Dior Tie Dye Collection Summer 2015 swatched

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Summer is almost here, it must be, as long as we’ve already seen Chanel summer make up collection, and now we have Dior make up for this summer. It’s typical Dior all bronze and nude on the one hand and all bright and aqua on the other. There’s one big disappointment in this palette, so beware and read on. Let’s take a closer look at all the stuff we’ve got here.

First we have two Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye edition blush harmonies.





It’s blush composed of several shades with a kabuki brush and in a typical Nude Tan box.


001 Pink Sunrise is pink with a touch of lilac and white in it.


The design of this blush is pretty stunning and goes well with the collection Tie&Dye style. The texture is smooth, haven’t detected any glow or sparkle in this blush. It will be complimentary for a lot of complexion types and go well with the tan.


Also we have 002 Coral Sunset.


It’s a bright orange or coral version of the blush. It’s streaked with white and pink. Will look good with a big time summery tan. No sparkle or glow in this one either.


I don’t generally like coral blush. But here the design is so great, and I actually like that it’s more orangey than coral.

Dior offers two eyeshadow palettes for this summer.





556 Contraste Horizon is a vivid summery palette, but it’s not too bright, not neon, it’s bright in a sophisticated way and rich in tone.



In the middle here (and first in the swatch) we have a white matt base shade.

In the top left corner (and second in the swatch) there’s a metallic olive shade. Love it. Very interesting.

Then right next to it in the box (and third in the swatch) there’s gold. Now I’m so fed up with gold from all the Christmas gold shine and sparkle, but once again, Dior managed to pull it J It’s an elegant gold. And it got me all excited.

In the bottom left corner (and one but last in the swatch) there’s a warm brown with just the right amount of bronze metallic glow to it. Very nice.

And last in the bottom right corner (and at the very bottom of the swatch) there’s aqua. Remember what I told you about aqua being all over the place in make up collections this summer? Well, here we go. And again this aqua is not a wild aqua that will scare you. It’s a high end aqua. It’s metallic, but not super shiny. It’s so well balanced. You might want to go all smokey eyes looking at it. And believe it or not, it might be the first aqua you’ll all for a sudden find yourself wanting to try out and wear.

A gorgeous palette.

746 Ambre Nuit is pretty much nudes palette.


It’s well done and will appeal to those who like nudes. I have to say, I’m a little bored with this kind of nudey palettes by Dior, but there are a couple of shades I do like in this palette. Let’s see the swatch.


In the middle there’s a sparkley white. Suprisingly enough, I liked it. It could be a could thing to multi task. Maybe, just a wash of it over your lid, if you’re on the run?

In the top left corner (and second on top in the swatch) there’s this weird shade I like J It’s this pinkish beige or a beigey pink, depending on how you look at it. Very elegant. Something that a lady would wear. Love it.

Right next to it in the top right corner (and third in the swatch) there’s a kind of warm metallic beige shade. Hm, interesting. I’d use it. It’s such a warm glow, that agrees well with summer and sunshine, both vacation and office. This shade can help you look stunning going out in the evening with a subdued smokey eye look.

In the bottom left corner (and one but last on the bottom in the swatch) there’s a chocolate brown, that can be used as an eyeliner. Well, no excitement on my part here 🙂

And last – in the bottom right corner and on the very bottom of the swatch – there’s a classical matt beige. Yawning and going to sleep with boredom on this one.

All in all, the eyeshadow palettes are good Dior quality. And I do like that the new package is slimmer.

Dior has just come up with its Diorshow Kohls. So, obviously enough, marketingwise it makes sense that in this collection we see two new limited edition shades.



379 Pearly Turquoise is yet another aqua (the aqua trend, told ya, haven’t I? :-))






It’s on the left here in the swatch. It’s an elegant aqua. It’s soft, I think it’s good for people like me, who pretty much can’t draw a strict line even on paper, on an eyelid – my own eyelid? – forget it!

