Chanel spring 2015 collection Collection Reverie Parisienne

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Reverie Parisienne – Parisian dreams. Let’s see what Chanel brings us this spring, what their Parisian dreams are like.

This promo photo from Chanel website is so beautiful.


The collection does look very spring like indeed.

First we have a blush palette Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose. It’s a limited edition, and it’s awesome. It looks so gorgeous. This design alone makes me wanna buy it and use it. Such a cute pink lining on the box 🙂



And inside it…



This blush pretty much doesn’t give much color, couldn’t even do any swatches, because the color just doesn’t show on skin. It gives your cheeks just a touch of a healthy rosy glow. I like that.

Now to something I don’t like. The smell. It’s overpowering. Absolutely overpowering. I can’t say it’s unpleasant, but I’m sensitive to aroma in make up, and it’s too much for me. So, love the looks and feel of this blush, don’t appreciate the smell. The looks win though – I got it 🙂

There’s another blush in this collection joues contraste powder blush 190 Angelique.


It’s not a limited edition, this shade will join the permanent range, it’s a coral shade. I didn’t get this blush for exactly the reason I stated above dwelling on Jardin de Chanel Blush – I find the smell of Chanel blush to be too much. I think though, this shade is a nice addition to lip colours and eyeshadows in this collection.

Next we have two eyeshadow palettes: 236 Tisse Fantasie and 238 Tisse Paris. Both are limited editions.


I’ve skipped on eyeshadow palettes in several past Chanel make up collections, because I just didn’t find them interesting or exciting enough. But these palettes got my attention immediately, especially Tisse Paris.

Let’s take a closer look at the both eyeshadow palettes here.

Tisse Paris 238 first.


In it we have left to right (although these shades are so tender they are very hard to capture in a swatch):


a kind of shiny light pink,

a darker purplish pink,

a charcoal grey that’s more like an eyeliner than like an eyeshadow and

a shiny light yellowish shade, that’s more like white in real life.

Now, that’s a pity, if this shade were really light yellow, I’d be beyond myself with joy J Still, this palette is very nice, very spring like, it’s the kind of make up you can actually use for a lot of various occasions. I like it.

In Tisse Fantasie 236 we have left to right:



a warm shiny pink with a touch of orange to it,

a shiny white that can be used as a base for all other shades,

a shiny satiny green with a touch of yellow in it and

a warm chocolate brown, that’s more like an eyeliner.

This palette feels like a heavier make up kind of stuff, maybe, for going out or something. It’s pretty. Especially it will become ladies with hazel eyes. The palette looks good.

In this collection we have eight – eight! – lip shades in all kind of Chanel textures.


By the look of this collection, it seemed to me, it was a big promise in terms of vibrant orangey reds. Well, I got disappointed on that one. The shades are more coral or coral pink, if anything, than red. Pity.

Still we have: Rouge Allure in 154 Badine and 152 Insaisissable.


Badine is a light pink with a touch of peach in it. It’s not shiny, a nude like shade. Very wearable.



Badine  is on the left, Insaisissable is on the right.


Insaisissable (on the right) is what seemed to be reddish, but proved to be on the coral or pink coral side of things.



Then we have two Rouge Allure Velvets: 49 la Petillante and 50 la Romanesque.


La Petillante is a rosy purple shade.



La Petillante is on top, La Romanesque is on the bottom.


La Romanesque is a sultry purple.


Next come two Rouge Coco Shines: 98 Etourdie and 97 Desinvolte.


Again, it’s coral (Etourdie) and purple (Desinvolte), only in Rouge Coco Shine like more transparent texture.





Etourdie is on top and on the left. Desinvolte is on the right and on the bottom.


Finally, we have two lip glosses: 194 Crazy Fuchsia and 192 Fleur d’eau.


Crazy Fuchsia is Fuchsia only in a very crazy kind of world. In real world it’s a very purple fuchsia.


Fleur d’eau is that coral shade we’ve seen all through lipsticks in this collection.


In the swatches here Crazy Fuchsia is on the left and on top. Fleur d’eau is on the right and on the bottom.


As you can see, Crazy Fuchsia is more sheer, Fleur de eau is more transparent.

There are also two le crayon levres. I don’t generally use lip liners, they just don’t work for me, generally speaking. But this collection 91 Rose Delicat (warm pink) and 92 Capucine (vibrant coral) are matched to all the lipsticks and lip glosses shades of the collection so well, that I’m lured to buy them.


Capucine is on top here, Rose Delicat is on the bottom.

And then there’s a stylo yeux in 912 Ardoise.


It’s dark grey, so, it’s not really fun to me, and I didn’t get it.

To round up the collection there are three nail polish shades, all limited editions: 641 Tenderly, 643 Desirio, 645 Paradisio.


Tenderly 641 is a dusty lavender.


Those who don’t use lavender shades might actually use this elegant version of this shade.


Those who don’t use lavender shades might actually use this elegant version of this shade.

Desirio 643 is a vibrant fuchsia.


Nothing new here, I’ve definitely seen that in other brands.


Paradisio 645 is light pearly silver. I’ve been waiting for a silver nail polish from luxury brands for a while now, so I like this.



All in all, it’s a nice spring collection with a lot of wearable shades. It’s elegant. If only it were not for the whole big coral instead of vibrant red lip shades disappointment…

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