only way to make it easy on us, when it comes to application of shades of the kind, is stuff these shades with glitter. Only part of it is going to come out as it is. Not all of it, that’s for sure. But the more glitter there is there, the easier it goes. Here we have a lot of white pearly sparkly sheer colour and not too much glitter. That is, there are only few metallic green stars and pink dots there. As a result, good luck trying to get any – I’m not kidding – any out and on your nails. You’ll have to do two coats to have enough glitter land on your nails. And even that won’t be a breeze. You’ll have to practice to get that glitter out. It won’t come just like that. The only reaction I have to all said above is – why oh why does it have to be so hard? I mean, seriously. It has to be easier than that, just has to be. As pretty as this shade is 🙂


Ok, we’ve seen Anything Goes as a shade. Now let’s see how it works as a top coat. While we do, keep in mind, that as any glitter shade, it’s a little rough to the touch, the glitter is, that is, so you might wanna use a clear top coat over it.


We’ll go shade by shade here. And see each topped with one coat of Anything Goes and then two coats of Anything Goes.


One. 20923 Cool in California + 20924 Anything Goes


Warm pink, remember?


Now see how it looks with those stars and dots on it.


And silvery sparkle 🙂


One coat on the left. Two coats on the right.


Well, what do you say?


La La Land? I think, it is 🙂 Definitely.


Two. 20926 Forget Me Not + 20924 Anything Goes


Topped with one coat of Anything Goes on the left. And two coats of Anything Goes on the right.


This is just so pretty.


The top coat makes it perky looking, somehow 🙂




The whole batch looks like a birthday party.


With presents 🙂


Three. 20921 Head in the Clouds + 20924 Anything Goes


One coat on the left, two coats on the right, Ok 🙂


Head in the Clouds is such a light pink that the top coat almost makes it off white.


With the outlandish lilac undertone still hanging in there.


This manicure option is fresh and artsy.


There’s something striking about it.




Four. 20925 Big City Dreams + 20924 Anything Goes


Once again, one coat on the left, two coats on the right here.


Wow. This green can get even better, huh?


I guess, it can 🙂 Notice how two coats make it oh so cooler.


Fairytalish to the point of no return.


Big City Dreams just got bigger with this top coat.


I really love this one. Nice, nice and then some.


Five. 20922 As Seen on TV + 20924 Anything Goes


One on the left, two on the right – just saying 🙂


Lilac, stars and dots. And sparkle. Pretty.




There’s a lot of wonderland there, that’s for sure.


It’s not just lilac, it’s lilac as seen on TV.


See how two coats make this shade cooler? No less beautiful though.


That’s La La Land as seen by ORLY 🙂 I agree with this collection name. It’s la la land all right. There is a lot of magic here. These shades are more than just shades. They have the power in them to pull you out of reality and carry you up in the clouds, fantasy forests, big city dreams or whatever else. I’m sure you can come up with dreams of your own to have and to hold. I’ll tell you one thing. This land is full of wonders, and you can have them all at your fingertips and on your fingertips, if that’s what you want. I love the feeling hidden in this collection that it gives me so skillfully, when I wear any of these shades. You know what this batch of nail colour reminds me of? A pleasant distraction, basically. It’s a very personal impression and emotion that’s just mine or just yours, if you make friends with it. Just don’t mistake La La Land by ORLY for an ever so romantic, super sweet or baby doll manicure option. It’s more than that. It’s a miraculous adventure.




















La la la la la la la la la la la la la land 🙂

Estee Lauder Envy Ombre lipstick swatched

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Ombre trend has been really strong in lip colour recently. And it still is. I’ve already told you about it here Ombre and gradient trend in beauty and makeup spring 2017.  If you are interested, take a look. It’s a fun and artsy trend, it’s not easy to pull and to do though for those of us, who aren’t professional makeup artists. So, beware. On the other hand, this trend is a good way to bring a fresh start and spirit into our makeup routine, so to say. I mean, how many times have we applied lipstick in our life? The only thing that was different about it is colour. Ombre is a new way to do lip colour, basically. And that’s good news. It’s nice to have this one more trick at our disposal. Still, to me, ombre is more of a rare thing to do, when I’m like tired of everything else. I don’t think it will be something I’ll be doing on a regular basis. Maybe, you would though, who knows. If so, here’s an easy way to go about it for you.


Estee Lauder came up with Ombre variation of their Estee Lauder Envy lipstick following this trend. In terms of Envy formula, we’ve already discussed it here Estee Lauder Envy lipstick – all three variations swatched. So, check it out, in case you missed it. We’ve also talked about Envy formula in lipgloss form here Estee Lauder Envy Red Extrovert Gloss & Wicked Apple Lacquer swatched. I’m not going to say much about the formula proper here, so as not to repeat myself. Pretty much, the formula is the same as in Estee Lauder Envy proper. Only there are two shades in one stick. The only thing that’s worth mentioning – again 🙂 – is the sweet, sweet and then some scent. It’s not the strongest scent that I’ve come across in lip colour, it’s there though. Also, this formula is sculpting, which means that it will try to shape your lips, sculpt them, that is, instead of just being there all relaxed on your lips 🙂 I don’t know if you like this kind of thing, just be forewarned. To me, it’s not unpleasant in any way.


One more thing about this formula, which I’ve seen before in various Estee Lauder lipstick formulae, in fact. If you look closely at the lipstick I’m going to show you in this post, you can spot little pimples on it, so to say. Tiny little bumps. I believe, it has something to do with the ingredients and the way this colour is mixed and put together. I don’t necessarily think it’s bad, it’s just very characteristic of Estee Lauder lip colour, for some reason. Over time I’ve come to realize, that when it’s the case, and when those bumps are there, it usually means, I won’t be ecstatic about the texture and the way this lip colour product feels on my lips. It’s true across the board, not just for Estee Lauder. Maybe, it’s just me though, I don’t know 🙂 Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Ombre Sculpting lipstick comes in four shades. Given that each shade is ombre, it actually means, we are getting eight shades here – two in each stick. Nice 🙂


The packaging is classically Estee Lauder, navy blue with gold lettering. It’s no different from just Pure Color Envy packaging. Only it has a word ‘ombre’ on it.


The first shade is called Envy Ombre 01 Siren + Sizzle. I checked, and these shades don’t seem to be available in just Pure Color Envy form, by the way.


