Chanel 727 Lavanda nail polish from Chanel Mediterranee 2015

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It’s summer time! Well, not really, not just yet, but summer make up collections are already coming our way. Here’s a sneak peek into what summer will bring. Lavanda nail shade by Chanel.






Now I have to say, when I hear ‘lavanda’ I expect something a little bit brighter. I mean, it’s not really an off black purple shade, that are out there in abundance and often show up as limited editions too. This one is brighter, so it’s good. But not bright enough for me. For summer, personally, I’d like a happier purple. It’s good news though for those who’ve been thinking – what? Lavender? You gotta be kidding me! No way! Whatever happened to class and elegance?? Well, guys, I think you can try it and wear it and are probably going to like it. For those who like bright purple shades (like me) this just isn’t bright up to the bright purple mark. Still I’d use this shade. Maybe, not in summer though. It is classy and will look good in fall.


BTW, the quality of this shade is Chanel like, really good. The best nail polish formula out there, in my opinion. Well, the pearly shades will have to be excluded from this assessment though, I’m afraid. On the other hand, there are just no pearly shades released yet in luxury market that I’m happy with. Still looking.


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