Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Summer 2015 swatched

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Have I already mentioned I’m tired of nudes by Bobbi Brown? 🙂 I’m sure I have. Well, I have to say, even though I am tired, Shimmering Sands eye palette from this summer is gorgeous. There’s so much variety is such a small box. And the eye shadow applies so easily. And the shimmering, sparkly and metallic shades are so pretty. Twelve nude shades can probably suit almost any taste. Let’s look closely at each and every one of them.




Twelve Shimmering Sand eye shades are positioned in three rows in the palette, four shades in each row. In the swatch the shades are positioned as follows – left to right first top row left to right, then middle row left to right, then bottom row left to right.



In the top row left to right we’ve got:

A very light – the lightest in the whole palette – beige, almost an off-white with delicate sparkle in it. Sand Castle. It’s a nice base shade, if you aren’t afraid of a little sparkle. Can also be used as a nude shade for lighter complexions.

Right next to it there’s White Sand. Now that’s really sparkle. It’s like if Sand Castle were going out to party big time. It’s a light beige, almost off-white with silver sparkle all over it. If you are generally careful about shimmer shades and try to stay away from them, and your complexion is fair enough, you might try to use just a wash of this over your lids and actually like it 🙂 Very pretty.

Further to the right is Seashell, a shimmer wash shade, as described by Bobbi Brown. To me it looks more like yet another beige, a little darker than the two mentioned above, and rather than a wash of sparkle, it seems, there’s a wash of metallic in it. Once again, I see a distant touch of silver here.

The last in the top row is metallic light grege Sunkissed. The name of the shade sounds misleading. It seems to me, this grege shade leans more to the cool side, although it does have slight golden sparkle in it. This is a beautiful shade, that will look good with different kinds of complexion and eye colour. Just looking at it makes me wanna use it 🙂

The first one on the left in the second middle row is a shimmer wash shade – Copper Sand. It’s an exquisite elegant kind of copper, muted. Knowing how popular bronze shades get every summer season, I think a lot of people will like this shade. I don’t even generally like copper, but this one is done so well, I’m down with it 🙂

Next to it we have Suntan. No shimmer, no sparkle here. It’s a matt shade. It’s beige. Just beige and as nude as it gets. Will work well in combinations with all the brighter metallic shades.

Beach Pink is not pink 🙂 It’s a light silvery beige. Metallic. Elegant and pretty. Might be too light for me to want to use it immediately. But later on… after all the other shades I want to jump to immediately… why not?

The last in the second row is Seashore. A very light beige, kind of yellowish. With micro sparkle. By this point in the palette, I have to confess, I’m getting a little bored of this kind of shades. But those who love nudes should probably exalt 🙂

Beach Bronzed. The first on the left in the third and last bottom row. First of all, great name of the shade 🙂 Great summer name. Bobby Brown classifies it as shimmer wash. To me it looks more metallic like. A very interesting shade. It’s like grege meets bronze and gold. Classy. Love it.

Next is Golden Sand. Shimmer wash. Talk about name of the shade that has nothing to do whatsoever with the shade itself. I don’t see anything golden here. Rather I see a well-balanced beige with a touch of metallic and silver in it and, maybe, pink. It’s nice. Can be matched up with a lot of different clothes 🙂

And, finally, here they are my two favourites in the palette. One but last in the bottom row is Bronzed Sand. A sparkle darker sultry shade. It’s hot. Super hot and super sparkly. Beautiful. Light brown with silver.

The last one – the one on the right in the bottom row – is Black Sand. Sparkle. It’s like this shade is a sister of Bronzed Sand, only there’s more grey in it. Bronzed Sand is more brown, this one is more grege. And it’s definitely as hot. These two last shades are amazing. Make me think of clubbing, opera house, elegant receptions. If you are not bold enough to use them over your eyelids, try them as an eyeliner. To me these two shades alone are worth the whole palette.

I also love the fact that there are so many shades in such a thin little box. Although the downside of that is that some people might get disappointed on seeing how little of each shade they get here 🙂

Another item is this collection I like is Face & Body Bronzing Duo.


There are several variations of this. Two darker bronze shades. Bronze and orange. Bronze and pink. The one I like most is Bermuda and Antigua Illuminating Bronzing Powder. Both shades here are pink.



I love the concept of face and body product. In summer we reveal more of our body than we generally do, and sometimes it’s worth dolling up not only our face, but also our neck, legs, arms. And it’s great if the product allows this. And if it can be one matching shade all over. Very classy.

In this particular palette we have a light pink and a darker pink. These shades will work perfect for those, whose complexion is darker and yellowish.



This Face & Body Duo is just such a great idea. In my world, it’s so much better than just bronzing powders, that are all over the place in luxury brands summer collections. Oh, and this powder is BIG. So, there’s enough there for both face and body 🙂

To round up the collection, there are two nail polish shades.



Both are nude. Light nude. It’s pretty much so that your nails look groomed without having to go into trouble of changing shades all the time to match your clothes. These shades will look good on tanned skin, sure. To me, they are pretty boring though.

Nude is a yellower kind of beige.






Naked is a whiter kind of beige.







See how close these shades are? I’m so bored looking at them together I start yawning, makes me wanna go to sleep 🙂



Also, I have no idea why, but I spotted when applying them, that Nude is harder to apply than Naked. It’s weird because both shades are creamy, but that was my experience. So, I thought I’d throw it out there 🙂 Honestly, I was surprised, because, generally speaking, Bobby Brown nail polish applies nice and easy enough, even metallic shades.

Getting to the part here, where I want to point out the things about the collection that I didn’t really like. Nude nail polish application is one. Next on my disappointment list is this: how about lip colour in the collection? There’s nothing. None. No summer lip colour shades. No lipstick. No lip gloss. Just nothing. As someone who loves lip colour, I have to say I’m not happy 🙂 C’mon! Give me something.

There’s one skin care and make up stay-in-place product in this collection. The concept sounds good. It’s a face mist – nice and refreshing way to go for hot summer – and it’s vitamins enriched and has chamomile, green tea and cucumber extracts in it. All sound very good. All are great natural ingredients to have in a skin care product.



I tried spraying it from the distance indicated – although it seems, they were extra careful and indicated the distance for spraying it on your face, that’s almost too long 🙂

Anyway, I’m kind of apprehensive when it comes to face spray products. Blame Givenchy Spray Powder 🙂 You can read about what scared me so much about it in my review of Givenchy Croisiere 2015 collection. But Bobby Brown face mist was easy and light to spray, so application is fine. And it does give a nice light nourishing touch to my skin. But… the smell. It’s overpowering. Too strong. Makes it impossible for me to use this product altogether. Ugh.

Now to be fair, I’m very sensitive to smell. So, if you actually manage to disregard the smell and still use this product, it is refreshing, hydrating and nourishing. Don’t forget that it’s face mist though, so all those qualities are very lightly presented. It’s an addition to your skin care rather than skin care proper.

Sandy Nudes is a good summer collection. It has some ups and downs, but ups and downs cause emotions, and emotions are what makes our life interesting and colourful. So, to me it’s a good thing. Bring it on 🙂

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