559 Pearly Platine (on the right in the swatch) has very little to do with platinum.





It’s not gold, not silver, not something in between, really, it’s something in between beige and khaki. I mean, I like it, it’s a good summery shade, that I’d put somewhere in the nude family. But platine? What platine? Where’s platine? I don’t know.

Also, whatever’s pearly about both shades? As you can see in the swatch, none of the too shades comes off pearly in any way.

A good match for eyeshadow palettes and kohl eyeliners is Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof mascara in 451 Bleached Turquoise.




What have I told you about the aqua business? By the way, to be more specific about this trend, almost all mascara this summer seems to be aqua. So, if you’ve never tried it and weren’t going to, this might be a good time and excuse to try it 🙂 Getting back to the mascara, it’s waterproof, which is always good in the summer. Who knows, where you’ll wind up, having gone out with your best friend on a weekend night? Maybe, next thing you know you’re on a posh yacht, why not? That’s when you’ll be grateful your aqua mascara is waterproof. Let’s talk about the shade now.


It’s once again is a big girl aqua, probably, not too bright for a teenager craving for something super bright. Seemingly, it should inspire me, as it’s obviously more wearable. But guess what? It doesn’t. Once I’m using an aqua mascara I want to go all the way, so I prefer the one by Givenchy this summer. You can look up the swatch in the post about Givenchy Croisierie Summer 2015 collection and decide for yourselves, whether you want aqua this summer, and if you do, which exactly aqua you prefer.

Moving on here to a new lip maximizer shade 006 Beige Sunrise.




What can I say? It’s beige.


It’s not a bad lip maximize. If you do like lip maximizers by Dior, or if you do like lip mazimizers in general, you might want to think about picking this one up this season.

Those who prefer to have minimum make up on in summer, which a lot of the times means one wears lipstick or lip gloss only, exalt, as we’re getting lip products by Dior for this summer, and there’s a wide variety of those.

First we have four new Fluid Stick shades.


Now, all in all, the jury is still out for me on fluid stick by Dior. I mean, it feels good on the lips, but I just don’t know. Somehow, I’m not excited about it. Maybe, I just need more time. We’ll see.

Anyway, we have 229 Beige Passion.




If beige is your passion, this is your shade. It’s nice and nude.

Then comes 379 Tropiques.




It’s bright and pink. But not too bright, actually.

Also there’s 449 Ciel Rose.




It’s a muted pink with a touch of purple in it. An elegant shade.

779 Plaisir is the last one, and it’s just so fuchsia.




779 Plaisir is the last one, and it’s just so fuchsia. Now, I have a question here. Why isn’t this shade called Tropiques? Maybe, it’s just me, but it feels like it’s the right name for the most vibrant shade in the collection? And then the bright pink could easily be called Plaisir. Wouldn’t you agree? It might be some personal perception differences that I have with Dior make up creative team. Well, anyway… Here are the swatches left to right: 229 Beige Passion, 379 Tropiques, 449 Ciel Rose, 779 Plaisir.


There are six – six! – new Tie Dye Dior Addict lipsticks.


Every one of these shades has a CD logo in the centre with a different shade that the basic lipstick shade. I have to say up front, what throws me off kind of about these lipsticks, is different coverage. I expect the same coverage density, as these are several shades of the same lipstick, but no 🙂 Somehow, Coral Trip is fuller coverage, the same goes for Cosmic Pink, but Fuchsia Utopia, which sounds so vibrant and stuff, is really sheer in coverage, more so than the other two shades I just mentioned, so it’s more pink on the lips than fuchsia. Red Bliss is as sheer as Pink Utopia. I don’t know what’s the thinking behind this variety of density, but it’s definitely there. Nude Fever is pretty much as sheer as Dior Addict range usually is. Ugh, what a relief, at least, one of the six is consistent with what we expect from this lipstick 🙂

First one on the list is 001 Red Bliss.





Please, someone tell me, how is this red? Maybe, there’s bliss to it, but red? It’s a bright and vibrant pink, that’s what it is.

Number two is 002 Coral Trip.





Oka-a-ay, I guess I’m not crazy or colour blind, after all, as I, finally, agree with Dior on colour – it is coral.

