3 bright pink spring Armani lip shades for summer 2015

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Bright pinks always fit so well in our make up rotation in summer. They help us stand out without doing the whole vampy red lip look. And they give us the feeling of being on vacation somewhere on a tropical island, even when we are not 🙂 Fuchsia, azalea, orchid pink… Hot, sexy, lush.


This summer season 2015 we’ve seen bright and brighter pinks in Givenchy, Dior and Guerlain collections. Just before it in spring 2015 Armani did some great pink shades in their Maharajah collection. Armani pinks are a little bit different than all the fuchsia shades we usually wear in summer. Armani pinks are more elegant, sophisticated, but still bright and vibrant and will look really good this season. On top of that, Armani make up is truly awesome in terms of texture and quality. So, let’s take a look at these three beautiful pinks. 🙂



For those who like classic lipstick texture there’s Rouge d’Armani 513 Maharajah.









It’s a fuchsia with a touch of purple. It’s like if you took fun girly summery fuchsia and elevated it to the level of black tie reception. Very nice. Smart and hot at the same time.









And I just love Rouge d’Armani texture. It’s so great like all their textures. The only thing I don’t like so much about this lipstick formula is a whiff of chemical scent that you get in the very first moment of application. It goes away almost immediately though, and you don’t feel it on the lips at all. But the texture is so good I’m ready to put up with this little flaw 🙂 Also, Rouge d’Armani really really lasts. It’s light in texture, you almost don’t feel it on the lips, but it stays on. Which is important when going out or at a long business meeting.


Those who prefer lip gloss, take a look at Flash Laquer 512 Maharajah.







It’s not the same shade as the lipstick, but it’s in the same family. It’s bright. Very bright. And more pink. It doesn’t have purple in it. It’s a hot fuchsia, but once again, it’s a fuchsia with a very elegant twist to it. It’s what fuchsia was, when it was just invented 🙂 Very cool. Very summery. Beach parties? This shiny shade is coming your way 🙂







Once again, in terms of texture it’s superb. It’s not too thick, not too thin and super shiny. And just like with Rouge d’Armani, I don’t know, what it is in their formula, but it has the same kind of chemical whiff up front. But in the middle of application it’s gone and gone for good, I don’t feel it on the lips at all. The shade looks absolutely great.


And here’s something for those, who are looking at the two shades above and going – what? It way too bright! I could never wear that! It’s a lighter kind of pink, but not too light. Very elegant. If you only wear very light pinks, I dare say, this is your chance to try something brighter. You know what, you might actually like it even 🙂 Flash Lacquer 511 Pink Blush.







It’s a perfect lighter pink. Womanly, clever, pretty. So well-balanced. Classy. Love it.







Both glosses are just shiny wet look colour, there’s no sparkle in them of any kind, or pearl – see, I told you, classy 🙂 The texture is great, but once again, don’t forget about that initial whiff of chemical smell, that passes almost instantly.


I can’t tell you how much I love all these pinks. Armani just reinstated pinks here, taking out the vulgar element completely and getting them back into the womanly classic hall of fame of lip colour.




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