The tube is all navy blue lacquer. It’s on the thinner side, but not as thin as sheer lipstick tubes usually are.


The whole ombre thing is in the lipstick colour being split in half. One side is one colour, the other side is the other colour. Okaaay 🙂


Here’s something I don’t really get. How are we supposed to tell, which side is Siren here, and which side is Sizzle? I wish Estee Lauder gave us some guidance on that. As it is, let’s just simply say that one side here is orange, the other side is red.


The orange shade is medium to bright. To me, it looks medium, pretty much, or a little brighter than medium. Be careful with this shade, please. As much as we love corals, this orange is bright enough, where it isn’t universally becoming – by a long shot. So, make sure it looks good on you before you venture into buying it and wearing it.


The red shade is a bright darker hot red. Vampy. Femme fatale. Hot. It’s not a bright and happy red that has some orange in it. It’s a clean and clear red shade. Intense. A classic. It’s not in vain that red lip has been around for so long, you know. There’s something there, in it. The finish in this ombre lipstick is also classic, by the way. There’s some sheen there, not much though. Mostly colour.


That’s our first shade, or else, shades. Envy Ombre 01 Siren + Sizzle. This duo is hot. I mean, just imagine clashing red and orange in one look and one lip makeup. Two vivid shades paired up. It’s a bold thing to do and a daring way to go. Still, both shades are traditional, not artsy, so it’s just the brightness that actually makes it so striking.


Next shade of Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Ombre.


02 Rose + Rebel


As long as there’s ‘rose’ in the name of this duo, I presumed one side of this lipstick is going to be pink. I didn’t expect in any world though, that the other side is going to be… beige? Really?


A warm pink beige, to be more precise. When I just saw this shade in the stick, I was like – how does beige correspond with bright pink in terms on clashing the two in one look? In terms of ombre, that is? It just doesn’t seem to work. When this beige revealed so much pink undertone in it though, it made much more sense to me.


The pink here is bright and hotter. Warmish, although it’s not all the way warm. And definitely bright. But not too bright. It’s more of a pretty looking pink shade. Girly in a way. Or just fresh and romantic. It reminds me of pink flowers. A nice shade, be careful though and give it a test run first. As pretty as it is, it’s not universally becoming.


This duo – 02 Rose + Rebel – is interesting. By the way, I have no idea, why any of the two shades would be called ‘rebel’. To my eye, there’s nothing rebellious about any of those. They are more on a step up from natural, baby doll, or maybe, romantic makeup side. Everyday like option for pink lip colour fans – and there are a lot of them 🙂


On we go.


03 Blush + Bloom


There’s something purple about both these shades. It’s not like on the nose purple. More like pinkish purple, I guess. But purple is there. That’s for sure. All in all, the impression it makes is a modernized pinkish look. Something in the moment like.


The first shade we have here is a purple beige. Medium purple to lighter purple with a beige undertone. And the beige undertone in it is pretty strong. Strong enough, where some of us will see more beige in it than purple even. I see purple though, especially as the other side is definitely in the purple family, so it will pull this one in the purple direction too.


The other side is a bright happy purple. Bright but not as classic as red lip. More relevant, more in the day, more now. You know what this shade is like? It’s like they took fuchsia and then added and added and added purple to it, till it turned into this intense pink purple colour. It’s very nice, perky and more flattering than you think. Will look good on almost all of us.


I like these two. There’s a certain energy level in them. Certain vividness. At the same time, this combination is not too edgy, not too artsy, it’s more like off the beaten track a little. Especially, when it comes to ombre. You know how many people like pink lip colour? Well, purple has almost as many fans, I think. So, this duo is very appealing.


And the last one.


04 Fierce + Fragile. I like the sound of it.


Now this combo is the weirdest, or let’s say, the artsiest of all 🙂 Not in a bad way. It’s just more edgy, that’s it. The colour combo is not something that immediately comes to mind. And it’s good, because it’s not boring and can help you shake things up a little.


Here we have a medium beige with some pink and purple, probably, lingering somewhere there in the background all unintrusive and stuff. It’s cooler than the other beige we’ve seen in duo # 2 – remember? – but not all the way cool, really. Medium to cooler, I’d say. And the shades that are mixed into it warm it up a touch.


And then there’s a warm red pink with an orange undertone. A rare shade, actually. It was very trendy at some point, several seasons ago, and I’ve already told you about it. It’s hot, blazing hot, energizing. Bubbly in a good way. Looks good and upbeat. It’s not universally becoming and flattering though. So, you really have to make sure that it works for you and on you.


This last duo will require most thinking and preparation, I’d say. You really have to think carefully about your whole look to make sure this shade fits in easily and smoothly with whatever else you are wearing, both makeupwise and outfitwise. This ombre look in particular will draw a lot of attention to your lips. So, just keep it in mind.


That’s Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Ombre Sculpting lipstick. There are only four shades of it as of now, and you’ve seen them all. The thing that comes to mind immediately after looking at them is the following. You don’t have to stick to the combinations suggested here. You can go across and clash any colours you want – from different sticks, that is – in one look. Say, red from Siren + Sizzle and warm red pink with an orange undertone from Fierce + Fragile. Or pink from Rose + Rebel with purple from Blush + Bloom. Or anything, really. I always tell you that. Customize after you’ve tried what’s offered to you by the brands. Their options are well matched usually, because professional makeup artists work on them. But you and only you can know best, what’s right for you. So, grab those colours and get off the beaten track and into your own world. Find your own way to wear them. Left to right: 01 Siren + Sizzle, 02 Rose + Rebel, 03 Blush + Bloom, 04 Fierce + Fragile.


I, personally, have conflicting emotions now that I’ve tried these shades of Pure Color Envy Ombre. On the one hand, this here is a really good way to test drive all these shades to know which ones you like best. I like that. I’m always looking for new makeup, new combinations, new things 🙂 On the other hand, as convenient as it might seem to have both shades in one place, in one stick even, and not to have to carry two separate lipsticks around… I think the fact that one stick is divided in half makes application more difficult. It’s not drastic, but I could feel it, when applying the shades. Sometimes, when it comes to ombre, you need precision, and when you need precision, it would actually be better to have two colours separately. At least, for me it would. Maybe, you have a steady hand. I don’t 🙂 But as long as ombre is more like a thing to play with for me than something I’ll do all the time, I can live with it 🙂 Now see what you think.






