Chanel Mediterranee Collection Summer 2015 swatched

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Let’s start with the illuminating powder – Lumiere d’Ete.







The flower thing, that we’ve already seen in Chanel blush this spring continues in this awesome bronzer.



Now I don’t even use bronzers that much. My skin is not pale. But this is a product I admire both in terms of its design and texture and shade too.




This is the most beautiful bronzer shade I’ve ever seen. Period. It’s not too yellow, not too brown, not too orange. By looking at it I can see the true meaning of the widely used ‘sun kissed skin’ expression. I’m going to use it as a highlighter.



Anyone who needs a touch of healthy tan might benefit from this product by Chanel. This is a limited edition, so hurry up, if you want it.


Next we have five new shades of stylo eyeshadow.




We’ve seen these already in Chanel L’Ete Papillon in 2013. Remember that panoply of colour? Now we have more shades of those. The thing I like about this eyeshadow in summer is this cool effect it gives you on your lids. It’s great for hot summers. The texture is nice too, great for creamy eyeshadows, in fact, that oftentimes flatly refuse to cooperate and give us a smooth enough application. Anyway, let’s see the shades, there are a couple of surprises in there – at least, I was surprised.   Let’s see the shades top to bottom.






First we have 107 Campanule.






Now that was a surprise. It’s lilac. A really nice shade, not too dark, not too light. What was surprising is that this shade does have some sparkle too it, but it’s not pearly. Somehow I expected from this stylo eyeshadow by Chanel that it’s going to be pearly, metallic, but it’s not 🙂   It’s not that I’m disappointed, just didn’t really see that coming. I guess it’s because of my experience with stylo eyeshadow by Chanel back from 2013, which was all metallic. This shade is a great match for the eye liner Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 997 Orchidée and the Lavender nail polish from this collection. If you like this stylo eyeshadow, you might want to take a look at those.


Also there’s 117 Azulejo.





It’s a pretty blue, also not really pearly, very well balanced, very nice. It can be matched up very efficiently with 707 Mediterranee nail polish.


127 Laurier Rose is a pearly noble rose, not too pinkish or girlish, it’s elegant.





It will be a good thing to wear on your eyes will all the nice Rouge Coco Shine shades from this collection.


Then comes 137 Olivine.





It’s all in the name, it’s olive, once again, not a summery crazed neon and vibrant, but an adult subdued shade that ladies can wear. It’s not metallic either.


Last on our stylo eyeshadow list is 147 Caroube.






It’s like you take grege and then make it really dark and a touch more brown. This shade will look spectacular on hazel eyed beauties. It’s so beautiful. Its counterpart nail polish 697 Terrana is my favourite piece in the whole collection, but we’ll talk about it, when we get there. So far let me ask you – have you ever thought about steering away from the classical nails + lips = same shade formula and do nails + eyeshadow = same shade? I do it all the time. I developed this habit because of yellow and green and blue and all kinds of nail polish shades I wear, that just won’t be any good in lipstick 🙂 Believe me, this new formula works as good as the classical one. So, I like this combination of shades in this Chanel summer collection.


By the way, once you’ve started naming your stylo eyeshadow by flower and trees, that is, plant names: Campanula, Laurier Rose, Caroube… I don’t get, where all the minerals (Olivine) and Spanish or Postuguese tilework (Azulejo) come from. Is it just me? I don’t know.   There’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 997 Orchidée to round up your eye make up this summer.












It’s a happy lavender. Bright without going over the top. Here’s how it’s a perfect match with Campanula stylo eyeshadow.



These are all summer eye shades by Chanel put together in one and the same swatch.



Moving on here to six lip shades for this summer: four in Rouge Coco Shine and two in Levres Scintillantes Glossimer. The four Rouge Coco Shines are as follows: bottom to top in the swatch.






Reveuse 477 (the lowest one in the swatch) is such a delicate beige you almost can’t see it and have to layer it on to get the colour.












It’s this touch of shine on your lips for summer without them looking all dolled up.


Next comes Amorosa 487 which is the same shade, basically, but a little bit bolder, darker.









