Deborah Lippmann Drops of Brandy lipstick & Glamorous Life nail polish

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Just recently I’ve been lamenting about the lack of shiny metallic nail polish out on the luxury market that doesn’t streak and can give you a nice look and applies easily enough.

Guess what, I pulled out an old Christmas Deborah Lippmann set ‘Putin’ on the Ritz’ and realized I finally got what I wanted.









This set contains Drops of Brandy lipstick that is super comfortable on the lips and is sheer enough, just the way I like it. No fragrance too, just right, amazing. Love it. Going to wear it more.









Here’s how it swatches. It’s pretty sheer, but can be layered some.




What was even more amazing to me is the metallic nail polish shade from this set – Glamorous life.




It’s not like it doesn’t require any work when being applied. It does like all nail polishes of the kind. But the performance and the result are so much better than in any metallic nail polishes by luxury brands I’ve tried.





Finally, finally I get what want in nail polish. It also lasts spectacularly. Several days. Doesn’t chip. This nail polish is awesome, I just can’t sing enough praises to it. I’m going out and ordering more of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes right now.

P.S. And more lipsticks and…

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