Summer manicure 2015 with Dior Eclosion Top Coat

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Almost every summer in luxury nail polish collections we see bright happy shades like yellow (this summer by YSL, Dior), green and blue or their combinations (this summer by Guerlain, Chanel, Givenchy). It’s natural, that these shades are so hot in summer, they just go so well with all the sunshine and bright dresses and vacations and all the other pleasant things we love about this time of year. I happen to love these shades.


This year limited edition summer nail polish range immediately made me think about Eclosion Top Coat by Dior from spring 2015 collection. Why? I’ll explain.




In this transparent top coat there’s a panoply of yellow, green and blue  confetti glitter of various shapes and sizes 🙂 And I just didn’t feel that it went that well with the three nail polish shades Dior released it with – pink (Majesty 244), beige (Lady 294) and fuchsia (Glory 660). All kind of effect from Eclosion top coat would be lost, in my opinion, on light beige Lady 294. As for the other two – Majesty and Glory – the combination of green and red is only good for Christmas, as far as I’m concerned 🙂 While yellow, blue and green nail polish shades look so good with Eclosion, so, this top coat, finally, came in handy. Take a look at all this beauty.











And now let’s go through these one by one and get to know the shades better.


Dior 319 Sunwashed (summer 2015) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion





Lancome  383M Vert Tuileries (spring 2015) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion





Givenchy 27 Croisiere Aquatique (summer 2015) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion





Chanel 613 Eastern Light (summer 2014, although it was also released before that as part of Asian special collection, so I have a feeling we’ll get to see it again 🙂 ) By the way, it’s the first white nail polish in my experience that doesn’t streak and is ever so easy to apply. Great.





Givenchy 24 Jaune Expression (spring 2014) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion





Dolce&Gabbana 710 Mint (permanent nail colour range) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion





Dolce&Gabbana 713 Grass (Spring 2015) My personal favorite with this Top Coat 🙂





And the second place for me goes to… Dolce&Gabbana 723 Blue Angel (spring 2015)





Dolce&Gabbana 717 Light Blue (summer 2015) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion (shares the second place with Blue Angel)





Dolce&Gabbana 813 Sole (spring 2015) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion A mustard yellow shade that you might try to wear even though you could never picture yourself with yellow nails





Burberry 420 Sage Green (spring 2014) + Dior Top Coat Eclosion (shares the second place with Blue Angel and Light Blue:-) )



My conclusion is this top coat looks best with bright green nail shades, not too dark. But I’m kind of prejudiced, as I love green 🙂



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