Clarins Aquatic Treasures 2015: mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow

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Summer is coming. This year Clarins came up with a great name for its summer make up collection: Aquatic treasures. It reminds of traveling, exotic destinations, beaches, flower pattern dresses, bright sandals, warmth and all the things we love about summer seasons. Somehow, Clarins are the ones who often manage to come up with names for their collections, that sound most inspiring to me.

First thing in this collection by Clarins we have a new waterproof mascara 03 aquatic green.





It’s a beautiful aqua, not too bright, a nice deep aqua shade. It’s so summery, a sultry aqua 🙂





Next we have an eyeliner. Or else an eye pencil 05 aquatic green.





It’s soft, applies easily, a pretty shiny aqua shade, lighter than that of the mascara. It’s waterproof too, which might be important in summer.






Here’s aquatic green eye pencil on top and  aquatic green mascara on the bottom.




And, finally, here’s new iridescent creamy eyeshadow.




The eyeshadow is soft, application is flawless, you can intensify the colour by layering it. It does everything I expect from creamy eyeshadow. You can quickly use it on you eyelids and go and look gorgeous. It has a nice shine to it too. Not too much. The eyeshadow comes in three shades, which are said to be limited edition:


01 aquatic rose




Now I’m confused as to why this shade is called rose. It’s more beige with a golden shimmer to it. To my eye there’s nothing rose about it. Unless this is what is universally accepted as rose in the aquatic world 🙂


02 aquatic green




It’s a beautiful iridescent aqua. Love this shade. If you like aqua and turquoise, you’ll really like this. And those who are afraid to use it, because they think it’s too bright, might try this, because they can layer it as thinly as they like. It’s easier to do so with creamy eyeshadows.


03 aquatic grey




A medium dark grey shade, not too light, not too dark. It’s also sparkly, like all of them. A nice, comfortable and wearable shade. Can be used as an eyeliner too. Can be combined with other two shades in the collection for a more sophisticated clubby look.


Here are the swatches left to right: aquatic grey, aquatic rose, aquatic green:



And here are the swatches of the whole range of make up I’ve talked about here, top to bottom:

aqua grey eyeshadow,

aqua rose eyeshadow,

aqua green eyeshadow,

aquatic green eye pencil,

aquatic green mascara.



There are also six lip balm shades, the ones from this spring: 01 Rose, 02 Coral, 03 My Pink, 04 Orange, 05 Red, 06 Rosewood.

A black waterproof mascara 01 Intense Black and eye pencil 01 Black.

Then there’s a limited edition bronzer Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact. I rarely use bronzers, and if I do, I only use them as highlighters, and get only the ones that impress me big time.

Also we have a bronzing base Instant Light Complexion Base Radiance Boosting 04 Apricot and 05 Golden Caramel limited edition shades. I didn’t get it for the same reason. Don’t really need the bronzing part of it.

And last on the list there’s Clarins Fix’ Make-up refreshing mist Long lasting hold. It can come in handy in summer for those who’ll spend a lot of time on the beach or at the pool.

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