Black and White movies… I mean, nails

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Black and white movies are so classy, so sophisticated, so elegant. Yes, elegant. Black and white tape somehow makes everyone and everything look like an object of art. That’s why not so long ago The Artist movie was such a big deal and won an Oscar.


See, I have it all figured it out with black and white movies. Well, it wasn’t as easy for me with black and white nails 🙂 At some point in the past I couldn’t really understand, why people paint their nails black or white. To me, these basic colours seemed like no colour on the nails. Why would someone want that?? I couldn’t figure it out. Some time later I started realizing that this basic kind of manicure can look very chic and started liking black and white nail polish on some people. And only then I started liking it on my own nails 🙂 Anyway, having gone a long way to come to like it, I do like both now, always have a black and white nail polish in my collection and wear them from time to time. Summer is so full of colour, both in the outside world – in sunshine and sky and flowers and birds – and in ourselves – in our bright and colourful clothes and shoes and purses and jewellery and make up and stuff, that for a second here I felt like I want to resort to no colour, that is, to black and white. But of course it being me, I didn’t stop at just black and white but went further and into more sophisticated manicure territory 🙂 Here are the results of my black and white adventures.


As I’ve already mentioned, having gotten tired of all summer brightness and vibrance, I started with plain black…






…and white.






Then I couldn’t quite resist mixing them up a little bit 🙂





And once I started mixing them up, I liked it so much, I added a little shine and sparkle, that is glitter – Le Vernis 23 Folie Scintillate by Ginenchy from their Folie de Noirs Makeup Collection Christmas 2014 on the black…








…and Le Vernis 21 Parure Scintillante by Givenchy from their Extravagancia Fall 2014 Collection on the white.







I have to say, all these black and white movie pondering and daydreaming and my black and white manicure experiments made me very happy 🙂

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