Pretty spring eyeshadow for summer 2015

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This spring there was a whole bunch of really nice and tender eyeshadow released. They are just so great. So, why stop using them in spring? In fact, a lot of spring eyeshadow this year will look gorgeous in summer. Let’s see what we’ve got and how we can use this something 🙂


For starters, we had the most beautiful eyeshadow palette by YSL – Palette Ombres de Jour. The package is so cute.






For summer I’d suggest skipping on the deep purple eyeliner shade in the middle square and on the very right in the swatch. But the four other shades… uh, so pretty 🙂 Pearly, shiny and… summery. Let’s look at them closely left to right and top to bottom.





First we’ve got a nice pearly beige shade.

Then there’s a very light yellow, it’s shiny and kind of sparkly and really cool.

Then there’s an ever so sparkly and beautiful light brown with a bronze twist to it.

And, finally, to top it all, a clear medium bright pink.


I can’t imagine anything that will go better with tan and summer flowery dresses than this eyeshadow palette. Also, this palette can create an almost unlimited number of sophisticated shiny nude looks that will go well with any complexion, hair and eye colour.


And once again, I’d drop the dark purple eyeliner shade from the middle square that’s the last on the right in the swatch. That’s just not summery. Will look better in fall 🙂


Guerlain’s two eyeshadow quads from spring 2015 will both work for summer. Let’s take a look and start with the more universal one.


504 Les Precieux palette has something in common a little bit with YSL palette we’ve just discussed.


But then it also has something very different. And that is a chic metallic khaki shade.


It’s on the left in the palette and in the swatch. It’s so elegant and sweet and nice. Those who have dark eyes, hazel eyes, green eyes, yellow green eyes with dark or fair hair, pay attention to this shade. It will make a great soft summer eyeliner or, if you dare, you can use it to create an artsy sophisticated smokey eye look.

Then on top in the palette and next in the swatch we have a super pale shiny kind of pink. There’s really not much pink in it, it will just give you a wash of shine on your eyelids.

Now let’s move on to what united this palette with the YSL palette. On the bottom under the pale pink in the quad and next in the swatch (third from the left) there’s a shiny pale yellow. Once again, there’s not much yellow here. It’s just a wash of shine for your lids. Which is good for summer, if you don’t like to wear bright heavy make up in summer. Now I have to tell you, I love pale yellow shiny shades, so if in YSL palette and in this Guerlain palette I had two of those, I’d be ecstatic, but there’s just not enough yellow in any of these shades for me. They are leaning towards white shine. Which some people might like, I, personally, don’t. 🙂 Still, it’s a good summer shade.

Next and once again reminiscent of the YSL palette, there’s on the right a light brown with a bronze twist to it, leaning more towards gold than that of YSL. Gorgeous summer shade. I’m so bored with bronze. This golden brown is so much more complimentary for most complexions, so great for tanned skin, face, just beautiful. Love it.

This palette is a great summer choice.


Now here’s something for blue eyed beauties, who might be getting impatient by now as to where there’s any stuff for them in this summer eye shade world 🙂


Guerlain 18 Les Nuees quad.



Just look at this blue on the left. Eyeliner? Smoky eyes? Your choice, but you’ll look gorgeous and natural this summer with this shade. And everyone will notice those stunning blue eyes you’ve got.


Then there’s a shiny and sparkly white on top in the palette and second on the left in the swatch to give an artsy touch to your blue smoky eyes 🙂

And below it in the palette and next in the swatch there’s a super pale blue that will look just like a white shine on your lids. You’re a blonde with blue eyes? Lucky you 🙂 This shade is the perfect summer shade for you.

And, finally, on the right there’s an ever so pale pink shade that’s once again is more of a wash of sparkle for your lids. You like nudes and feel adventurous this summer? Try this shade alone or add it on top of your favourite nude shades. And for those who have blue eyes, it will give a pretty glow to your eyes and bring out their colour. Just like the pale blue shade, by the way.

This eyeshadow palette is so nice for summer for those who have blue eyes and also for those who feel like using something new. These soft light blue shades are perfect for trying out blue, that you’ve never tried before 🙂


Now we’ve got something from Dior here for summer, especially for those who have green and hazel eyes and for those who have a lot of pink or shades thereof in their wardrobe this summer.


