YSL Volupte Tin-in-Oil 5 Cherry My Cherie

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And again we have here care and colour in one lip product. By YSL who gave it a new twist. Tint-in-oil is not just colour and care in one, it’s also tint and oil in one. Interesting.


As a concept, tint and oil doesn’t seem to go that well together. Oil is a heavier kind of thing, tint is something very light and coming through gradually. Although… Let’s see what it does. YSL definitely very truly and clearly serves the dual purpose of colour (tint) and care (oil) here.


The package is YSL like, cool, reminiscent of Gloss Volupte and Rouge Volupte Shine gloss.



The brush is their heart like brush, the same as in Gloss Volupte, that was re-launched not that long ago.



The smell is also Gloss Volupte Bouche a Bouche and Rouge Volupte Shine like. It’s strong, mango like and, frankly, completely overpowering, to my taste. It makes it pretty much impossible for me to use any of the three above mentioned lip ranges. If you’re smell sensitive, and have never tried wearing any YSL shiny lipsticks or lip glosses on a regular enough basis to have a good sampling of the aroma, you might want to go to a store first and smell it 🙂


Actually, the mango smell hangs on for like five minutes, then gets weaker and almost goes away but not quite.


Volupte Tin-in-Oil does provide comfort, it’s soothing and caring, feels good on the lips. It comes the closest to my favourite colour and care Lip Lover gloss by Lancome. So, if you’re looking for lip care to come with colour, you’ve got it here. There’s no question about that.


Now to the shade and to the look.


That is, to the tint part. When you apply is first, it’s almost transparent with just a touch of pink. Although 5 Cherry My Cherie shade is, in fact, a not too bright fuchsia. But don’t forget that it’s tint, so don’t get deceived here by such pale colour.



Five minutes later or so colour starts coming through, and it gets considerably brighter.


As far as I can tell, it takes around five minutes for the full colour to show up, but it might be individual and vary from person to person, as we’re all different, you know 🙂


Oh, and also speaking about the look of it, Volupte Tin-in-Oil does have a great mirror shine. Beautiful. I didn’t expect it here, but I got it big time. So, if you’re looking for mirror shine and like the mango smell of YSL lip make up, you’ll love this.


All in all, I have to say I’d love this, if it weren’t for the smell. As crazy as tint-in-oil sounds to me, it works! It feels good and comforting and looks good and shiny, and I’d go out and buy more shades, but… The smell! It ruins it for me totally. Can’t wear it. Pity.


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