Clinique Pop Colour + Primer 07 Passion Pop swatched

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I’ve already mentioned the whole colour + care trend in lipstick and lip gloss. Here’s yet another representative of this trend. It has a very long and dignified name 🙂 : Clinique Pop lip colour + primer rouge intense + base. It says it all about the brand promises concerning this lipstick here. It’s supposed to give us colour and care in one stroke.


Do I like this concept in general? Yes. It saves me a step of lip balm or any kind of lip base, which is a necessary thing for me to do most of the year. Why do we usually need this intermediate step of base before applying our favourite lip colour? Because we’re only human 🙂 I know, I know, I can see you disagree with me right now 🙂 Well, this concept of lip base and colour in one is a time saver and money saver. And it’s nice. Unfortunately, even products with one purpose don’t always come up to my expectations. Which means that products with dual purpose, in my opinion, have trouble written all over them.


And now that the lyrical digression is over, back to Clinique Pop. I picked a bright cherry like shade 07 Passion Pop.




No smell to it of any kind. Good, as far as I’m concerned 🙂 Surprisingly enough, for a lip care and colour combination product, the application is on a rather harsh side. The lipstick is firm, it doesn’t have a soothing balmy feel when applied. That’s weird. I’m used to such kind of lipsticks being caring on the lips at the first touch.


Texture and shade is our next discussion point.



It’s almost matt. Maybe, there’s just a shadow of sheen there. And actually, there’s some micro shimmer in it too, you can see it in the stick, but not really that much on the lips. I have to praise the shade. It’s nice. It’s such a well balanced pretty bright cherry. Classy. One of those old Hollywood shades.


Now that I have praised the shade though, where’s the primer part of the lipstick? Helloooo! I don’t feel any. At all. Nothing. If anything, just a little. It’s a lipstick, one of the many. It’s Ok. But I’m disappointed, because that’s not what I was told up front. I was told it comes with a primer. Well, where is the primer? Don’t know. Not sure. Not in my experience. So, I’ll just treat this lipstick as cream formula lipstick.


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