Deborah Lippmann L.O.V.E. and Call Me Maybe lipstick

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These are two lipsticks from Deborah Lippmann range. The first lipstick I’ve ever tried by Deborah Lippmann happened to be Drops of Brandy – a beige with some pink in it. And I was so amazed and happy about its quality, that I picked up two more shades – L.O.V.E. and Call Me Maybe.






The lipstick package is this cool New Yorkey Art Deco design. Now let’s see the shades.


L.O.V.E. 30102 is a well balanced nude beige shade. Drops of Brandy has more pink in it than this shade.







L.O.V.E. is a perfect nude, it’s the definition of nude. And I don’t even like beige nude on the lips, I prefer the lightest pink version of nude lips. This shade will look great with smokey eyes or any kind of bright eye make up.


Call Me Maybe 30101 is a coral shade.








It’s not too pale, not too bright. Just coral 🙂 If you like coral lips, you’ll love this shade. It’s just right.


Please, see the swatches. Call Me Maybe is on top, L.O.V.E. is on the bottom here.




This lipstick are kind of sheer and shiny, it’s not a full on matt coverage. They are so soft and feel so great on the lips. And have a touch of fruity pie aroma (at least, that’s what my perception of it is 🙂 ) to them, that you feel when applying lipstick, but that goes away right after that leaving behind no smell at all but this supple lip care feel on your lips. I’m sensitive to aroma in make up, this particular aroma didn’t bother me. As for the way it feels, this is the best lipstick feel I’ve ever gotten. I just can’t sing enough praises to it, seriously. Great great lipstick formula. Also, I happen to like sheer lipstick, so this texture is perfect for me. If you like a fuller coverage, this lipstick can be easily layered to get you that. And you’ll still have some elegant shine to it.


This lipstick is as awesome as nail polish by Deborah Lippmann. I can’t believe they made it yet again, now in the lipstick formula. If nails and lips are two male up essentials, Deborah Lippmann has it all now.

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