Essie Getting Groovy winter 2016 swatched

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Metallic shades are so on right now. They are so hot. And metallics going all over the place and pretty much conquering makeup and manicure world reminded me of this one awesome metallic shade in Essie 2016 winter collection called Getting Groovy. And as long as the other shades in the collection are nice too, I’m going to show you all six here and let you decide, which ones you like best or want. Getting Groovy is a fun collection and a fun nail shade name, by the way. And the collection is nice. You know why? It’s six shades only, but it has it all in it. Nude, dark, metallic, classic. All compact and nice and all ready to go. These shades are the kind of shades you’ll feel you want to wear more than once. They can help make your life easier, because they’ll be right there for you. And ever so handy. They are sophisticated and not boring. Classy and interesting. So, let’s get groovy here.


As much as I love the shades, some of them proved to be a little clumpy, when they went on my nails. I’m not sure that’s the way these shades are. The texture and formula seems mine. Maybe, it’s just the way they work with my nails? I don’t know. Or, maybe, it’s because I wasn’t really using Essie base and top coat, but was using Deborah Lippmann base and top coat instead, you know. I just hope that you’ll have a better experience, and that these shades will cooperate with you more than they did with me in terms of finish on the nails. I had no problems though, when it came to application, they went on my nails rather smoothly. I’ll tell you what. There are so many shades and textures and brands in this world, when some products are being kind of difficult, I usually just move on to something else. But these shades here are one of those rare cases, where I’m actually ready to work for them.


So, here goes. One.


oh behave! How cool is this name, huh? I love it 🙂


The shade is a light and calm and nice coral. Wow. I haven’t seen a coral quite like that for a while. It’s just so-o nice. And a little pearly. Just a bit.


It’s nothing like those corals that pop and scream – look at me! look at me now! This coral shade is actually elegant.


Manicure world is so much into vibrant summery corals we almost forgot that corals can be elegant. That coral was and is one of the initial and basic makeup colours.


You know, how when women just started making up, they basically had red and pink and then plum and coral. And that’s it. And now… now we have everything 🙂


By now you are probably aware that I’m not a huge fan of corals. I’m tired of them. They are like beaten to death almost already in all those summer collections.


This shade is a totally different animal though. I want to wear it. It’s amazing. And it definitely has that something extra special about it, something I can’t explain, but always feel, when makeup and manicure shades have it in them. It’s rare, so don’t miss out.




ready to boa. Another fun shade name. I enjoy it, when shade names make me smile.


Double wow. Brown as a colour in clothes and a shade in makeup and manicure is one of the hardest ones to pull.


Maybe, that’s why few people really love browns. I mean, think about it. How often do you wear brown? But guess what, Essie pulled it and ever so successfully here.


This brown shade is as becoming as they get. It’s dark, languid, mesmerizing almost. Very sexy. Sexy the right way. Without being over the top.


This shade is enveloping, comfy and amazing. And vampy, vampy like crazy 🙂 You didn’t expect that brown can be vampy, huh? Well, check this one out.


And this brown in particular has this great aspect to it. Even though it’s vampy, it doesn’t make you feel like you have to perform or anything.


You’ll feel as comfortable as you do in your everyday life, when you are not being a femme fatale 🙂 , and at the same time you’ll be steaming hot. Are you in? 🙂 I think, the secret is that there’s just a touch of Bordeaux or bronze in this shade, or both, not sure, but there’s definitely something there, that makes it special.




satin sister. This alliteration in the name of the shade makes it fun to say it. Try it. I mean, say it. Satin sister. Fun 🙂


Well, for starters, this shade is green. Which makes me, personally, happy 🙂 Doesn’t mean you should be happy, but…


There are other reasons to like this shade other than it being green. It’s not just green. It’s a deep deep emerald green.


And emerald green is one of the most becoming greens existing. I don’t know why, I just find that emerald green works on more people, so much more.


And if you think green is way too out there and way too artsy for you to venture anywhere near it, here’s more good news. Satin sister is dark.


Really dark, so a lot of the edge green manicure has to it is taken off this shade by its intensity. If you like darker manicures, do take a look at this one.


This darker greener shade is a killer, when it comes to dark manicures. Off black nail shades are striking, to begin with. This emerald will give your darker than dark manicure an extra zest and an extra kick. You’ll see. Even if you are no fan of deep nail shades, you might find yourself liking this one.




go with the flowy. This shade name is kind of cute. No? 🙂


This grey here is ever so noble and pale. Just a touch of colour in it, which is enough for it not to be an off white shade though.


There’s also the tiniest possible little sparkle in it, that you can’t see almost. It’s there to add texture to the shade and play with the light.


It’s a great nail shade for a well groomed look. It doesn’t stand out too much. At the same time, your hands will look manicured and sophisticated.


Sophistication easily could be this shade’s middle name. I guess, then it would be called go with the flowy sophistication 🙂


I’m no big fan of such light greys, generally speaking – just as I’m not really a big fan of corals. But… just as in the case of that coral shade, there’s something here. Something about this grey. It’s pretty. No, it’s beautiful, actually. It whispers my name – and it will whisper yours, once you apply it.


Even if you don’t like colour without much colour manicures and well groomed nail look, you might totally surprise yourself by liking this shade. Remember I told you there are shades that just have this thing in them I can’t define? Well, this one does. That’s for sure.


One but last. Sadly, to me, because these shades are oh so good.


party on a platform. More alliteration, Essie? I certainly appreciate that 🙂


This nail colour is red. Let me ask you something. How much new things can one do in red shade department in makeup and nail colour, in your opinion? Yeah, I know 🙂


It seems like everything’s been done and then redone and done again there. Red nail colour has been around for so long.


So, every time someone comes up with a red nail colour variation that makes me stop and marvel at it – in awe – it means, this red is great.


And party on a platform is no exclusion to the rule. There’s nothing super artsy about it. No glitter, no sparkle, nothing like that.


