YSL couture variation eye palette 1 Nu and 2 Tuxedo

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Ten colour eye palette. Exciting. So many shades in such a thin little box. Some people will say though – it’s too big! Yes, compared to eye quads or singles or duos it is. But it all depends on why you need it and how you use it. I’ll tell you one way I can use this kind of palettes. In fact, when I see lip or eye palettes of the kind, the first thing that comes to mind almost immediately is: travelling. Let me ask you this – do you travel a lot? Sometimes? Do you check in your bags or carry on? Well, I do travel and I carry on. So, now that you have this information, you probably understand how important it is to have a lot and to take up minimum space with it. Very convenient. The second reason I like it is simple – as someone who loves make up, when I see all those different shades, I get ecstatic, I’m so happy I can’t help it 🙂


Let’s take a closer and more personal look at these two palettes by YSL – ten shades in each, remember?






The first one is 1 Nu.



Yes, it’s yet another take on nudes. Why do brands keep doing it? Because there are so many people out there, who prefer a rather neutral make up, the kind that’s not funky and doesn’t stand out much. A whole lot of people work at the officers all over the world. They can’t show up to work with their face all vampy painted, even if this vampy thing is well done. Makes sense.


Eye shadow in the palette is nice and soft. Some shades might even be on the verge of too soft but not quite there. I hate too soft as much as I hate too hard. Both are hard to work with. Too hard is harsh on the lids. Too soft gets all messy, and one just can’t distribute it the way one wants around one’s eyes. In 1 Nu palette we have (left to right both in the palette and in the swatch):



a very neutral and soft beige. It’s obviously a base shade.


a highly shimmery metallic orange. Don’t get scared, it’s not orange orange, it’s warm and classy. I don’t even like orange, but this peachy orange shade is so great I like it 🙂


a muted silver meets beige metallic. Very elegant.


a muted gold meets beige metallic. Equally elegant. Makes me want to combine the two in a make up. And guess what, it won’t even look like Christmas. I bet you 🙂


a very pretty metallic grege. Can come in handy in a lot of make up situations.


a goldish bronze. Once again, I don’t even like bronze, but I like this shade. It’s not too bronze, just under bronze. Very warm. So great. Will look good with any eye colour. Wow.


a matt light chocolate. Great shade but it will take a professional make up artist to use it to its full.


a super sparkly grege with silver undertone big time. So beautiful. Has going out written all over it.


and a brown eyeliner shade.


I’m tired of nudes, but this palette made me excited, it’s gorgeous. Well done. I like it.



Moving on to 2 Tuxedo.





And off we go left to right again.



The name of the palette itself is giving us a hint – it’s party time. It’s a new sophisticated and modern take on smokey eyes. Here are the shades:


a matt off-white base shade


a delicate grey shade with some sparkle. It’s like it’s shy silver. Very nice. A great opportunity to try a little silver for those who could never picture themselves with silver sparkle around their eyes 🙂


a dead on medium grey, it’s so matt it’s leaning to charcoal, but doesn’t quite get there, luckily. Could be used as an eyeliner.


silver, simply put. A darker one with some sparkle, but not too much.


an awesome super sparkly grege. Love it. It’s beautiful.


a dusky purple, not a vulgar overdone purple, an elegant purple. Good job 🙂


a matt funkier purple. So YSL it made me smile.


a beautiful shiny metallic blue. It’s a perfect blue, not too light. not too dark. Great. Will look good not only on blue eyed girls.


a darker grey with myriads of silver sparkles. My hand is reaching out for the brush to go all smoky eyes just looking at this shade.


and a really dark grey eyeliner shade. So dark it almost looks black, but once again, not quite.


Man, this palette has clubs, dates, parties and dancing written all over it.


These palettes are just so good. So different too. So YSL. I just love it, when brands stay true to their DNA and do something new within it. Their DNA is what we love them for. Something that’s been created and nurtured for decades. In these too palettes we have delicate, elegant, bold, hot, ladylike, funky – all in one place. They are prim and sexy at the same time. And they give us the very best things – choice, variety, range. They stir imagination and call for creativity. Isn’t that the greatest thing possible? I think it is. Thank you, YSL. Dream on, everybody, who has these two or any of them, for that matter.

P.S. by the way, the brush seemed to me much more usable than in most palettes of the kind. Please, see the photos.






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