2 super tender nail polish shades for summer

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Summer is the season when we traditionally get releases of all kind of bright shades in make up collections by luxury brands, this is especially true for lip and nail colour. Almost every summer we see vibrant pinks, fuchsia and even artsy nail shades like turquoise and greens. Summer is so colourful in itself, it’s vacation season, out in the country season, beach season, and all those bright shades just seem to go so well with it, brands can’t help it 🙂


We’re so used to colour in summer we come to expect it. But what are romantic beauties supposed to do? Who never wear on their nails or in make up in general anything brighter than pastel? And also girls who don’t like colour and only wear nudes? And those who work in the offices with strict and elegant dress code, where bright make up of any kind doesn’t really belong? I’ve got two shades here that will look great in summer and might be just right for you, if you fall into any of those of the above categories. These shades are your chance to stay true to your style and still have a summery take on it 🙂 Here they are.



368 Baby Rose by Guerlain is a pretty light classy pink limited edition from spring 2015. It’s classy without being classic in a boring sense of word. Classic pink nail polish is pearly and shiny. This is matt and sophisticated. Still it has just the right touch of pink in it to go well with tan and summer dresses and sunshine. Very pretty. Two layers will give you a sheer my-nails-are-well-groomed look.



Three layers will give you full on elegant pale pink colour – the way it is in the swatch, as, personally, I don’t favour sheer nail polish coverage, so I had to get all the colour there is in this shade 🙂


If you like pale nude shades on your nails, but you feel like being bold this summer, here’s a beautiful pastel lilac shade by Chanel 615 Sweet Lilac. It’s a limited edition from summer 2014. But it was released before by Chanel more than once – I think – as part of their seasonal collections, so chances are you have it. Or you can find the same kind of shade elsewhere 🙂



It’s a pale pastel lilac shade. No pearl, no sparkle, it’s matt. Beautiful, summery and ladylike. If you don’t wear colour on your nails, this is your chance to try it. Guess what, you might actually come to like it even, and your nail polish wardrobe will get to be more extensive.


It terms of quality, I have to say, Chanel is the best. Their nail polish formula is really the best, only Deborah Lippmann comes very close to it. Although Guerlain is good enough. It won’t disappoint those used to luxury brand nail polish quality.


I just love these shades. Business clothes or bikini – these shades will work for all summer looks, whatever the occasion. They are so tender, so muted, so chic. Wonderful.

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