But it’s so well rounded, cherry like, yummy, womanly, amazing. Just when you thought you are fed up with red manicures, here it is 🙂


Just as all the other shades in this collection, this red is not on the nose, it’s more about understatement, it has the zest in it, but it’s not too obvious or too flashy, hence, it’s so hot, hot and then some. This red is the way to wear reds on your nails. Or one of the ways, for that matter 🙂


Six. The last one. And the one I mentioned up front, actually.


getting groovy. Yep, the collection is named after it 🙂


Gold. Pearl. Metallic. Sparkle. Too much? Not if you do it right. And Essie did. And even if you don’t usually wear such shades, now is the time to do it.


Metallic shades are rocking catwalks, photo shoots and red carpets right now. And they’ll keep doing it big time this fall.


And this shade here is the ultimate metallic shade, as far as I’m concerned. Because if you wanna do metallics, you wanna do them right.


And even if you think gold is just too much and way over the top, this gold here is not. It’s clever the way all shades in this collection are.


It’s darker, just a little darker, but this ‘a little’ makes all the difference in the world. It makes this nail colour exquisite. Lush.


And the sparkle in it is so fine and so tiny it supports the shade and the shine in it, rather than stealing the whole scene and just glowing away of your nails. Getting groovy by Essie is truly fascinating. It proves, that metallic nail shades can be less disco like and more elegant and feminine and voluptuous in a way. Love it.


These six shades by Essie are moody and subdued in the best possible way. There’s something fall like, something wintery about them without them being all just dark. They are not too edgy, so that most of us can wear them. And then the best thing about them is that they are not too linear, not too simple, there’s a lot of thinking behind them. They are well put together. They are chic. They are more than just manicure. They are something that helps you look exquisite. There are few shades like that out there. But these six definitely fall into the category. And, as I’ve already told you before, there’s something here to suit any taste. You like nudes? How about that coral? Nudes with a little twist? Pale grey with sparkle is there for you. You like darker manicures? Go for the gorgeous brown. Darker but artsy? The emerald green is waiting. You enjoy classic and womanly polish? The red is superb and right up your alley. And if you are looking for something special and trendy, that golden shade is just perfect this fall. You pick it – you wear it – and feel happy doing it 🙂





Lancome Paris en Rose holiday 2016 swatched and special occasion makeup and manicure

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You know how holiday collections are so closely linked to holiday season in our mind? Yeah, I know 🙂 Well, I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while… why is that? Let’s get distracted from this notion for just a bit here, Ok. What is holiday season, in essence? What are holidays? Uh-huh, it’s one big special occasion 🙂 Well, do we only have special occasions in our life during holiday season? Of course, not. We have special occasions at all times and in all seasons. And why don’t we apply holiday collections, that have a posh and lush and sophisticated and glamorous look wrapped in them, at those times, when we need to look extra good? At parties, birthdays (not necessarily ours), weddings (once again, not necessarily ours), in clubs, restaurants, yacht clubs and what not? Of course, we can. Moreover, I’ll tell you what, I do and successfully so. So, what I’m just saying here is let’s look at the big picture and bring holiday collections into our life more and wear them in fall and spring and even – OMG – summer, whenever we need – or want – to have that red carpet look.


Speaking about that red carpet look… here’s one collection that’s holiday and that is gorgeous and can be definitely applied all year round and whenever we want. It’s Lancome makeup collection they released for the latest holiday season. And it’s called Paris en Rose. Paris in Pink, that is. You know what it means or can mean? Paris through pink glasses. Paris is great as is, can you imagine how great it’s going to be, if we look at it through pink glasses? Wow. Anyway, this collection is classy, exquisite and special occasion like. You know why? It has something most special occasion looks can hugely benefit from. Understatement. I mean, think about it, when we are going out, when there’s a celebration, we tend to dress up rather than down, especially compared to our everyday looks. It depends, of course, but generally speaking, we are dressed up. So, logically, it makes sense to pair it up with something elegant and more subdued. You know what I’m saying? Also, the shades in this collection are just so becoming for most of us, they’ll bring out the very best of our natural beauty.


Ok, I hope you are ready to see it 🙂 And, please, think about it not only as a specific makeup collection. Think about it this way. It’s a bunch of shades put together very cleverly to make you look gorgeous, when you are going out. So, if you look closely at them, you can put together your own bunch of shades and your own special occasion makeup tuned to make you look ever so good and make you feel good at the times that are meant to be happy. If you do it right, you’ll be able to have fun and party and smile without think of your makeup, because you’ll know and be absolutely sure that it’s always there for you and helps you look even more beautiful than you usually do. Landing the right makeup on those very special days in our life is important, because it gives us extra assurance, lightness and radiance and makes it easier for us to smile and relax and bathe in joy. I don’t know what you want to feel like on those days and nights, when it’s about you or your friends or your family and their dreams come true. Like a princess? Like a goddess? Like a top model? You’ll have it all.


What does a perfect look start with? I’ve said it over and over again. It starts with perfect complexion, perfect skin, perfect face makeup. If makeup is your colour that you brush on, then skin is your canvas. And it has to be right, before you even get to any colour. Healthy glow and radiance is probably the two key words in terms of base and tone in special occasion makeup. The colour scheme of Paris en Rose by Lancome is warm, so the skin product that’s part of this collection is warm in tone too. And the gleam it has in it is golden. Before you say it’s too much though… This product is really really lightweight in texture. It’s not super shiny or sparkly in any way. It’s exquisite, really. Lush. And just beautiful. Also, it’s easy. And given that base and tone is the most complex step in makeup, it’s a good thing, because you want it easy on that very special day.


This cushion highlighter design is spectacular. Chic and everything. Without being too much, I might say.


As for the texture, even if it doesn’t really look that, it’s actually moist, feels like it’s all liquid almost. Like your traditional base products.


This texture is nice and easy to apply. And it has a little bit of an extra lush feel to it. I’ve already told you about it here Cushion hype with Lancome Miracle Cushion and Givenchy Teint Couture Cushion


Let’s talk the shade now. It’s golden, but in a very delicate and elegant way. Not all the way crazy shiny gold, instead it’s light golden with a shy pink undertone somewhere back there, distant, just a touch. And as far as I’m concerned, pink undertone is almost always a good thing in face makeup products. Anyway, this shade is not too shiny, it’s shiny only in a pearly kind of way. There’s some sparkle there too, but it’s very subdued, very fine and small, rose golden or pink golden, wrapped in the shade carefully, very nice.


