Bobby Brown Hot Collection Spring 2015

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Bobby Brown Hot Collection Spring 2015

It’s hot and… nude. I have to tell you, I’m a little bit tired of nudes by Bobby Brown. I do realize that there are people out there, who use nude shades only. C’mon though – all the time? Really? Never a bright shade in the rotation? Not to a party? Or a club? What about the other part of population, who do like some variety and bright colour? Now that said, I think this Hot Nudes eye shadow palette is well done. I love a bit brighter pink thrown in it among the nudes. See? What I’ve been telling you? Give me something, just something among all the muted tones, and it makes me feel happier already, or else not so bored 🙂 Anyway, here’s the collection and in it we’ve got:

Hot nudes eye palette.


IMG_0402 Копия IMG_0405


The eye shadow is typically Bobby Brown, applies nice and easy. Now let’s talk shades.





First the top left to right.


First we have an off white shade, that can be used as a base for all the other shades.


Next comes the chocolate brown with golden sparkle in it. Pretty cool and pretty dark. Use it as an eye liner, maybe?


Then we have the pink I’ve been talking about. It’s not bright. It’s a nice kind of pink that even those can try, who’ve never pictured themselves trying pink eye shadow before. Beautiful. BTW, it has some sparkle in it too, that looks like a combination of silver and a little bit of gold, maybe.


Then we have a highly metallic silvery grege. I love this shade. It will look sooo good. That’s another shade that makes me like this palette a lot.


Now the bottom row left to right.


A nice warm matt beige.


A darker beige with a little bit of golden glow to it.


Another matt beige, only cooler.


And a black matt eye liner shade. Those who are really bold can try this for smokey eyes look. And once it’s combined with the grege with its sparkle… Although, I’m sure you can come up with some gorgeous combinations yourselves 🙂


A double ended brush comes with this palette. Attention, please, both ends are eye shadow. So you’ll need an eye liner brush to use the black and the chocolate brown as an eye liner.


Really good job on this palette. It can be used in summer too, not just in spring.



Next in the collection we have three blush palettes, three blush shades in each.



Berry Cheek Palette





The three shades left to right are as follows:




A nice plum.


Bronze that’s intended as a highlighter.


Kind of medium pink, not too pale, not too bright.



Pink Cheek Palette





A nice pink.


A golden kind of highlighter shade.


A warmer pale pink.



Calypso Cheek Palette


Now I have to tell you, I don’t like coral blush shades, although they look good on me :-), but I just don’t like them, can’t help it. This palette made me happy, because orange shades in it are kind of pinkish, not a hundred percent orangey coral. It means, coral lovers should be forewarned and careful. This might just not be orange enough for me. Here we have:







A kind of coral with a pinkish undertone, it’s a pretty bright shade.


And in between bronze and gold highlighter shade.


Pale kind of coral with a pinkish undertone, it’s a pretty pale shade.


Next on out Hot Nudes list are three Art Sticks. Typical art sticks that give you a classy matt thick even lip coverage.






Each Bobby Brown Art Stick has a pencil sharpener in it.



This spring there are three shades in the collection.


Hot Berry 9








I’m confused. It’s doesn’t look or swatch as berry. It is a bright fuchsia shade, a bright vibrant pink with a blue undertone.


Hot Pink 10





This is so close to Hot Berry one doesn’t need to get both shades, unless you’re as crazy about fuchsia shades as me. Look closely.



The only guidance I can give you here is that this hot bright pink is more pink and less fuchsia, that is has less blue in it. Still it’s so close I’m not sure why both got released in the collection. Although I have to say I did benefit from it 🙂 Maybe, there are just so many people like me who’re so much into fuchsia and bright pinks, that marketing department of brands are well aware of it.


Hot Orange 11





A nice darker orange shade. An elegant orange. Really nice.


Let’s see the swatches for all three. Top to bottom:

Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Hot Berry



Last but not least there are three Sheer lip colour shades. Sheer and shiny wet lip look. Although you can layer it, so that it looks shiny, but has a pretty thick coverage. I like sheer lipsticks, in Bobby Brown formula I love the comfortable feel on the lips. But to my taste, I’d like it to be more sheer and have more shine. But the feel on the lips is worth it.




Berry 22

Now this is really berry.



Pink 23

A bright vibrant fuchsia pink.



Orange 24

A typically summery bright vibrant orange shade.



That’s the collection. All hot and nude 🙂



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