Escada Turquoise Summer EDT

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Yet another limited edition of a fun summer EDT from Escada. The box is very summery, very turquoise and very Escada. Just looking at the package I feel like I’m getting a boost of energy. Escada says we have wild berries for a top note, violet for a heart note and vanilla for a base note. I have to say, the only thing I feel in this fragrance is strawberry with just a glimpse of pineapple in the background, which is a good thing, because I hate pineapple, and if there were more of it, I wouldn’t be able to wear this fragrance, period. As it is, I quite like it. It’s a nice summery mix. And it’s what to be expected from this range by Escada. Yet again, I love this packaging.

My favourite one from this range was Sexy Graffiti, that was loaded with berries, and berries are what I happen to like a lot in perfumes. I did appreciate the limited edition from last year in this range too. Remember? Cherry in the Air by Escada.


Its a mix of marshmallow – dessert notes are another thing I love in perfume, if it’s done right – and cherries is awesome and fun. Love it, use it, have two bottles 🙂 Turquoise Summer this year hasn’t impressed me that much, but I still like it.

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