My conclusion here is a little golden gleam mixed with light pink or rosy undertone might be a good idea for special occasion makeup. Moreover, it’s a great alternative to bronzers that are really hard to pull. The shades along the lines of this cushion highlighter by Lancome here will work perfectly for you. Just be sure to customize, go a little lighter, a little darker, a little more pink or a little more golden depending on your skin tone, your hair colour, eye colour and your outfit and the rest of your makeup shades, of course, and you’ll get that perfect base for your makeup, the canvas that you can easily paint on.


Next we are going to talk about eye makeup. There’s so much here. Eye palette. Eye pencils and eye shadow. I think, it makes sense. Happy shine in our eyes is one of the most becoming elements of any special occasion look. And anything in makeup that can emphasize it is a good thing. So, the amount of eye makeup products here is understandable. First and foremost, there’s this eyeshadow palette. Why is it here? Because on the day, when you have so much to do and so many preparations to handle, you might want to have it all in one place. Picture this – you open one box, and it’s all there for you. And you don’t have to open all those extra tubes and jars and boxes, but can just make up, close the box and go. By the way, before you go, do stick this compact palette – or any compact palette you like – in your purse. Or give it to someone you trust to hold it for you. If you have to do any makeup fixes, it will be right there.


This palette by Lancome is called La Palette Des Reves. The palette of dreams is a rather bold name for a palette, I must say, but I think, Lancome pulled it 🙂 If we read into it further, we’ll see that it promises Nude & Smoky Eyes. All in one palette? Wow. I certainly hope so 🙂


The textile golden shiny design of the boxing is awesome but… the bright pink ribbon? It just doesn’t belong here. I get that it’s a counterpoint, and I know that pink is the colour of holiday season 2016, and the colour that many people like, still… It doesn’t work for me here. If it were red or a different shade of pink, maybe. As it is, it kind of undermines the general impression for me. Maybe, you’ll have a different reaction though.


The brush is bigger, even if it’s flat. This brush can only get you what’s promised in palette description – nude and smoky eye makeup. And that’s a lot, but mind you… no precision makeup. You’ll need your own brushes for that kind of makeup, if you want it. I have to say, it makes sense though. The shades in this palette are made for nude and smoky eye look, not so much for arrows or colour blocking or whatever else in this area.


The texture of the eyeshadow in this palette is very soft and nice and pleasant without being too soft, where it hinders application. Lush. Love it. Special occasion like, that’s for sure. The kind of texture you want to deal with and want to have on your lids, when you are going out or having an event or whatever else you are doing, when you need to have that oh so gorgeous look.


So, there are six shades. And these six are:


A matt off white base shade


A warm golden beige with a copperish feel about it. Warm beige with golden pearl and pink golden sparkle, just a handful of it.


A warm light brown with a greige cloud hovering somewhere there. Satin in finish. Not shiny, not pearly, really, there’s more like a delicate sheen to it.


A pearly shiny and sparkly, sort of, white. An awesome shade to have as a highlighter, helps look well rested and fresh, even if you aren’t well rested and don’t feel this way at all.


A pearly pink with a copperish glow to it. Very nice. The kind of pink that’s not too artsy or too glamorous or too baby doll or too much. Understated, really, in the best possible way.


A matt brown. Eyeliner like or smoky eye like. It’s not a chocolate brown, not a warm brown, instead it’s all cool like. There’s something greige about it. It’s not even an undertone, this greige, it’s just a sensation it produces.


These are the shades.


That’s La Palette Des Reves by Lancome. The palette of dreams. It kind of is, really. And nude and smoky eyes options are all here. And here is what this palette tells me and makes me think of. Both nude and smoky eye look make sense for a special occasion look and makeup. It depends on what you like and what outfit and accessories you are wearing. This combination of brownish and pinkish shades and fresh whitish gleam and warm golden glow the palette has in it is a great special occasion makeup option. You can mix and match here, to your liking, but most importantly, to me, these shades will emphasize your natural beauty and enhance all the right things and features. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, these shades and textures are perfect frames.


And on we go. What eye product can make your eyes and look most expressive? Eyeliner. Eye pencil. Yep. Sure. We all know the difference it makes. So, it’s only natural to have it in a holiday collection and in any special occasion makeup batch. Lancome has it in the most special form here that, in my opinion, is best suited for a celebrative look and best matched to the rest of the products here. Khol.


Why do I think having a khol is nice, when it’s about a special occasion? It’s less uncompromising than just eye pencil or eyeliner. Kohl texture is usually kind of milder and can be used as both – a precision eyeliner and a softer thing that emphasizes your eyes without turning you into a cat woman or a drama queen. Not that any of the two are bad things, it’s just that we might want a different look sometimes, right?


Also, what we have here is not just khol, it’s Le Duo Khol, which means two shades in one. For starters, it’s a very compact way to have two eye pencil shades 🙂 , should you want to take this pencil with you and fit it into that tiny clutch. Also, it being a duo makes it so much more versatile. Instead of one shade, we have two shades to play with, we can mix them, layer them and do anything our heart desires, basically.


Our first shade is called 01 Paris la Nuit. That is, there actually are two shades here. One is a dark dark brown, black brown almost and classically matt satin in texture and finish, almost matt, in fact. The other one is a very light golden beige, fairy like, very nice, kind of pearly and kind of glowy, without too much shine and without any sparkle whatsoever.


More Duo Khol. This one is 02 Brun Glace. Brun Glace sounds very good. Comforting, easy, chic and everything. Soft and fluffy. Elegant. By the way, please, don’t think that only those of us, whose eyes are brown can wear brown eyeliner shades. Certain shades of brown work really well with green eyes and blue eyes too.


I’ve got to tell you, that the texture of the lighter shades in all four khol versions here is very soft, pearly and loose. While some of those caps sit pretty tight on the pencils. Good luck getting those caps off without damaging the pencil itself. My personal score is three to one. I opened three with difficulty but without incidents, eventually. And I did squish one, because I couldn’t control the cap, even though I tried.


The brownish side of the pencils is not as soft in texture, even if soft, so it goes easier with it. Be very careful with the lighter side though. It’s much softer, and hence, more vulnerable. To tell you the truth, the cap business did bother me. I wish there were an easier way to open those pencils without ruining them and then having to mould them back into shape. I don’t want to go through all the trouble every time I use them.