It’s a great match for my favourite 697 Terrana nail polish and 147 Caroube stylo eyeshadow. It’s a shiny nude shade.


Then we have 497 Intrepide. It’s a cute and subdued pink, that makes me wanna scream: you call that intrepide?








It’s more like a shy little flower pinkish beigey nude tone, honestly.


And last but not least, there’s 507 Insoumise.








Now that’s pretty bold. It’s a coral leaning to red shade. Try pairing it up with 457 Allegria lip gloss and 717 Coquelicot nail polish from the same collection for a classy my-lips-and-nails-are-one-shade look. I love shiny lipsticks, and this is one of the best, it’s so soft and soothing and nice on the lips. Love it.


When will we get to the lip gloss? That’s what a lot of people must be thinking in summer, when we especially appreciate light textures in our make up. Well, here you go, guys, two great shades are coming your way.









447 Rose Paradis is just what it sounds. It’s a bright pink. Very summery. I just can’t help imagining a bikini and wet hair somewhere around this shade 🙂






And then there’s 457 Allegria. It’s a bright coral leaning toward red. Remember 507 Insoumise lipstick? If you like wearing gloss on top of your lipstick, these two were made for each other. And, obviously, 717 Coquelicot nail polish was made for them both.





The texture is Chanel like, it’s on the thicker side. All I can say, it’s a good lip gloss. If you’ve tried it, you know what I mean.


Finally finally we get to nail polish. If you like nail polish as much as I do, you’ve been waiting for this moment to come from the first line of this post. Well, I hope you’ll like these four nail polish shades Chanel presents this summer. I like them quite a bit and have a favourite of the whole collection here.   First, 727 Lavanda is a darker lavender shade, it’s not your usual cute lilac kind of thing or vamp dark off black purple.





It’s an elegant shade, dark enough not to be too bright, something that can persuade you to wear this kind of shade for the first time in your life, if you never have. That’s what disappointed me. I want something more vibrant for the summer. I don’t mind it in the eyeshadow and eyeliner, but I somehow expected this to be just brighter, really.





This shade is from 107 Campanule stylo eyeshadow and Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 997 Orchidée family. I’m putting it aside till fall, might like it more then.


Then we have 707 Mediterranee.





This shade shares the name with the collection itself. It’s aqua. A nice aqua. Not too vibrant, not too bright, not too light in colour, it’s an elegant aqua – and I’ve never thought it exists 🙂 I’ve always thought of it as of a happy summery shade. So, this is something new.





I happen to love blue and green shades in nail polish. This shade is just awesome. I wanna wear it – in summer, fall, winter and spring 🙂


717 Coquelicot that I’ve already mentioned a couple of times didn’t impress me first, when I first saw the collection description. In fact, it got me all bored. I thought – yet another summer coral shade.





But this shade surprised me big time. It’s a very bright coral, and once again, it’s an adult kind of coral, an elegant coral, it’s leaning towards red. It’s more like fiery red, actually.





Love it. Ordered two more bottles of this shade, as I want it to really last for me 🙂


And, finally, this is what I love about this collection. What I love is something new. I mean, there’s a little bit of a ‘we’ve seen it all’ feeling in the make up world, as anywhere else. This shade is something different. It’s weird, so you might not enjoy it as much as I do or agree with me. Still, here it is, the amazing 697 Terrana.





It’s like if you made grege darker than it is. And then made it pearly, metallic. It’s not brown, it’s not grey, not silver, not quite grege. It’s so beautiful. I’m in love. I seriously don’t think I have this shade in my nail polish. And that tells you something, given its size 🙂





Chanel, thank you for surprising me this summer. You have my respect 🙂


P.S. By the way, I’ve been complaining just recently in one of my posts about metallic shades of nail polish not wanting to cooperate and apply smoothly, even in Chanel, where the nail polish quality is one of the best. It’s right up there with Deborah Lippmann. But this spectacular shade also manages to somehow apply a bit easier than metallic nail polish shades by Chanel generally do.

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