856 House of Pinks



I suggest starting from the end here 🙂 Let’s look at the bottom right corner in the palette and at the very right in the swatch. See this Bordeaux brown shade? It might sound like a paradox, but I don’t suggest dropping this shade for summer, will sound even more like a paradox, probably, but I’d advise green eyed girls to take a closer look at this shade. Yes, I did say green eyed 🙂 Bordeaux shades in eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara brings out green of the eyes like crazy 🙂 I can’t really explain logically how it works, but it works big time 🙂 Try it, you’ll be surprised. Well, and now back to the realm of logics, those who have brown or hazel eyes, Bordeaux is softer than brown for eyeliner shade for summer. It will look good.


Now let’s get back to the front. Top left corner in the palette and first on the left in the swatch. A soft white with a distant touch of pearl to it but not quite pearly. A good summer base shade for just about everyone.

Right next to it in the top right corner in the palette and next in the swatch there’s a matt light beige. Those who don’t like shine and sparkle, but like just an elegant nude touch on the lids in summer will enjoy this shade.

In the middle in the palette and in the swatch 🙂 there’s pink that looks quite bright, but really is not. It’s soft and nice and elegant. With a hint of pearl once again, but not quite there. If you’ve never used pink, have been afraid to use pink, but want to use pink, start with this shade.

In the bottom left corner in the palette and one but last on the right there’s a gorgeous darker pearly beige. Hazel eyes? Grey eyes? Green eyes? Going out in summer? That’s your shade!

And we’ve already talked about the bottom right corner (the one on the very right in the swatch) shade up front 🙂

This palette is a sophisticated elegant bunch of eye shades.


466 House of Greens



Green or grey eyes? Or hazel or chocolate brown? Here we go. This misty green palette is truly chic.


In the top left corner in the palette and on the left in the swatch there’s a pale pink that actually – for once of all the palettes above 🙂 – has some pink in it, not too much. See, it confirms my theory expressed above, there’s some chemistry between Bordeaux, pink shades and green eyes 🙂 This shade is pearly, light with fine little sparkle in it. Yummy and summery.

Next in the right top corner in the palette and next in the swatch there’s this misty shiny grege that will turn your grey eyes into a dangerous seduction weapon. Do smoky eyes look with this shade, and you’ll be the queen of the dance floor or any place, for that matter. Beautiful shade, your eyes will beam and shine with it.

In the middle there’s a light metallic khaki. If you’ve never tried khaki, this is the time, this shade is so well balanced it will look good on just anyone. Love it.

In the bottom left corner in the palette and one but last on the right in the swatch there’s a misty silvery metallic green. Grey eyes with this shade is a killer. Green dress with this shade is a killer. It’s elegant and mysterious. Nice.

And then in the bottom right corner in the palette and on the very right in the swatch we have a khaki eyeliner shade that I’d suggest skipping for summer and saving for fall or winter.

This palette is really something.


And, finally, as we tend to travel and go on vacation in summer, here’s a palette by Dior from spring that will let you have it all in one small flat box.

Kingdom of Colours – face, eyes and lips palette.



Cool, isn’t it?

Here we’ve got:

On the very left there’s a black eyeliner.

And then there are two shiny shades that will help you just illuminate your eyelids without going heavy on the make up, when it’s just so hot. There’s a pretty shiny green on top and a light shiny silver on the bottom.

And then there’s a light lavender eyeshadow.

Here are these three shades in the swatch (in the order that they’re discussed and enumerated above):


Moving on to the face shades. Mattifying skin perfecter is just what we need in hot summer weather.

To create the kind of glow and shine we do want though there’s a skin highlighter right beneath it.

And there’s also a pink blush with just a hint of coral in it. Very nice and truly summery. It will work so much better than all those straight and dead on coral blush shades we always get offered by luxury brands in their summer collections.


Here are the face shades from this palette in the swatch (in the order that they’re discussed and enumerated above):




And, finally, here’s what we’ve got for lips.

Two lip gloss shades.

On top there’s a shade that’s pretty much transparent, so it just gives your lips the glow, that’s it.


The pinkish shade beneath it is also very light and shiny, but it has a distant touch of very natural pink with coral and beige in it. It’s like a healthy pink glow on your lips kind shade. It’s just screaming summer in our face 🙂

And, finally, there’s a lipstick shade. It’s a great match for the blush, because it’s also from the same pink with a little bit of coral in it family. It’s a very natural shade. Very complimentary. Very summer like.

Here’s a swatch (in the order that they’re discussed and enumerated above):


I love this palette for summer travelling. It has anything I want in it.


All in all, each and every one of these palettes has a bit of summer in it, has fun and joy and beauty all ready to wear. I want that 🙂

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