Chanel 707 Mediterranee nail polish

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It’s a spectacular aqua summer shade. It’s creamy, no shimmer.




The formula is a typically great Chanel nail polish formula. To me, it’s the best on the luxury market. The only one that’s as so good is Deborah Lippman. In fact, Deborah Lippmann’s formula is even better, when it comes to metallic shades.

Anyway, this is an elegant aqua nail polish shade, no sparkle in it. If you’ve never tried aqua or turquoise nail polish shades, this is the one you might try, because it’s muted, it’s not a crazy neon bright shimmery turquoise 🙂



I happen to like turquoise and aqua nail polishes a lot, and it’s always great to have one by Chanel. Here’s a comparison to Chanel 551 Coco Blue, so that you can see how much darker Mediterranee is.


Mediterranee reminded me a little of Nirvana 704 by Dior limited edition nail polish shade back from 2011. Only Nirvana is leaning more towards green, and Mediterranee is leaning more towards blue.




Also, it’s close to YSL Vert d’Orient, although Vert d’Orient is definitely more green. Mediterranee has more blue in it.



All in all, Mediterranee by Chanel is a well balanced, mature and exquisite kind of aqua shade.

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