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As weird and backwards as it may sound, one of the most important things about manicure and applying nail polish particularly is… nail polish remover. If you paint your nails often – and I just love doing it and do it very very often – you know what I mean. Without a good nail polish remover changing colour on your nails becomes a problem. On top of that, it’s not nail polish that damages our nails. Bad nail polish remover is much worse this way than nail colour itself. So, I’ve been looking for a perfect nail polish remover for a while and have tried all kinds of them along the way. Some of them are so outrageously bad, outrageously damaging or outrageously something else nasty, that I’m not even going to mention them here. From my experience, I found four nail polish removers that I do use or can use. Here they are.


Number four on my list is Dior Dissolvant Abricot. It’s soft on the nails, not damaging, but this is where my first problem with it is. It’s too soft, so soft it’s actually pretty hard to get nail polish off with, and it takes a lot of this nail polish remover to get nail polish off. And the bottle is small 🙂 So, it’s quite possible to use up the whole bottle in the course of just two manicures, especially if you’re wearing bright shades on your nails. Let me just put it this way: nail polish remover has a purpose, it’s for removing nail polish, Ok, so it has to do that and hopefully easily enough. I don’t have to work so hard to get nail polish off my nails with nail polish remover.

Now moving on to my next issue – the smell. In one of the numerous make up stores I go to in one of the world cities – I can’t even remember now where exactly 🙂 – I asked a salesgirl for Chanel nail polish remover, and she told me they’ve run out of it and offered Dior nail polish remover instead, which makes sense from the sales point of you. To which I told her, that I just hate the smell. And she said – but why, it smells like apricot. Well, maybe, on her planet it does. And I’m very happy for her 🙂 But on my planet it doesn’t. I’ve had and smelled apricots, and they-do-not-smell-that. They smell nice. This nail polish remover smells awful, to my taste. When Dior re-launched their nail care line some time ago, I was hoping they’d deal with these two big issues about their nail polish remover – too mild on the nail polish and the smell – but they didn’t. As a result, I only use this nail polish remover, when I can’t for some reason buy any of the three others that are higher on my list than this one.


Number three on my list is The Stripper by Deborah Lippmann. One issue that I have with Dior and don’t have with Deborah Lippman’s The Stripper is the smell. Actually, the lavender lemon line smell of this is quite nice. I like it. But the one feature this nail polish remover has in common with Dior is it’s just not strong enough. The same way as with Dior it takes too much effort to get nail polish off with it. And if, God forbid, you use top coat over your nail colour, which I do, forget it, both Dior and this will just drive you crazy trying to get it off 🙂 Once again, I just don’t think I have to work so hard to get nail polish off my nails. Also, this extra effort means it takes longer than necessary to get nail polish off.

Moving on. I don’t like the package either. I don’t like the pump and I don’t like the whole twist-the-lid stuff, it’s too hard to work with, so I just unscrew it all and get the remover out of the bottle the good old way 🙂 But as I like the smell, it’s actually third on my list, a step higher than Dior.

Oh, and by the way, The Stripper To Go – finger mitts soaked in The Stripper remover that you’re supposed to put on your finger tips and then wipe off the nail polish with it – well, they seem to be even milder than The Stripper itself. It says on The Stripper To Go that one mitt cleans all ten nails. Not for me. I usually use up several of them to clean just ONE nail. So, it just doesn’t work for me. Too much trouble.


Number two on my list is Zoya 3 in 1 formula remover. I found this nail polish remover accidentally, when Chanel decided to re-launch their nail polish remover which is my favourite. As a result, the shops ran out of Chanel old nail polish remover and don’t quite have the new one yet. Now I have to say, when it disappeared from the stores, I was truly scared. I thought Chanel might have decided to discontinue it. And the simple truth is, to me it’s the best nail polish remover on the luxury market, and the one I use most of the time. Then I found out they’re going to re-launch it, which is equally scary, because if they change the formula, and the formula gets worse, well, I won’t be able to use it anymore.

This is exactly what made me go once again through other brand nail polish removers. First I got Dior, confirmed once again, that the smell and softness really bugs me 🙂 , then I got The Stripper by Deborah Lippmann, relaxed it terms of smell, but couldn’t handle all the mildness of the remover, in fact, excess of mildness. And then I tried Zoya nail polish for the first time in my life. And the formula is so impressive I dared try to buy their nail polish remover. And it’s awesome. Seriously, it could almost share the first place with Chanel. And is, by the way, considerably cheaper. Zoya nail polish remover is so great. It’s mild on the nails, but it DOES ACTUALLY REMOVE NAIL POLISH 🙂 I ordered it online, and when I got it, I just couldn’t believe how huge the bottle is. Obviously, I got a professional size bottle and was not really aware of it 🙂 , as I’m so used to small nail polish remover bottles I didn’t even, frankly, look at the size when ordering it. But don’t worry, it also comes in small bottles, if that’s what you prefer 🙂

Anyway, this nail polish remover is amazing – it doesn’t damage nails, the smell is fine, and it efficiently gets nail colour off. It actually makes me feel a little better about Chanel nail polish remover re-launch. Guess what, if Chanel formula gets screwed up, I’m just going to move on to Zoya 🙂 Oh, and Zoya nail polish remover is, actually, 3 in 1, it’s polish remover, nail cleaner and nail prep in one. Cool!


And, finally, number one on my list is Chanel Dissolvant Doux. It’s the best. Now I can’t say it smells like roses. It kind of smells like a nail polish remover, but in a nice subdued powdery way. I can take it easily, and I’m sensitive to any kind of smell. And it gets nail polish off beautifully and easily. The bottle is small, but it can get you through several manicures. It doesn’t damage nails and, most importantly, IT’S SO EASY TO GET NAIL POLISH OFF WITH IT. Really, it’s a breeze. And SO FAST. I can change colour on my nails as often as I want. And that’s pretty often!

To me, Chanel Dissolvant Doux is perfect. But you know what, nail polish remover by Zoya is ve-e-ery close to perfection.

P.S. A little bit of an update – everything said above about Chanel Dissolvant Doux refers to its formula BEFORE it was relaunched in fall 2015. Now that it’s relaunched, it has such a terrible smell to it I can’t use it altogether. Although it still handles nail polish pretty well. But the smell… ugh. So, now Zoya is my number one. Chanel is off my list for the time being, at least. The rests holds true.

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