3 Lancome spring nail polish shades for summer 2015

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Here are three really nice and sexy nail polish shades by Lancome from this spring that I’ll keep wearing in summer, and that will look very chic. Check them out. There’s everything there: romance, sophistication, seduction.




A short and simple way to describe these shades is ‘like a lady’. Always. In any situation. Here’s why.


First we have an innocent pale pink. Rose Monceau 347B.




It’s like flower petals. So cute, so girly. No sparkle, no pearl. It’s the embodiment of romance. Will work great for summer days. Will match just anything. Pretty.




Next we have some artsy sophistication. Gris Rivoli 559M.




It’s grege. Elegant with a modern twist. Nude without being too nude. So very now. This is a perfect match for all those bronze and coral shades in make up we tend to use so much in summer.




And to round it all up, for going out and for seductresses we have Rose Bagatelle 242M.




A super hot pink. It’s like this shade was made to go with summer and tan. This shade on the nails will emphasize all those fuchsia lip shades we always get in summer collections and do wear sometimes 🙂




All three nails polishes are typically good luxury market quality, applied easy enough for a non gel nail polish. Just look at these shades. Every woman would find something to her liking here. So chic.


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