Chanel Les Intemporel Makeup Collection 2015

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This is a mini make up collection, that’s an homage to the ever so famous Chanel handbag, probably, the first handbag that comes to mind, when we think Chanel.


This is the handbag it’s all about.


So, what do we have in this make up collection?

Just an eyeshadow palette and one nail polish shade.

It’s a truly mini collection 🙂


I have to say, that in real life the five eyeshadow shades look kind of darker, more sultry than in the photos with all the studio light and photo flash on them. It can be for the worse or for the better, depending on your taste, I just want to call it to your attention.


So, let’s go through the shades here. Left to right.



The first one – the one that looks gold in the photos – is not really gold 🙂 It’s more of a beige gold with some very fine sparkle in it. I like it a lot. It’s a nice everyday shade, and it’s good for matching it up with other shades in the palette or using it as a base or top for them. If it were yellower, rather than beige goldish, I’d be ecstatic. I love pearly shiny light yellow eyeshadows and nail polishes.

Next is the greyish green shade. It’s greyish, but in the end it’s definitely a shade of green. It’s kind of pearly, but not too much. Actually, it’s the most interesting one – I didn’t say wearable one, I said interesting one 🙂 – in the palette. Smoky eyes, maybe? Hmm… Use it as an eyeliner? Hmm… This shade got me excited. Good job, Chanel Les Intemporel 🙂 If one shade in the palette is exciting, it’s already good in my world. There’s so much out there on the market, it’s hard to get your customers’ attention. My favourite shade in this palette, it inspires me, the mysterious green.

Next comes the charcoal grey. An uncompromising, straightforward, take-no-hostages charcoal grey. No pearl, no sparkle, nothing, just dark grey. Okaaay. No surprise or excitement on my part here.

Next we have a dark plum shade. All the same things I said above about the charcoal grey, apply to this one too. No sparkle, no pearl, just plum. Left me as indifferent as the charcoal grey.

And the last one – pearly white with sparkles. Nothing to write home about. Like the beige gold one would be good as a base or a top shade.

All in all, I like this palette, it’s design is beautiful, shades are practical, and I love that green shade.

Now to the nail polish.



It’s silvery. Very silvery. Very very silvery and pearly and shiny.


Just recently I’ve been thinking – how come no luxury brands have a silvery nail polish in their range? Not Chanel, not Dior, not Guerlain, not Dolce&Gabbana, not Burberry, not YSL… Just think about it. None. Zero. No silvery nail polish. Why? I don’t know. A lot of brands have grey nail polish, but not silver. Now grey nail polish is a subject of a separate post that I’ll be sure to write, already writing, in fact. I obviously was thinking about lack of silver nail polish shades in luxury make up market, because I wanted one 🙂 It’s the shade I can use in my life quite a bit, I think, and I want one in my nails wardrobe. Now that’s quite different from golden nail polish shades that have just been all around us and everywhere in Christmas collections. I have several of them now. And just when I was thinking about this weird silver nail polish deficit, this mini make up collection showed up in in Chanel beauty boutique. And I got it. So, Chanel in this case directly answered my need for a silver nail polish shade, and I’m very grateful and excited, although I’m sure, that’s not exactly what they were going for and not why they released this mini make up collection 🙂

Now, please, beware, like all super pearly nail polishes and like a lot of silvery polishes, this shade can get very streaky. It takes practice to apply it nicely. Practice makes perfect, you know, applies to a lot of things in life. I’m going to write a post about manicure products and why I need them or not need them, there I’m going to talk about how to mitigate, minimize and disguise the streakiness.

I need to point out here, that this Chanel Les Intemporel mini collection – both eye shadow palette and nail polish – is a really limited edition and will only be available in few stores.

Also, I’d like to compare here Chanel Intemporel (doesn’t have a number) nail polish from this collection to Chanel Paradisio 645 nail polish from Chanel Reverie Parisienne spring 2015 make up collection. By the way, the post about Chanel Reverie Parisienne collection is on its way. It will be up here this week 🙂 I was wondering what ‘Paradisio’ means, it looks like it means ‘paradise, heaven’, but word ‘paradisio’ is not really to be found in any language 🙂 I suspect, it’s some sort of a combination of ‘Purgatorio’ (Italian for ‘purgatory’) and ‘Paradiso’ (Italian for ‘paradise’) from Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’.




Having compared them, I have to tell you, that only a make up addicted maniac – and I might be one – will be able to tell the difference 🙂 Don’t be deceived by the fact, that Paradisio looks blueish, it’s not blue and has no blue in it. It’s just a shade lighter than Intemporel. Both shades are silvery pearly grey. Very close, no need to go to all lengths to get both. As for me, I now have two shades of silver nail polish, that I was after and that I was missing, and I’m quite happy.

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