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Dior is obviously relaunching and redoing their whole make up line. We’ve already seen nail polish, base and powder, eyeshadow relaunches, and now we got changes in mascara and eyeliner range. To tell the truth, I have mixed feelings about such extensive relaunch campaigns. And here’s why. It’s true that some products and their formulas do need some tweaks, like, say, I think Dior nail polish formula did need some improvement, and it got better, once it changed. But… in all make up lines, especially in luxury brands, there are always products that have great formula, and if you try to change it, there’s always a chance it will come out worse than it used to be.


So, I’d prefer, if some products did change, other products stayed put. But that’s just me 🙂


Now speaking about Dior waterproof eyeliner, I do think there was room for improvement there. To my taste, old Diorshow liner was just too harsh on the eyelid, too firm, not soft enough. I know what you’re going to say. When an eyeliner is too soft, it’s impossible to use, because it gets smudged all over the place. I agree with you. But what matter here in balance. An eyeliner shouldn’t be too soft, but it just can’t be too firm, because then it’s unpleasant to use, and application suffers too. In fact, the old formula was so harsh on my lids, I gave away all the like six shades of this eyeliner that I tried to get used to, but eventually just couldn’t 🙂 It only makes sense that I was pretty glad this eyeliner by Dior would have a breath of fresh air and new life to it.


I have to say, it did change a lot.



Not the packaging though. It’s typically Dior silver shiny, which is the same width as the old packaging but… it got shorter. I love that. With all the make up boxes I have saving space is always an advantage to me 🙂 Also it’s an advantage, when you need to carry the eyeliner around in your purse or when you travel. So, it’s all good.


Even the name of the eyeliner is different now.



It used to be Diorshow Liner Waterproof. Now it’s Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof. The addition of Pro actually got me all concerned when I saw it. I’ve already mentioned once, that it’s professional make up products have a different purpose than consumer make up products. Professional make up is quite different from that we generally wear in real life. Just take my word for it J So, I’m not convinced that professional products are that good a way to go for consumer brands.


By the way, remember how I told you above I got rid of several shades of the old formula of Diorshow liner? Well, I did keep one limited edition shade 258 Turquoise back from summer 2012. The shade is just so great I couldn’t resist it 🙂


So, here we go.



The new eyeliner reincarnation is thicker – much thicker – and shorter than the old one. And it’s not silver now – it’s Dior like navy blue. When I saw how much thicker it is, I got all suspicious 🙂 But once I opened it and looked at the eyeliner itself, it made sense.



Its tip now is totally different. It’s not a round tiny little tip that you can sharpen – the old formula had a sharpener at the bottom of the pencil. New Diorshow Pro Liner has a flat and wide kind of tip, that’s designed to draw two kind of lines on your lids – thin, elegant lines and thick and artsy ones. Oh, and here’s the good news, the way the eyeliner is designed now, you don’t need to sharpen it. At all. Ever. It’s cool. I love that.



Well, here’s what I have to say about the new formula. First and foremost, it IS better. It’s softer but not too soft. The application is nice and easy. And I have to confess here that I’m like the clumsiest person in the world, when it comes to eyeliners 🙂 , so believe me, when I tell you it’s easy to use this eyeliner and that you can draw a straight or, say, straight enough arrow on your lid, it’s true. And this new tip – as ridiculous and weird the concept seemed to me – does work. I easily got a thin arrow on my eyelids holding it horizontally to the lid, you know, the kind of arrow to add just a touch of expression to the look.



Now I had a little bit more trouble with the thicker side, that it holding the tip vertically to the lid. But I’m pretty sure, it’s not because of the formula or the eyeliner tip, it’s because I’m not used to it. When you draw a thick arrow, you might have to use just a little bit of corrector or eyeshadow to smooth it out, but not much. And I’m sure, the more practice I’ll get with it, the better my thick artsy arrows are going to be.



All in all, this new formula is definitely a step forward for this product by Dior. They’ve done a good job. You’ve never been able to get those sixties super hot arrows or Cleopatra arrows kind of look? Well, do you want one? Just to try it? If you do, go for the new Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof, and you’ll get it 🙂


P.S. By the way, be careful, as any eyeliner of the kind, bits and pieces of it can just snap off, if you lean too hard on it, when you draw a line.


P.P.S. Here’s another afterthought 🙂 I rarely get mascara smudged, and almost never because of tears – which I often get, when I’m outside, and it’s windy 🙂 – or rain. So, I don’t really care much, whether eyeliner is waterproof or not. But I realized just now that I’m rather an exclusion to the rule, so it’s important for most of us that our mascara and eyeliner is actually waterproof, then we’re safe with all our eye watering and tear jerking experiences, our tears of joy and sorrow, great movies and books that are so heartbreakingly and breathtakingly good we just can’t hold back the tears. Well, this one by Dior is waterproof, so emote away 🙂

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