Deborah Lippmann Under a Spell lipstick & My Old Flame nail polish

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Red carpet. Old Hollywood. Glamour. These are the first three things that come to mind when looking at this beautiful lipstick shade by Deborah Lippmann. Under a spell. It’s exquisite. Classy. Next things that come to mind are stiletto heels, evening gowns and expensive perfume. This shade would work for pretty much any kind of special occasion. Date, birthday party, anniversary, night club, reception, ball and… yes, red carpet. It’s so great. It will compliment any eye colour and skin tone. And it will make you feel sooo good. Festive. Bold. Stunning. An awesome shade.





And as Deborah Lippmann lipsticks are sheer, you can use just a touch of this shade, and it will look perfectly appropriate in an office, in a shop, out on a walk, on the beach, in the forest and just anywhere, actually, in your everyday life.



I love this lipstick. I’m definitely under its spell 🙂

Lip colour range  by Deborah Lippmann is a great quality. This one, as all of them, is sheer and shiny, but not too shiny, shiny in an elegant understated way. It’s soothing too, feels divine on the lips. So soft and pleasant. Oh, and it has a very light sweet smell to it, that go aways once you’ve applied it. This smell doesn’t bother me at all. In a word, ‘Under a Spell’ is everything I want from a lipstick. It’s womanly and gorgeous.


There’s a nail polish shade by Deborah Lippmann which is a perfect match for this lipstick. My Old Flame. Love this name 🙂 It’s a pretty raspberry, so rounded up, self sufficient and so well done.





The first layer of this nail polish is pretty sheer, so you might need three layers to get the colour full on, but as a bonus you’ll get a glossy shiny look on the nails. It’s a modern take on classics. And classics always works.



It’s a true celebrity shade, as many of shades by Deborah Lippmann are. Celebrity shade in a sense, that every woman wearing it will look glamorous.

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