Nails Memories: Chanel Graphite 529

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Chanel Graphite 529

Green, grey and a little bit of blue, all in one. Pearly.


Remember? Oh, sweet memories… 🙂

Graphite is in the middle. It’s from Chanel Le Vernis for Fall 2011

Time flies. It came with two other beautiful nail polish shades

Quartz and Peridot. Quartz is coffee-and-milk pearly shade. So

chic. So elegant. I like this coffee-and-milk shade in nail polish.

Peridot is a gorgeous yellowish green. Also high pearly, like all

three shades from this collection. Love it. Love them all.

Speaking of how times fly, I have to say, that Chanel nail polish

is really high quality. Just think about it, it’s been more than three

years now, and the nail polish is still in tact and in good shape.

Kudos, Chanel 🙂

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