Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 2015 swatched

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The new Bronze Goddess is out there. It has some great ups and great downs for me. Let’s take a look at them up close and personal. First we have Bronze Goddess Eyeshadow Palette.



There are five nude shades in this palette from the very light one to a darker one. And then there are three shimmering shades with sparkle in them. Here are the swatches, let’s take a closer look top to bottom.


First we have a very pale shade that can be used as a base for all the other shades in the palette. Next is a little bit darker, matt shade, milk and coffee like shade. Then there’s a bronze shade. A kind of lighter orangey bronze like shade. A soft and warm light brown shade. A metallic beige gold shade. A metallic khaki shade. A warm metallic brown shade with a little bit of sparkle.   It’s a nice summery palette. If you have a lot of nudes in your make up stash, you can get excited with all the metallics and vice versa. The eyeshadow is soft, applies easily. The brush is good.


Oh, and the leopard design of the palette box is awesome, I just wish the box itself were plastic, and not paper.   Moving on to the Shimmering Nudes Eyeshadow palette.



It’s yet another palette with three nude eyeshadow shades and a bronzer. It comes in the same kind of leopard design box. Now, I’m not sure, why Estee Lauder felt they need to come up with both palettes in one collection. I mean, is it that this one is for people who don’t appreciate metallic shades in the other palette? I’m sure, if one’s using bronzers, one already has it and doesn’t need this palette in addition. Still, people who like milder shades in their make up might enjoy this palette more than just the eyeshadow palette. Let’s see what we have here top to bottom.


A really mild shade in between white and beige base like shade. A kind of light brown shade. A bronze shade, of course. And then one bronzer shade that’s – surprisingly enough – isn’t really bronze. It’s more like this pinkish brownish shade. Actually, it’s a nice shade to give one a healthy tan, so it might come in handy, if you do like bronzers. This palette is mild, nice and summery. You’ll like it, if you just want a touch of colour on your eyelids and cheekbones in the summer. Also Estee Lauder came up with an All-Over Illuminator.


And as much as I don’t get excited about bronzers generally, this product did catch my attention. First of all, the package is soft, velvety, a really pleasant colour too. And small enough, where you can drag it around with no problem.



The texture is soft, the illuminator can be layered on your cheeks to give you the desired result.


Now to the best part of this product – its shade.


It’s like a touch of warm pinks on your face with a bit of gold in it. It’s an amazing shade for summer make up, that will be complimentary for any skin tone. Love this shade. And the glow it gives you. And now to the huge disappointment of this collection. Gloss pen.



It’s small, so you can stick it in your purse, and the package is pretty.


But… This pen is supposed to turn to get the gloss out. But it doesn’t want to. Or else it does turn with so much difficulty. Out of three glosses I managed to swatch only one, as the whole twisting mechanism in the other two just didn’t want to cooperate. And once it did in Nude Pearl a huge uncontrollable amount of product came out. So, it’s either nothing or too much.


Now, that said, the shade is beautiful. But it doesn’t help at all, as it’s impossible to use it. Also, those who are scent sensitive, beware, this product has a very strong bubble gummy scent, that doesn’t go away. I mean, c’mon, we’re in the luxury market here, companies have been making this kind of twisting pen things in, say, corrector market forever now. Couldn’t you come up with a better way to get this gloss out of the pen? Really? Really?? I’m disappointed. Big time. Very much so.

P.S.: By the way, have you seen the bathing suit in Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess promo photo this year? Gorgeous, isn’t it?

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