Dior Rose 499, Pink 599, Corail 899 nail polish

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These new nail polish shades by Dior were released this spring to support Rouge Dior Brillant baume gloss range. These shades are elegant and basic. Even their names are basic, not fancy, pretty much just stating the fact of what the shade actually is.


What made me think about these shades is that in summer in terms of nail colour we always get those bright and funky shades, like turquoise and yellow and other stuff like that. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love those shades that are sort of out of the box and out of the common run, but… One can’t wear funky shades all the time. At least, I can’t 🙂 I find myself missing those elegant womanly shades and going back to them every now and again.




So, I just want to remind you about these shades in case you have them and are tired of the colourful summer nail polish range. With them you can get a chic manicure, which always works. Yes, in the summer too. And on the beach. And pretty much, just about anywhere. Let’s take a look.


The first one and the lightest one of the three is 499 Rose.





It’s a very tender and delicate rose. With some pearl in it, but not too much.





It’s just so unmistakably elegant, reminding us of the times, when any kind of craziness in make up and nail polish, that we sometimes like so much nowadays, was absolutely out of the question. Very nice shade. Wedding like 🙂


Next comes 599 Pink.





Now I have a question – is that pink? My answer is – no, it’s not. It’s a light coral shade, or, at least, a mixture of pink and coral, which makes it coral for me 🙂 The name of the shade feels deceptive to me.




I don’t really like light coral shades, generally speaking. So, this is my least favourite shade of the three.


The brightest one here is 899 Corail.





Once again, my colour perception is clearly different from that of Dior people 🙂 Although I’d agree, that this is coral family shade. But there’s a lot of red in it. A lot. So, if you’re looking for a vibrant coral, there are a lot of shades out there on the luxury market, that are much more coral than this.




This red streak actually makes me like this shade, but it will be a let down for those, who are looking for pure coral.


The formula is typically new gel Dior formula. I can’t say it’s the easiest to work on your nails, but it’s not bad. In terms of quality and easiness of application it’s somewhere in the middle for me. Not great, not bad. Fine.


Anyway, I’m looking at these shades now and feel I’ll absolutely be using those classy kind of shades like reds and pinks this summer. They’ll add to the rotation and won’t let me get tired of bright neon summer colours.


  1. Catherine Yunn Lin Chung says

    Hi I’m from asian country and just noticed Dior shows these 3 colours in Instagram…can you help me to buy it..?


    • Hi, Catherine! Unfortunately, these shades were limited edition, and they are not available anymore back where I am. These shades are very pretty and wearable, I get why you like them. May I suggest you look at professional nail colour brands like CND Vinylux, Zoya, OPI, Orly, Deborah Lippmann and such. They have wider colour ranges than luxury brands, and even though these shades are pretty, they are not unique. You can definitely find them in those professional ranges, where they are not seasonal, but permanent. Let me know, if you want me to make suggestions to help you find very similar shades you’ll enjoy having and wearing


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