Fifty shades of grey… nail polish

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Well, not quite fifty. I have sixteen here. But you know what, I’ll just keep adding, and with all the make up releases by luxury brands we get these days, I might actually get to fifty some time soon. We’ll see 🙂

I love nail polish. I paint my nails very often, and I like all kind of shades – elegant reds, innocent pinks, understated nudes, bright vibrant colours, dark sultry shades… I could never understand though – why paint nails grey. Grey like a colour on my nails is more like no colour to me. It was hard to me to get used to nudes, black and white nail polish, because I’m just so keen on colour on my nails, and on all the change and variety changing nail polish gives me so easily, but I did warm up to these shades, eventually, but… grey. Really? Grey? Why grey? It seems it’s like no colour at all. So, when grey on the nails got trendy – and it did at some point, everyone’s manicure was grey all around 🙂 , and almost all the luxury brands came up with their take on grey nail polish – I was puzzled. Couldn’t get what it’s all about. At the same time I must say I do wear grey clothes and find that they look elegant and nice. I just didn’t get it on the nails.


Not long ago I was about to get on the plane to go see my friends. And somehow a lot of my clothes, my handbag and shoes happened to be grey, there was really a lot of grey in my wardrobe I picked for the trip. Having surveyed the clothes, I tried it my mind to put together some make up plan for the trip 🙂 , that is understand, what kind of make up I should bring along, so as not to have too much of it, and at the same time look classy and have some variety on top of that. Mission pretty much close to impossible 🙂 The only way to make it all work was paint my nails grey for at least a part of my stay. I pulled out my grey nail polish shades – yes, I do love make up as much as to have some even though I don’t like grey on my nails, or else didn’t use to like 🙂 – and examined them skeptically. I wound up packing three different nail polish shades – a really dark one, a really like one and a grege like shade. And a green and a red, on top of it, of course 🙂 , as I just couldn’t stand having grey only and had to have something to match the clothes that weren’t grey 🙂


Anyway, as skeptical as I was up front getting on my way about the whole grey nails thing, a completely unexpected thing happened. I’ve fallen in love with grey nail polish. It’s artsy and elegant at the same time, it’s a great option to have in my rotation. It looks so awesome with grey clothes, if you match it up so that the grey shade on your nails is different than the one of your clothes. Grey nail polish is beautiful. And very special. There’s just something about it.


If you’re like me and don’t get the whole grey thing, take a look. Maybe, you’ll find something for yourself here.

Or if you do love grey nails, take a closer look at Burberry, they have three – three! – grey shades in their permanent nail colour range.

Also, have you ever thought about this: silver is a grey shade too 🙂

Anyway, let’s take a look at all the grey nail polish below:



Dior 803 Metal Montaigne (Dior permanent nail polish range)

dark and metallic




Dolce&Gabbana 80 Anise (the one I have is from spring 2012, but there’s a new reincarnation of this shade is D&G new nail polish line)

light and matt, no shimmer or shine to it




Chanel 631 Orage (fall 2014)

dark and sultry




Chanel 559 Frenzy (fall 2012)

light and with a touch of grege in it




Burberry 203 Storm Grey (Burberry permanent nail polish range)

pretty dark, but not too dark




Dior 306 Gris Trianon (Dior permanent nail polish range)

Really light




Michael Kors Seduction (Michael Kors permanent nail polish range)

vampy and metallic




Giorgio Armani 104 Greige (Giorgio Armani permanent nail polish range)

light grey with a touch of beige




Chanel 563 Vertigo (fall 2012)

femme fatale dark




Burberry 200 Steel Grey (Burberry permanent nail polish range)

steel and grey is all there





Lancome 585N (Lancome permanent nail polish range)

elegant super dark




Chanel Intemporel 148.500 (Les Intemporels mini collection spring 2014)

classic silver




Burberry 201 Graphite (Burberry permanent nail polish range)

darker grey




Deborah Lippmann Bad Moon Rising (holiday 2013)

darker silver




Chanel 645 Paradisio (spring 2015)

light green blue silver




Nars Phillip Lim collection 3676 Wrong Turn (fall 2014)

dark blue silver



Beautiful grey nail polish. So versatile. I just can’t help loving it 🙂

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