Lancome Shine Lover 316 Eclat de Rose

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I’ve already mentioned the whole big lip colour combined with care trend, all the balmy textured that showed up first in lipstick, then in lip gloss. Well, Lancome did it vice versa. Their Lip Lover lip gloss with care element came first. I love this lip gloss. In my opinion, it’s the best lip colour&care out on the luxury market so far. So, I was very excited to try their Shine Lover lipstick. Sheer shiny lipsticks are my favourites in lip range, although I do love lip gloss too.


Shine Lover has an elegant and simple white package. Minimalistic. With a silver lining on the side. I happen to like this package, but I have a feeling some people might be thrown off my it and won’t be too excited. We’re just too used to seeing black darker packaging as elegant, when it comes to luxury make up.



Also, there’s a cute Lancome brand logo rose on the lipstick lid on the very top (yes, I did like it so much I took the trouble to take a picture of it separately 🙂 )



Further on, the lipstick has a delicate sweet dessert like smell when applied. It’s not strong at all and goes away once it’s settled on your lips. I am very sensitive to any kind of aroma in make up, but it didn’t bother me.


The colour and coverage is as expected: sheer and shiny. Nice.




This particular shade Eclat de Rose is truly rose. It’s that pink that roses naturally are with a distant lilac touch in it, a cold kind of pink.



Now to the care part of this lipstick. Lancome promises 8 hours of hydration. Does Shine Lover feel good and soothing and comfortable on the lips? Yes. Is it as good it terms of all of the above as their Lip Lover baumy gloss? No.


It’s nice, but not great. I like it, don’t love it. Once I’ve tried Lip Lover, I was so amazed I immediately turned around and bought the whole range of shades. I might get several more shades of Shine Lover, but that’s it. I don’t think there’s enough lip care stuff in this lipstick. It’s not bad though 🙂

P.S. Speaking about lip colour with all the care in it, I love Armani make up and happen to think, their textures are usually one of the best, but… their Rouge Ecstasy is not really good. It doesn’t work for me at all. Texture, coverage, smell – all wrong for me, unfortunately.

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