Rouge Dior Brilllant 999

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It’s obvious by now, that lip colour with an element of lip care is a current make up trend. We’ve seen so many lip glosses and lipsticks with balm and other kind of care textures released in the past half a year or so that I can’t even remember all of them off the top of my head 🙂 Armani, Clinique, YSL, Guerlain, Lancome and many other luxury brands have already presented their lip colour+care products.   Dior has already released their lipstick version of balmy lip colour – Rouge Balm. And I think they did a good job of it, although I didn’t warm up to it right away. The new addition to this range of balmy colour lip products by Dior is their new lip gloss-lip balm Rouge Dior Brillant.







I have to say, the concept of lip shades with caring soothing textures appeals to me. I find myself following professional make up artists’ lead most of the time and using lip balms before applying lip colour. Why? It’s simple. To get perfect colour and coverage one needs perfect lip condition. The same way as make up looks best on healthy skin. But our skin is very tender. And weather isn’t always perfect. So, my lips are oftentimes not a hundred percent ready for colour. I suspect I’m not alone here 🙂 So, it only makes sense, that within the general multi purpose make up products trend (you know, all those things that can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow or brow paint or face all-overs or lips&cheeks and stuff 🙂 ) luxury brands decided to spare us this extra lip care step and combine nourishment and beauty for lips in one easy stroke.   What’s even more pleasant to me is that after almost everyone came up with lipsticks of the kind, they finally got to lip gloss. Shiny lipstick and lip gloss are my two favourite lip products. And it’s great that some of the lip gloss on the market now feels so good on the lips thanks to all this new care elements in it. Well, what can I say about Rouge Dior Brillant? It didn’t disappoint. Let’s start with the shade.


IMG_1012   IMG_1015


999 is an iconic red shade by Dior. It’s a nice bright well-balanced red. Now I’m very picky, when it comes to red. My favourite red shade is hard to find, and it has a little more orange in it than 999 by Dior. It’s lighter. And more vibrant. But I do like variety. And I can wear this red shade too. It’s a mature red, vamp red, be-careful red, I-do-like-the-guy-but- can’t-go-out-with-him-this-week-as-I-have-a-date-every-night red and why-is-this-crowd-of-men-following-me-all-around-red. Be careful, with Rouge Dior Brilliant 999 you can get more attention than you were planning to get. And don’t you just love it, when on top of your lips being red you also get this wet shiny kind of look to them? I do 🙂   This new Rouge Dior Brillant range has a new applicator that’s awesome. It’s so easy to apply this gloss – or should I say balm? – with it.




I don’t generally think applicator makes that much difference, but here I was surprised and impressed. By the way, as this lip care and colour idea is so popular, maybe, it’s time to come up with a new word for this combination of gloss and balm? Can you imagine all those funny options that are on the table? Galm? Bloss? Glossalm? Balmoss? Gloms? These two particular words are perfect for this little game 🙂   Here’s the swatch. It’s red alright:-) You can layer it or make it less bright by taking a small amount a long way.





Next on our list of this new product features is the balm part of it. That is, the lip care part, that Dior promised. You know what, it’s there. I can feel it. Due to its caring texture, Rouge Dior Brillant feels sooo pleasant, soft and soothing. Nice. Even if you don’t care much about the whole lip care that comes with it, you’ll enjoy the feel of it on the lips. It’s a great lip product. It has a very distant rosy smell to it, signature Dior aroma – if you’ve ever used Dior Serum lipstick, you know what I’m saying – which is pretty much gone by the time you’re done applying. I’m very sensitive to smell, but it didn’t bother me at all. When it comes to lip gloss with care element, I have a favourite that I compare all other products of the kind to. Lip Lover by Lancome. This texture is a totally different level of comfort. For me it’s the best so far.   Has Dior beat Lip Lover by Lancome for me? No, it hasn’t. Dior feels spectacular on my lips, but guess what, Lip Lover feels even better. But I love Dior too. I’ll get more shades and enjoy wearing them. It’s great.

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