So, here we have a copperish brown or golden brown. This golden touch in this shade softens it up and makes it lighter and more radiant and more becoming for more people. If you are always afraid of brown being too dark, don’t worry, this shade won’t be. The lighter side here is warm golden beige. Very pearly in terms of texture. So, if you do want some pearl and shine, you’ve got it here.


Next. The third shade of Duo Khol. 03 Chene Brun. Oak Brown. I’m not sure what oak brown looks like, so I’m intrigued. Maybe, it’s a new and exciting brown shade that I’ll come to love and wear often? Who knows. That’s the best part about makeup. You never know what discoveries you are going to make with each new collection or product.


You know why I like softer eye pencil textures and lighter glowy shades like the ones here in this collection? They can add extra beauty into any makeup and any look. This touch you are looking for, when you are making up for a special occasion, a party, an event of some sort, it’s right there in this pencil for you. A couple of strokes can change the whole game.


These pearly shades, that easily get involved in light play, look equally good in dim light in restaurants and clubs and in bright light and shine in ballrooms and hotel lobbies. They totally make sense, at least, as one of your makeup tricks and points, when you are going to a wedding or a night club, believe it or not. So, don’t forget about them and take advantage of their magic that’s right there for you.


Oak, you say? I don’t know. Maybe, I don’t know oak that well 🙂 I admit, that might be the case. To my eye, this shade definitely looks chestnut, that is, it looks red brown in a way. And then it has a little bit of a sparkle in it. Golden sparkle, but just a handful, not more than that. It’s there to bring out the beauty of this red brown shade, not as much to sparkle sparkle. The lighter shade here is also very appealing. It’s a light pinkish beige. And you know how I appreciate pink undertone in beige shades. Almost always pink undertone makes them better. This pinkish beige is pearly too, just awesome.


And the last shade of kohl. What can I say about these eye pencils? So far so good. All these shades are right on the money kind of things for a celebration and looking and feeling great. This one is called 04 Hotel Particulier. Well, I think I can already guess what at least one of the shades in this duo is going to be like. If you buy Lancome makeup often enough, you can probably guess it too. No? Bear with me.


Do you know what hotel particulier actually is? Not a hotel, no. Not really. Not quite. Hotel particulier is a mansion. Or else, a townhouse. A separate standing house in the city. Hotel Particulier Monmartre is one of those. And it actually happens to be a hotel. The smallest hotel in Paris. Five suites, a restaurant and a cocktail bar. Google it, it’s pretty. When you see it, you’ll immediately know what hotel particulier means 🙂


Anyway, in Lancome world hotel particulier shades are usually purple. If you are asking yourselves, where purple comes from here amid all the brown colours, let me tell you something. Purple fits in really well here. When makeup brands just started clashing brown and purple in their collections, I was like – what’s going on? But these two colors that don’t immediately sound like they are going to have chemistry, proved to have it big time. Brown and purple combo is lush and languid. Truly sophisticated. Very special occasion like.


Ok, so here we have purple or plum, you could say, I guess. Hot and very celebratory. And just like brown, it’s not too on the nose. Womanly and elegant and all the good things. It’s surprising this purple or plum is not matched with a pinkish lighter shade, it would make sense in combination with plum. Instead it’s matched with the coolest lightest beige possible with some gold lingering there in the background. This version of beige is pearly and pretty and will work really well with that purple. So you can go from cute to hot in your makeup in a second.


Boy, these softer eye pencils are a great idea for a party, a celebration, red carpet or clubbing. And these exquisite brownish, beige and purple shades with golden and reddish and plum gleam and glow to them are just right. Don’t forget that you can play with these shades and top darker ones with pearly lighter ones or vice versa. And don’t be afraid to try the shades from this family, because they are very flattering. Just like brown, a purple eyeliner can bring out the best of your brown eyes, blue eyes and make your green eyes dangerously hot. There’s something about the combination of green eyes and purple makeup, where it clicks big time and gets the whole world to marvel at your eyes and your beauty and your dress and you shoes and… well, you know 🙂


We are not quite done with eyeshadow yet. If you are not keen on palettes and want your very own way of matching shades for you special occasion look… Or if you feel safe having your eyeshadow with you, in case you need to fix your makeup, and your clutch is so small no palette will ever fit in… 🙂 You get my point here, I’m sure. Well, here’s another way to do it. Single eyeshadow. It comes in four shades, so you can pick the ones you like.


It’s a holiday collection, so all four shades of Lancome Petit Tresor are Sparking Color. Even though it says color, it basically means ‘sparkling texture’. I say, it’s a good option for special occasions. Wouldn’t you agree? It easily and quickly gives your look that extra little something. And you really want that extra little something, when you are about to go out. At the same time, there’s not too much sparkle here. It’s more of a pearly texture with a lot of gleam and some sparkle. Very nice.


The packaging is amazing. It’s sparkling, very much so. And golden. And beautiful. Whenever you hold it in your hand, you’ll have you own special occasion right there and then. Also, this box is just so tiny. Square, narrow and chic. Once again, if space in that purse – or else, clutch – of yours is an issue, this packaging will be a great help.


Despite that box being really really miniature, it does accommodate a brush. This brush is a dual ended sponge. One side is an eyeshadow sponge classic. The other side is pointed, it’s for precision application. So, even if the brush is tiny, it’s pretty functional, and if you had to do some cosmetics on your cosmetics, you’ll be able to pull it.


The first shade we have here is called Blanc Scintillant 16. Ok, Ok, Lancome, sparkling it is, we got it 🙂 Sparking white? Interesting. There are two ways to do white eyeshadow. I love one way and am not a big fan of the other. Although the word ‘scintillant’ in the name of the shade is a good sign, as far as I’m concerned 🙂


Here it is. And it just looks so-o good. For starters, it doesn’t look too white. It looks off whitish, creamy, with a yellowish undertone in it, maybe. But this off whiteness is not over the top. The shade is still white, even if it’s off a little 🙂 All in all, it looks yummy, pleasant and wonderful. And this textured surface thing is awesome – as usual, Lancome 🙂


Wow. And wow again. Forget about special occasion. You wanna have this shade and use it much more often than just for holidays. It’s a light pearly, shiny and sparkly white. I said it more than once, I’ll say it again here – I enjoy this shade so much, because it’s a magic wand that can make you look fresh in a second. Look romantic. Look perky. Look a lot of things you might want to look from time to time. Fairy like. And very sparkly indeed, which in this case, is great.


