Guerlain summer 2015 swatched

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Guerlain with their Terracotta line always does summer make up so well. It makes me excited every summer to see what they’ve got this time around.


Well, they didn’t disappoint. This collection is hot, bright, colourful like summer itself. The best thing about it is all the fun summer images that immediately come to mind at the first glance at these products. What we love about summer is all concentrated in this Guerlain collection.


First of all, we have Meteorites Rainbow Pearls.



Personally, I think it’s one of the best powders ever. That’s why it’s been on the market for all this time, has withstood all those relaunches and produced such a huge number of limited editions. It’s just the kind of product that gives your skin this healthy glowy pretty look, well groomed look, posh look, you know. In fact, this is, probably, the best powder to start with, when you aren’t quite sure yet how exactly to use powder period 🙂 And it’s always a great touch on top of whatever foundation or powder products you’re using. Even those who don’t use powder or much powder – like me – can use Meteorites Pearls and benefit from them and have a lot of fun in the process 🙂


This year summer edition has a cute pink and green design of the flower on its lid.





As for the pearls, they are so warm and summery this year, not too much though, not too bronzy, because there’s a whole separate bronze thing going on in the two new bronzers limited editions, read on to see them. These Meteorites pearls are pink and goldish and sunny.


Love this particular shade of Meteorites Pearls. They’ll just give us this gorgeous skin look for this summer. Oh, and they smell like heaven, I mean, like violet 🙂 in a typically Meteorites fashion.


You know that there’s not really much shade to Meteorites. It’s usually just a touch up natural look that they give us. So, there’s not much to show in the swatch, but I still tried 🙂



Moving on here from the natural look to the bronzy sunkissed super sexy kind of look with two limited edition bronzing powders.






They are obviously meant to support Guerlain’s recent Terracotta Joli Tient release (the ones with a touch of pink or orange shade on the side to give you the perfect healthy complexion), because these two bronzers have awesome silicone sleeves on them that, once you’ve used up your limited edition bronzers, you can put on any of your Terracotta Joli Tient powder again and again. Great idea, I love it, when instead of just throwing something out you can give it some new life. Also, it’s great when you can kind of personalize your make up items with sleeves or whatever else, make them truly yours, you know.


So, we’ve got two bronzers to pick from.



Terracotta Bronzing Powder 02 Natural – Blondes



Terracotta Bronzing Powder 03 Natural – Brunettes


The texture of these bronzers is pretty thick, but it can be smoothed out on your skin the way you want it. There’s a pretty strong smell once you open the box. Somehow though, despite me being so sensitive to aroma in make up, smell in Guerlain products doesn’t really bother me. Almost ever. I’m fine with the smell of these two bronzers.


So, I love the packaging, the quality, the texture, now let’s talk shades. They are dark. Not sure I love it. Too dark, to my taste, in fact. Although, of course, it depends on how tanned you are 🙂 My skin is not pale by a long shot, still these shades feel too dark. Although I could definitely use them on my cheekbones, as a highlighting, sculpting kind of thing.


The shades are similar, and it’s hard to tell by even looking at them up close together, and even in the swatch, but actually 02 Natural – Blondes (on the right in the swatch) is more pink, while 03 Natural – Brunettes (on the left) is bronze, that is, more orangey.

But once again, both are darker bronzer shades.


Next in our Terracotta summer paradise is limited edition cream eye shadow.


I love cream eye shadow. Even though it’s so hard to work with sometimes – most of the times – but when it does work, it’s so awesome. The best. I love cream eye shadow in any form – in bottles, pots, tubes, anything. Here’s what Guerlain has for this summer season.


I have to say, I’m not a big fan of the white lid design here. It looks cheap. Maybe, it would look better, if it were, say, beige? I just don’t like it, when luxury brands products look cheap. In my world they should look posh and exclusive. I mean, c’mon, invest in design, it always pays off 🙂

I don’t like it either, that they just called it ‘summer shadow’. Simplicity is not always the best thing. I’d like something more sophisticated sounding than that for the product description. Especially as…

This eye shadow is spectacular. It’s so great. Forget about all kind of problems you’ve ever had with cream eye shadow application. It’s easy to apply, yes, you can apply this cream eye shadow evenly :-), and you can layer it, which is somehow an almost impossible thing to achieve in cream eye shadow formula. I love this eye shadow so much. I want more of these. More shades, please.

