3 Dior spring nail polish shades that will work just great this summer

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These three shades from Dior spring collection are very nice and, what’s even more important, they are ladylike without being boring and will be perfect for summer. Let’s see how and why we can wear these this season and look gorgeous.







244 Majesty.







Remember all those bright coral and orange shades you could never even imagine wearing? Well, here’s something for you.


It’s such a tender and elegant coral pink. It’s like it has a touch of sunshine in it. Very nice. Will go really well with tan. It’s a noble shade. And it will be a great match for a whole bunch of summery lipstick shades and clothes.


Next is 294 Lady.







It’s grege. A splendid grege. Beige with just the right mount of grey in it.



Remember all those creamy and beige summer clothes you’ve got? Uh-huh. That’s the shade. It will go so well with it. And with our swimwear. And with white dresses. And it’s Ok to wear in the office and at work too. Love it.


And, finally, there’s 660 Glory.







It is glory. It’s cherry fuchsia. It’s bright and summery and vivid, but still very elegant.



When we go out, that’s the shade. Tan or no tan, beach or workplace, night club or art gallery – this shade is universal, summery, womanly. It’s beautiful. It’s like if a super sexy vamp decided to relax and instead of wearing blood red wear this for a change. Hot.


Great shades – great summer pic.

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