003 Hypnotic Plum is really plum.





Be careful with this one, if you don’t like dark shades on your lips. On the other hand, remember that Dior Addict is a shiny kind of sheer texture lipstick, so it’s not a full on coverage.

Number four 004 Cosmic Pink.





Once again, guys, this just isn’t pink, it’s purple. A lighter purple than Hypnotic plum. It’s not pink! Well, maybe, in space, where it’s cosmic.

005 Fuchsia Utopia.





Back on track with the colour names, it’s fuchsia, a bright one too. Utopia? I don’t know. It’s for you to decide.

And, finally, 006 Nude Fever.





It’s a darker nude beige. I think, it will actually look good an almost any girl. It’s a good beige to try, if you don’t generally wear it, but all of a sudden want it.

Here come the swatches, left to right: 001 Red Bliss, 002 Coral Trip, 003 Hypnotic Plum, 004 Cosmic Pink, 005 Fuchsia Utopia, 006 Nude Fever.


Not a summer limited edition, but a new release by Dior within its summer collection is Eye Reviver Backstage Pros Illuminating Neutrals Eye Palette.




People who love nude tones should be ecstatic seeing this. It’s a well put together palette, although, the fact that it’s for pros, usually means, it’s hard for a consumer to make it work to the full. Let’s see what’s in it.



Left to right there’s first a white base tone.

Then there’s this really pale beige, that’s just a touch darker than the first white.

The third one is a really nice metallic darker beige with sparkle in it.

And a light brown metallic very soft brown with some sparkle in it, less than in the beige the I’ve just described.

One but last is a stark matt brown.

And a brown eyeliner shade. This one is not an eyeshadow, the texture here is eyeliner, creamy.

This palette is good and nice, but I just can’t get rid of the feeling make up artists will be able to operate it so much better than us, mere mortals 🙂

Finally, we’re moving on to nail polish. I love nail polish, don’t you? Then again, there are other things I love in make up.

This summer Dior presents three shades and a top coat.


239 Sunkissed. It’s just such a cute name, don’t you think so?




Now I don’t really like nude nail polish shades, but I love this one, as it has a touch of pink in it and, maybe, a half touch of orange too. Just a whisper of pink, actually, which makes it so elegant. Love it. It’s great.



319 Sunwashed is a fun pale yellow.




It’s creamy, just like Sunkissed, no sparkle, pearl. And it’s pale yellow. It’s a shade that some people will really like, for other it’s a no go zone. I happen to like yellow nail polish. But I’d so much want it to be pearly. If it were, I’d be in love. As it is, I’ll wear it, but I’m not crazy about it.

Also, it’s a little difficult to apply, you know, like kind of bad, not too bad. It’s a little bit too thick, so it tends to get streaky. It feels like in this shade somehow the new Dior gel formula doesn’t really work the way it’s supposed to work. Pity.



464 Sundown is yet another creamy shade without sparkle or metallic glow. It’s pink.




To round up the elegant, sophisticated theme in the collection shades – by the way, we’ve seen this elegant thing in Chanel shades too this summer – it’s not a vibrant neon pink, it’s not fuchsia, it’s not the kind of pink you see on a baby girl. It’s pink before it was misused 🙂 A bright one though. Very nice. Like it.



And here it is – the disappointment of Dior Tie Dye Collection. Tie Dye Top Coat.




It’s pinkish. And it’s supposed to be warn alone to just give your nails some glow or on top of the three nail polish summer shades. But, whether you wear it alone or on top of nail polish, what you get is weird patches of pink on your nails in unpredictable spots and amount. Please, see the swatches. First, it’s just top coat bare on the nails.


Then, basically, three nails left to right with the three nail polish shades from the collection: 239 Sunkissed, 319 Sunwashed, 464 Sundown without the top coat and then with the top coat.




Now, why the hell would I want my nails to looks that? Or else do I really want my nails to look that? I don’t think so. Definitely not. No. Not in the summer, not ever. This is really weird. I do get what Tie Dye effect is, but this, honestly, looks ridiculous. C’mon, really. It’s disappointing.

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