Spray Foundations Are Coming

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Yes, they are. I was going to write about it yesterday even before I saw a new release by Dior – their Airflash. We’ve already seen Brume Bonne Mine powder spray by Givenchy from this summer Croisiere collection. By the way,  both are foundations, even if Givenchy calls theirs a powder spray 🙂 And even when it’s not powder it’s all spray now – think about Face Mist by Bobbi Brown, part of summer 2015 Sandy Nudes collection. You can check out my post about it and the whole collection to learn more about it. So, the whole spray product thing is in the air. I’d bet you we’ll see more of those by other luxury brands.


To tell you the truth, the concept of a spray powder or foundation doesn’t get me all excited. I think it’s a good enough way to evenly distribute tone on your face, although it’s not perfect, just as the good old apply-it-with-a-brush one. You’ll still have to work on it to make it impeccable – and that’s what we all want J But spraying something in my face? It sounds dangerous. When I was a kid, I was taught not to spray stuff in my face 🙂


Now spraying it on my body sounds like a good idea, getting an even tone of my open shoulders or neck or arms or legs. I can do that. But on my face??? I can easily picture – and I have – spraying those small Christmasy glitter like shiny powders on my cheeks. But glitter is looser in texture than foundation. Also, those Christmas editions bottles are cute and small. These foundations products are bigger, and the sheer spraying impact is stronger. I don’t know. Not sure I’m adventurous enough. Not sure I can make friends with spray on foundations. Although I’ll try the one by Dior, of course. And others 🙂 Yes, I do like make up that much.


What makes me even more apprehensive is the one by Givenchy I’ve tried this summer. My experience was pretty scary. I’ve already talked about it in my post about Givenchy Croisiere Collection 2015. I wouldn’t use it on my face again, only on my body.


Also, I’m going to buy Guerlain Terracota spray and practice applying it, because as we all know, practice makes perfect. And I’ve used several of those Christmas shiny spray powders by Guerlain, and they worked well on my face, so I kind of trust Guerlain to do this spray thing right 🙂

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