3 lip shades that are really hot this summer and that you might already have

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When we think summer, we think bright and colourful. Nature is so lush in summer, so happy, so full we often want to go all colourful ourselves. Summer make up collections generally confirm this thinking by offering vibrant shades. But… there’s a different side to summer make up. Summer is also the time of the year, when we can be natural,   wear less make up, spend more time outside, have a healthy glow to our cheeks from all the sun and warm breeze. So, natural shades work well in summer too. They also look very good with all the light clothes we wear, with our white and beige dresses and sandals.

And even if we do wear bright shades on our eye lids and nails, they look best with light and natural lips shades. Bright lips look great in the summer too though 🙂


Anyway, I’ve got three lip shades here from this year spring collections, that will look awesome this summer, will look great, will compliment eye and lip shades and tone shades, that are so trendy this year.




First on my list is Rosy Silk 560 KissKiss lipstick by Guerlain.






It’s such a great tender shiny rosy shade. It will go well with tan, with all our summer clothes. It’s beautiful. Summery. Universal. Can be used for both nude make up and combined with smokey eyes, sculptured cheekbones, just anything that’s trendy this summer.


Next is a mirror like pale lilac kind of pink glow shade Rose Monceau 400 Lip Lover lip gloss by Lancome.



This shade is not sparkly. It’s elegant, cool, understated. It will look so good with beige or bronze eye shadow, it can be worn on top of pink lipsticks to give your lips a wet look. It’s princess like. I love it so much. It will look great on the beach, at a disco, in a yacht club, at work, in the theatre, just anywhere.


And last, but not least, a brighter shade. A pretty shiny orange Peach Satin 540 KissKiss lipstick by Guerlain.




Coral always shows up in summer collections one way or another. This is a romantic take on coral. It’s light and nice and kind of sparkly. Coquettish. A party lip shade, maybe? A date shade? You decide. I think, it is. It’s so cool. A safe way for you to try this whole orange lip thing.


Please, see the swatches of all three: Peach Satin is on the left,  Rosy Silk is in the middle, Rose Monceau is on the right.



These shades are lovely. And I love the idea of spring make up so easily and smoothly flowing into summer. Has it ever happened to you, that you’d just take the make up you bought in spring and put it aside? And not use it in summer? Happens to me all the time. But I try to do some rotation is my make up, because there are all those shades in there, that I like so much, and I don’t want to forget about them. So, I’ll enjoy using these three lip shades this summer.


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