Speaking about the shades, there are only two.


White Sand is a gorgeous light yellowish gold, it’s beautiful.


If you like nude make up, if you want to just give a touch of delicate shimmer to your lids, this is perfect. There’s really only just a touch of shimmer in it, not more, this eye shadow is not shiny. It will look so beautiful with your tan. Or without it. It’s universal, elegant and wonderful. I’m in love with this shade.


The second one is Blue Ocean.


It’s so beautiful, it’s almost too much 🙂 It’s like mint meets turquoise. Great, well-balanced, summery, bright and happy. I love such shades so much. And this is an awesome take on this colour. It’s not too much, not too bright, not vulgar, not overdone. In fact, I dare say, it’s exquisite. It’s the embodiment of summer.

In the swatch here Blue Ocean is obviously on the left, White Sand is on the right.



And here’s a swatch of both smoothed out a little bit to give you the idea of what you can do to them, once they are on your eye lids.


Now these shades are so perfect, I easily forgive any package design drawbacks, because the product is what matters, eventually. And this eye shadow is really something.


For lips this summer Guerlain has two shades of Rouge Automatique.



603 Yellow It-Stick

IMG_5173 IMG_5184



Well, for starters, it’s not yellow 🙂 , it’s gold, really.



Shimmery gold. Kind of on the sheer side.



Anyway, gold it is. And that’s exactly what bothers me about this shade. You see, gold is something everyone likes and something that gets promoted in numerous make up collections big time, but… There are a lot of complexions that gold doesn’t go that well with. Anyone who has any kind of sallow, yellowish undertone or orangey undertone to their skin just won’t look best with golden lips. The same goes for whitish and pale complexions. Gold is not really their kind of thing. And that’s a lot of people 🙂 These golden shades usually get released in summer collections, because supposedly they look good with tan. Well, maybe, but still… Not always. No on everyone. Gold looks most stunning when it’s just a bunch of loose sparkle on your cheeks or in your hair, or as a kind of addition to some other shades. But on its own, it’s a very touch shade to pull. So, be careful. By the way, the same goes for bronze 🙂


662 Fluo Stiletto




I expected this shade to be fuchsia, but it’s not – thank God with the amount of fuchsia all over the place in summer collections J It’s a nice bright pink.



Or if there’s any fuchsia there, it’s a lighter kind of fuchsia.



Now this shade will look good on almost everyone. It’s a great chance for those who shun bright shades to try something of the kind out and be pretty safe 🙂 You don’t necessarily need a full coverage here, just a touch of it on your lips. This shade is summery, nice, fun. Love it. It’s summer hidden in a lipstick ready to jump right out at first call.


Take a look, Yellow It-Stick is on the left, Fluo Stiletto is on the right.



I’d say that I expected to like 603 Yellow It-Stick and not to like 662 Fluo Stiletto, but now that I’ve tried them, it’s vice versa 🙂



To round up the look, we have two nail polish shades. Nahema is a coral shade from Guerlain permanent range. I can’t tell you how fed up I am with coral nail polish shades and everything else coral shades in make up collections 🙂 So, I’ll just say it’s permanent, it’s coral, if you’re into it, go for it.


The second shade is a limited edition.



700 Blue Ocean



Now this one here is a beauty 🙂



First and foremost, I’d like to say that I’ve heard a lot of complaints about its quality. And I was afraid it would be hard to work with, because such shades do tend to be problematic. Well, this one is not. It’s great. Easy to apply. The brush is not too thin, not too thick, but just right. The formula is good, so that the shade gets applied evenly, especially the second coat. Two coats give full coverage. It’s really nice.


Now the shade. It’s awesome.



And as much aqua as we see in summer, this shade is not so simple and not so common at all. Guerlain managed to pull something original in the aqua territory, which is a great achievement 🙂



This aqua has a lot of green in it. But it’s not quite green. And not quite blue. True aqua 🙂 Also, this shade is not too bright, not too pale. Not too light, not too dark. It’s perfectly balanced. Very interesting shade. It’s cream. So, there’s no sparkle, no shine, no pearl to it to distract from the colour itself. And this colour is as stunning as it can be. I love this shade. Ever so much 🙂




Well, what can I say? My starting point in trying this collection out was obviously correct – Guerlain does know how to make a terrific summer make up collection 🙂

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