Next, please. Brun Glace 26. Brown Glace? It sounds like a languid and posh eye shade. Browns are so underused and so right for special occasions. Womanly, hot, not too obvious. Sophisticated. And hopefully, the glace part of it and sparkling part of it all means that it’s not too dark. It’s better, if it’s not too dark.


Looking good with this pattern etched on it. Not looking pink though. More like beige with a distant pink glow to it somewhere there. Maybe. Interesting. I’m intrigued. I wonder, whether this shade is going to be more pink or more beige. Both can be good special occasion shades, given that they are satin and pearly.


This shade is an ever so light and cool golden beige. It’s like the opposite of the warm golden beige. Very light, just a breath of colour. Very pretty. Very rare. Love it. And it has the same quality about it that shiny pearly white eyeshadow has. It can help you look well rested and glow with health and high spirits. Does it have any pink in it though? Not really or just a touch.


One but last. Rose Satin 36. Satin Pink. Ok. Bring it on. Shiny lighter pinks are no less flattering than shiny whites. They hover over your look in a fairy like pink cloud emphasizing your unique eye colour, complexion, lash colour, brow colour. The key to the right pink for special occasion makeup is shine and lightness.


Looking good with this pattern etched on it. Not looking pink though. More like beige with a distant pink glow to it somewhere there. Maybe. Interesting. I’m intrigued. I wonder, whether this shade is going to be more pink or more beige. Both can be good special occasion shades, given that they are satin and pearly.


This shade is an ever so light and cool golden beige. It’s like the opposite of the warm golden beige. Very light, just a breath of colour. Very pretty. Very rare. Love it. And it has the same quality about it that shiny pearly white eyeshadow has. It can help you look well rested and glow with health and high spirits. Does it have any pink in it though? Not really or just a touch.


And the last one. Hotel Particulier 46. Yep. We’ve already talked about Hotel Particulier in this post 🙂 Told you, it’s a recurring theme for Lancome. And I’ve already mentioned that the shades that Lancome chooses to call that are usually purple. Not a bad choice. Plums go well with browns – once again. So, I hope it will be a good addition to the batch.


In fact, when plums and browns meet in one makeup and one look, they are exquisite, and there’s really something about them. They are not banal. And they have this power in them to work with your natural beauty and support it and show it off to the world. You really want to have the shades that do that 🙂


This shade is the darkest one of the four. A pearly ink purple with a very light golden sheen in it and a handful of fine golden sparkle that sometimes and under certain angles shines like silver. An awesome eyeliner shade or smoky eye shade. If matt ink purple isn’t always that flattering, this version of it is lit up from within making it beautiful, intriguing and becoming. This shade can be hotter than black smoky eyes. Try it, and you’ll see.


Party eye make up? Wedding eye makeup? Easy. With these four. The clear and sparkly white can be a base for any shade to give it a little twist. It can also top almost any eye shadow to add some gleam and glow and sparkle and all. The vintage golden like shade is a solid warm special occasion classic. The pink beige is all perky. And the purple is sultry and smoky and can be used as an eye liner. Also, the four can go together nicely in a variety of combinations. You can find your way to wear them and have some fun in the process. And then look like a diva.


We aren’t done with eye makeup products here yet. I love what I’ve seen so far. And now I wanna see what Lancome’s got in lips department. We all know how lips can make your special occasion look. Or break it, for that matter, but we’ll hope it won’t happen to us. Lancome seemed to have gone with classics here. No lip gloss or anything of the kind. Just lipstick. The ultimate lip colour product. The ultimate special occasion lip colour product. Ok, I’m ready to see it 🙂


This isn’t just lipstick. This is the newest formula by Lancome in lipstick world. L’Absolu Rouge Hydrating Shaping Lipcolor. Hydrating and shaping all in one, huh? Really? To me, it’s kind of contradictory. Hydrating products usually give my lips a comfy cushiony feel. While shaping products are kind of harder, maybe, not literally, but more on the sensation level, and they try to do something to my lips 🙂 Which to me, is not the most comfortable feeling ever.


This isn’t just lipstick. This is the newest formula by Lancome in lipstick world. L’Absolu Rouge Hydrating Shaping Lipcolor. Hydrating and shaping all in one, huh? Really? To me, it’s kind of contradictory. Hydrating products usually give my lips a comfy cushiony feel. While shaping products are kind of harder, maybe, not literally, but more on the sensation level, and they try to do something to my lips 🙂 Which to me, is not the most comfortable feeling ever.


In terms of texture, we have two textures here, really. Cream – lipstick classic, that is. And matt – the new thing that’s super popular in makeup world right now. Hydrating matt texture? I don’t know 🙂 If Lancome pulled it, I would be stunned. Usually, there’s not much comfort in matt lip colour texture. We’ll see though.


I’m scent sensitive, very much so, and in the previous reincarnation of L’Absolu Rouge by Lancome I liked the texture, but was no big fan of the scent. It’s not that it was unpleasant, certainly, not. It was just too strong for me. So, I was keeping my fingers crossed, hoping it’s gone or subdued now, but… sure enough, the strong powdery makeupey scent is still here. So, I can only hope that it won’t bother you 🙂


The design is magnificent though. Once again, it’s a classic. A black lacquered tube with a metal golden top with famous Lancome rose logo. I love it 🙂 Anyway, the first shade I’m going to show you comes in cream texture. It’s pretty much what we’ve come to expect on hearing cream texture, full coverage plus traditional satiny sheen.


The shade is called 132 Caprice. Ok, caprice, whim, lipstick. Makes sense 🙂 It’s a great take on a special occasion classic. Raspberry. Or is it? I’d say, yes, mostly, but it’s not as simple as that. Don’t get what I’m talking about here? Let’s look into it.


Raspberry or no raspberry, but here it is. Well, for starters, raspberry lip shades are splendid for special occasions. They are not as linear as red ones, not as common as red ones, but no less bright and hot. And celebratory. And striking in a good way.


