Givenchy Croisiere Collection Summer 2015 swatched

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So, here we go with Givenchy make up collection for summer 2015. It has some nice products that I like, and also there’s this one thing in the collection, that I strongly dislike. But let’s not jump ahead here.

First and foremost, we an aqua mascara – yet another aqua mascara. They are all over the place this year – Clarins, Dior, Givenchy. Clarins and Dior ones are darker. Now that said, Phenomenon Eyes Waterproof 3 Croisiere Lagon by Givenchy is my favourite aqua mascara of the season. The shade is gorgeous. It’s pretty bright, but just so summery and so awesome.






My gut feeling is that I naturally go to a more subdued version of aqua shade in mascara, that Dior and Clarins present this year, but somehow I just can’t help liking this bright beauty that seems to have more green in it than other brands’ mascara. If I do go for aqua, why don’t I do it big time?

By the way, when I first saw Phenomenon Eyes mascara brush, I told myself – no way, it’s just not going to happen for me. I won’t be able to operate this. But when I did try it, it worked great for me. Actually, it gave me more length than most mascaras and was easy to use. So this summery edition by Givenchy is definitely a good one.

Moving on to two lip shades that Givenchy presented this summer: Gelee d’Interdit 25 Sorbet Pink and Gloss Interdit 39 Fancy Pink.


Gelee d’Interdit 25 Sorbet Pink is a very sheer kind of lip gloss with a very washed kind of pink shade.



If you don’t like bright lips, or if you prefer a lighter coverage and shade on your lips in summer, this is perfect for you. It’s light pink, shiny, and I do like the feel and texture of Gelee d’Interdit. It’s soothing on my lips and feels very comfortable, which is good for summer, when our lips tend to get dry, if it’s hot.

Gloss Interdit 39 Fancy Pink is a bright pink shade with fuller coverage.



It’s a vibrant summery shade. If you do like to wear bright pinks in summer, you’ll like this.

Let’s see the swatches, Sorbet Pink is on the left, Fancy pink is on the right here.


Let me remind you, that Givenchy glosses have a light berry kind of scent to them. I’m pretty sensitive to scent in make up, but this particular one doesn’t actually bother me. I can wear these.

There’s also Gelee d’Interdit 24 Blazing Coral, that looks more pink than coral to me, it’s an even lighter pink than 25 Sorbet pink. I didn’t get it, because Sorbet Pink is light enough for me, I don’t need any lighter. And Gelee d’Interdit 26 Forbidden Berry, that is berry. I’m so tired of berry shades right now I didn’t get that one either.

In terms of Gloss Interdit, there’s also 37 Secret Nude which is a beige shade, and 38 Pink Evocation that’s kind of coral, or at least, pink with some coral in it. Actually, looks more coral to me than pink. Once again, tired of coral. And both there lip glosses – Gelee d’Interdit and Gloss Interdit – are not my favourit products on the lip gloss market, so I got only one shade of each, the shade I liked most.

Now we’re getting to the rough part of the collection. Givenchy Croisiere Brume Bonne Mine Spray Powder.



Givenchy suggests we spray this product on our face to give it a healthy summery glow. Well, the only make up I’ve ever sprayed on my face are iridescent powders by Guerlain, you know, Christmas editions, that are pretty much very loose and consist of very light sparkle that easily and smoothly gets on your cheeks or hair or neck, when you spray it. As I’ve never tried spray powder by Givenchy, and as I had to swatch it first :-), I sprayed it on my arm. Oh my God, this is scary. The impact of this spray powder is really something. It’s strong. Very strong. I followed Givenchy instructions that said it should be sprayed at the distance of 20 cm (8 inches) minimum, that I did. But I’ve got news for you, I got so scared spraying it on my arm, I’m never spraying this on my face, not from 20 cm (8 inches), not from a meter (foot), not from any distance 🙂 Also, the name of the product – powder – is misleading, it’s more a tone, a foundation, that’s what it is texturewise, it’s not powder. That said, the shade is nice and does give you healthy glow and tanned look, it doesn’t have any sparkle in it, and this foundation shade would actually look good in summer. But… I’m never spraying this thing on my face again. Never ever. On the second thought, I think it can be used for my body, for my arms and legs on the occasions, when everything has to look perfect, when I wear an evening gown or something. We’ll see.

For those who dare :-), here’s a swatch in three steps – just sprayed, a little bit smoothed out, and smoothed out even more.




Let’s talk nail polish by Givenchy for 2015. Both shades are classic summery shades – 27 Croisiere Aquatique and 26 Croisiere Sensation.


27 Croisiere Aquatique continues the whole aqua thing that’s really hot this summer. It’s a very light aqua shade though. An elegant aqua. An understated aqua. You could actually wear it, if you don’t really wear aqua. Or any bright shades for that matter. It’s almost pastel like. It’s nice.





A nice cool water like shade. Pleasant for summer. I do like it. The quality is good. I’ll enjoy wearing it in summer and in all other seasons.

28 Croisiere Sensation is a hot vibrant pink.





It’s not a unique shade, not by a long shot. But the quality is good. And it’s such a good match for both pink lip glosses. I couldn’t resist it and got it 🙂

I like the aqua side of the collection and the pink glosses and nail polish. But the spray powder… man oh man.

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