Michael Kors Sexy Rio swatched

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Sexy Rio de Janeiro is a new fragrance by Michael Kors that was released not so long ago. It’s a musk floral scent, gardenia like smell. To support it there was released a mini make up collection – just a lip gloss and a nail polish, very concise, very Michael Kors. With all the bronze and coral we get every summer in make up collections, I felt like I was totally fed with these shades 🙂 But guess what, it depends on how you do it. Michael Kors pulled these shades so beautifully, and they will look gorgeous this summer. Let’s take a look.



Lip Luster Bubbly is a lip gloss of a perfect bronze shade.





Honestly, it is perfect. It’s not too orange, not too golden, just right. I used to like bronze lip gloss and lipstick before it got over used beyond any belief 🙂 , and this shade here brings me back, makes me remember why I liked it, gets me excited and makes me want to use it.




It’s awesome. It really is. It feels nice and comfortable on the lips in a typically Michael Kors fashion and has a typically Michael Kors light hard candy like smell to it, which you feel when applying it, don’t feel that much once you’ve applied. And the name of the shade – Bubbly – is just so fun. Guess what, with this shade you will look like a goddess – yes, these won’t be just words anymore 🙂 – in summer, in your swimwear, in your sandals, in your jeans, in your summer dresses, in your evening gowns, in just anything.


To go with it there’s a nail polish shade that is simply stunning. I love it. It’s so special. So unique. So not like most of the nail polish shades out there. The shade is called Bossa Nova.




It’s a beautiful beige with a golden touch to it. It’s transforming, changing, breathing, it looks beige, bronze, gold depending on the light.




My only complaint is – which can be an advantage to others – it’s pretty sheer. Two coats still give you a sheer coverage, and I just don’t like sheer coverage. In three coats I can get full coverage, the way it is in the swatch, although it’s hard to get three coats to dry well. But the shade is so awesome, I’m ready to work a little bit for it. Especially as there are all kind of fast drying top coats and drops to help me with it 🙂




Anyway, this shade is pearly without being too pearly, golden without being too golden, beige without being too beige, bronze without being too bronze. It’s so great. The only shade that impressed me as much in all this year summer collections is Terrana by Chanel.IMG_0567IMG_1804





It’s like Terrana is a darker take on Bossa Nova by Michael Kors. Which makes me want to pair up these two shades in manicure or in manicure and pedicure, maybe? See, that’s why I love these shades, they trigger my imagination 🙂


This Sexy Rio mini make up collection by Michael Kors is so beautiful. It’s such a good job. And it goes so well with summer I just can’t praise it enough. I’m going to enjoy wearing these two shades this season. By the way, nail polish and lip gloss is just a perfect combination for summer for those, who don’t like heavy make up in warmer weather, but still want to use something to look well-groomed. So, these two Sexy Rio items really work 🙂


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