Which spring collection items we can use this summer

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What usually happens – at least, to me 🙂 – is that when summer comes, we put spring make up collection items aside. This year I’d like to take a look at what I got in spring and keep using some of this makeup in summer. I liked it so much back in spring :-), I don’t want to forget all about it now. Say, there’s a lot of aqua in make up for summer 2015. So, any bright green and bright blue shades would work and be trendy.

The one spring collection that comes to mind right away is Lancome French Innocence Spring 2015. There was so much bright happy mint in it. And some aqua 🙂 Remember?













These shades will look gorgeous this summer and are really hip.

Now, speaking about aqua. I’d like to forewarn dark eyed beauties. Sometimes darker aqua doesn’t work that well with, say, hazel, or darker eyes. When I think about it, it reminds me, how back when I was in my teens, like fourteen or fifteen, and wasn’t really using make up, my best friend once wanted to make me up. I was not into make up at all back then, but she was 🙂 She wanted to be a make up artist or something then and is an accountant now 🙂 Anyway, she applied dark aqua eyeshadow on my lids. And when I looked into the mirror, I was terrified at how awful it looked 🙂 I told her to wipe it right off, and she did and then used beige or something eyeshadow, and it got to look ever so much better, but it was a lesson I’ve learned once and for all. Still remember that. Ugh 🙂

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