Deborah Lippmann She Bangs lipstick & It’s Raining Men nail polish

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Red is elegant, red is chic, red is classy. No matter what fun shades I might go to for my nails and my lips, I’ll always keep coming back to red and wear it now and again.




It’s hard to find my perfect red shade. I’m very specific in my red preference, although I can wear several red variations. Here’s a set from Deborah Lippmann that is close to perfect though 🙂 It’s a online exclusive set for Deborah Lippmann official website – but you can get this nail polish or lipstick separately too – of 30100 She Bangs lipstick and 20054 It’s Raining Men nail polish.


Now this is red. It’s so red. Gorgeous. And it’s a perfect match. It’s so posh, when your nail shade and your lip shade matches. Special occasion set. Special feeling set. Hot. Sexy. Going out kind of set. I love it. And the quality of both nail polish and lipstick is so great. Typicall Deborah Lippmann. The nail polish applies easily, lasts and looks great.












BTW, it kind of reminded me of 717 Coquelicot by Chanel for this summer 2015. Very close. Only Coquelicot is a little bit more coral, while It’s Raining Men is straight on red.




Chanel is on the left here, Deborah Lippmann on the right. See what I mean?






The lipstick is kind of sheer and shiny, but can be layered for a fuller shiny look, if that’s what you prefer. There’s a light fruity pie kind of smell to the lipstick, when you apply, but it goes away soon after, so even aroma sensitive can use it. Trust me, I’m one of those myself 🙂














The nail polish doesn’t damage nails. And the lipstick is just so soothing and caring. The comfortable feeling is wonderful. I’m in love with this set. So womanly.  Deborah Lippmann, bring it on 🙂



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