The shade we are talking now – Caprice – is raspberry like. There’s definitely pink there and there’s definitely red there. You might like it, if you like any of the two, or if you like a mix. I like a little shine on raspberry shades, it becomes them, it’s like it’s dewy raspberry. And that’s exactly what this shade is like. Nice.


There’s something about this fun berry shade, that makes it a great option for special occasions. It’s not as serious as red. There’s a fun little twist in it, giving it freshness and energy, that red lip might lack a little by now. So, if you want to shake it up a notch, it’s always a good idea to swap your red lipstick for raspberry.


Ok, so, our next two shades come in matt texture. Remember? Well, here’s a piece of good news for you. Or not. Depends on how you look at it and what you like. Matt texture is not dead on matt here. It has its own satiny sheen to it, only it’s much more delicate and subdued than the sheen in cream finish. Trust me, this touch of sheen makes a difference in matt textures and makes them so much more becoming. Please, see more on how to treat matt lip colour here Matt lip colour: the catches


The shade is called 189 Isabella. And in case you were wondering – on seeing that raspberry shade and knowing we are mostly talking special occasions here 🙂 – when you’ll finally see red lip colour in his post, Ok, Ok, I admit, you are right, there’s no escape from red lip, when we are talking celebrations 🙂 , so here goes.


And even if Isabella is red, it’s definitely different from cream raspberry Caprice. If Caprice is a mix of red and pink, then this shade here is a mix of red and orange. Orange is just an undertone, but it’s definitely there, making red get a little bit off the beaten classic red lip track. And then there’s the finish. Less satiny.


Reds rule the world. Reds rule red carpets. Reds rule special occasion makeup. Red lip is a classic for one simple reason. Because it works. In most cases. And it’s going to look great with those shiny and pearly eyeshadow colours. You know, the light ones. The contrast of light and dark and glowy and matt is exciting.


And the last lip shade in this collection. It also comes in matt texture. Don’t forget though that this texture by Lancome in particular has a little bit more sheen to it than matt lip colour usually does. As far as I’m concerned, it’s for the better 🙂 Now see how you feel about it. Hopefully, as positive. Anyway…


The shade is called 393 Rose Rose. So, it’s like pink and more pink J Not too long ago pink lip colour wasn’t really that common in special occasion makeup. It’s no surprise though, that it made it there quite successfully. I mean, pink lip can probably beat red lip in popularity.


Because some of us consider red lip too bright, while the variety of pink shades out there can almost suit any taste. Almost. Anyway, pink is an interesting, softer, more subdued match for all those chocolate eye shades. For all the greiges and purples and golds. Pairing those up with pink lip is a more modern way to go. It’s bolder than red or raspberry, believe it or not 🙂


The shade is not just pink, it’s a warm pink. Ouch. It’s ever so hard to make warm pinks work period, and even more so, when they are matt texturewise. Seriously, there are very few people who can pull it. I mean, matt cool pinks are easier, not easy, but easier and more universal, while warm pinks are super tough. If you really want to wear this shade, you’ll have to work ever so hard for it and build your whole makeup and even look, maybe, around it.


That’s our lip shades. I agree conceptually with what we see in this special occasion collection by Lancome. Red, yes, by all means. Raspberry – why not, a good idea. Pink – certainly. I’d skip the matt finish though in pink and, maybe, red and do a classic cream finish or a shiny and lip glossy finish, for that matter. Also, cool pinks are safer, generally speaking. So, if you don’t wear warm pinks in real life, you probably don’t want to start wearing them on the day, when everything should be perfect, even more so than usual.


The last but not the least. Nail colour. If you are going to have not just a day but a big day in your life, you probably wanna look not only head to toe perfect. You wanna look tips to toes perfect. Well, and picture perfect, of course. Anyway, you know where I’m going with that. Manicures matter, when you are going out. Moreover, manicure shades also matter. Luckily, Lancome has some very good options to choose from here.


Here’s the first shade.


Blanc Scintillant 161


White. Right. Shiny white is probably the first shade that comes to mind, when we are talking tender and romantic special occasions.


This white in particular is pearly and glowy. And a little textured. Foil like. Very interesting. I’ve never seen anything quite like it yet.


It’s an elegant shade that’s been around for a while with a little modern and artsy twist to it. Love it.


And even though it’s foil like in its texture, it’s not rough feeling to the touch. Just a little, maybe. But not too much, which I appreciate.


This shade is snowy, if you think of it as a holiday collection shade. And it’s just pretty and neat and well groomed and even more so shade, if you think of it as a celebratory shade.


Shiny whites – and all their variations – pearly, metallic, sparkly, sheer, glowy – are very simple, elegant and very special. They rock for special occasions.




Paris en Rose 361


It’s not quite a nail shade. It’s a top coat that can bring a festive feel into any nail colour out there. And that’s rare.


This Paris in pink or Paris through pink glasses is not really pink, which is not a bad thing, given the amount of pink nail shades out there.


Instead it’s languid plumish. Although, there’s a pink feel about it, but only a feel. The combination of the two is exciting.


There’s no colour in this shade, really, it’s just sheer glossy. And the glitter particles in it are bigger and hexagon and then smaller and uneven.


Altogether it gives you a nice touch and a fun sprinkling for a lot of shades you might want to wear.


Glitter top coat is a good idea for special occasion manicure. It’s easy to do and can be that zest you are trying to come up with for your look that’s far from everyday and ordinary.


One but last.


Brun Glace 261


See how well this collection is put together? How all the shades and textures and products correspond here? That’s exactly what you want in a special occasion look.


Anyway, this shade is amazing. It’s so warm and enveloping and hot without being over the top or anything.


It’s a comfortable special occasion shade. Now, let me ask you something. Do you often feel comfortable in your special occasion gear?


Heels, that is, tiny purses, fluffy skirts? Yeah, I know 🙂 So, a comfy shade on your nails can help you have a little bit of a relief in the middle of all the commotion.


This shade is golden beige with a pink gleam in it now and again. It’s pearly. But most importantly, it’s absolutely fabulous.


Red carpet look? Easy, if you wear this shade. It will give you the softness and the lush sensation you are looking for. It definitely will.


And the last one.


Hotel Particulier 461


We all know by now, what Hotel Partilulier shade by Lancome is going to be like, right? Something purple is coming our way.


I’ve already told you how browns are ever so nice for special occasions, and how purples are just such a good match for browns.