How can you interpret aqua, if aqua is hot but not really your kind of thing?

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How can you interpret aqua, if aqua is hot but not really your kind of thing?

So, aqua is all around, but you don’t like aqua or it doesn’t look good on you. What can you do? Aqua as a shade is a mix of two shades: green and blue. So, if you don’t wear aqua, but want to be trendy or have some colour on for summer, I suggest you look back at Color Kajal by Givenchy from spring 2015. This Color Kajal is soft, easy to apply, and it has green and blue in it and also purple which will look good this season.







Color Kajal 1 by Givenchy Vert Invention is a bright green shade without blue in it.












It’s very nice and will work well for you, if aqua is not really your shade. Great for dark eyed girls.


Color Kajal 2 Turquoise Imagination is a bright blue shade.












To me personally, the name of the shade sounds misleading. When I hear ‘turquoise’, I think in aqua kind of terms, that is I think turquoise is a combination of blue and green. While this shade will look great on hazel eyes or darker eyes in general, which don’t always agree with aqua.


Color Kajal 3 Violet Creation is note  ‘the’ shade of this summer. But it will look great in brighter warmer weather and with all your gorgeous summer dresses and sandals and colorful purses. Once again, this shade will absolutely work for dark eyed beauties, while aqua might not really be their first choice, when it comes to eyeshadow.













Please, see the swatches. Here we go, top to bottom:

Vert Invention,

Turquoise Imagination

and Violet Creation.



By the way, if you don’t like bright color in make up at all, think about just using any of these kajals as an eyeliner to go with you usual nude eye shades.

P.S. So, if there’s a shade in make up, that’s all the fashion at the moment, and it’s not really your kind of thing, you can work around it and still look gorgeous and trendy. Think in bigger terms, when it comes to shades. And personalize. That’s the key to success and you own unique style.

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