Michael Kors make up swatched

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Michael Kors make up line is basic, sexy and easy to use. It has just the essential make up products to give us a hot and glowy look. If you don’t have much time but want to look gorgeous, you can do it with Michael Kors make up. Their range includes bronzers, lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish. Minimum make up for maximum result. Let’s see what it’s all about.



I have to say up front, that I’m skipping nail polish here. I’ll do a separate post about it, as the range is big enough. Now back to make up 🙂


The packaging is all white polished gold. Very Michael Kors. Some people might say it’s too much polished gold though, especially in bronzer boxing 🙂

Check it out. Bronzer design:








Lipstick design:








Lip gloss design:






Michael Kors make up is divided into three separate lines: Sporty, Sexy and Glam.


The Sporty look is this clean, healthy and well groomed look. Nude look. If you like nude make up, this line is for you.


Glow bronzer is a light beige shade to give you a perfect complexion and delicate shine. It’s nice and soft to use. And it’s huge 🙂 So, it will last you a while.







Glow is on the left in the swatch here.




Then there’s Diva lipstick.






It’s a shiny beige shade. Just a touch of shine and colour on your lips.



Smells like hard candy, but this scent is not intrusive. The lipstick is shiny, kind of sheer. Feels good on the lips. Nice.

Here’s it is in the swatch on the very left.




And, finally, there’s ever so light beige Muse lip gloss.








Just as lipstick, it’s sweet scented, but the scent goes away once you’ve applied it. It’s a beige sheen with some sparkle in it.

Here’s a swatch, it’s on the left.




Lip gloss brush is spongy, quite comfortable to use, allows efficient enough application.



The gloss itself is not too heavy, glossy and shiny on the lips.


All the shades in this Sporty range are for girls who want to look pretty and cool and natural without looking made up. It’s simple elegance that we all resort to in certain situations. Say, this kind of make up will look good in the office, in work situations, at job interviews. Well, and those of us who just enjoy sports clothes and sporty life style in general, will love this make up line for all kind occasions.


Sporty by Michael Kors is a true hymn to natural beauty.


Next subline by Michael Kors is Sexy. Just like with Sporty line, the name gives you an idea of what to expect. Hot beauties are welcome.


Flush bronzer is my favourite one of the three bronzers by Michael Kors. It’s stronger than cute Sport Glow.







It’s rosy kind of bronzer. It’s in the middle in the swatch.



I almost never use bronzers all over, but this shade makes me wanna use it for sculpting and contouring, as a blush or a highlighter, maybe. Beautiful bronzer shade. Yes, it is sexy. Very much so.


Bombshell lipstick from this range is a raspberry shade with a cool purple kind of subtone.






It is sheer, but bright and luscious.



Here it is – in the middle.




Siren lipgloss is a classic raspberry shade.





There’s some sparkle, but not much. See? The middle one.



Bright and shiny raspberry lips will look stunning when you’re going out. This shade was made for partying. Or for an opera house and black tie.


Have you noticed that lipstick and lip gloss in every line by Michael Kors are paired up so that they can be worn together for impressive and strong kind of look? Think about it, it may come in handy. Say, as long as we’ve just talked about Sexy line, if you apply Siren lip gloss on top of Bombshell lipstick… well, I think it can almost be dangerously hot 🙂


The third collection by Michael Kors within their make up range is Glam.


Glam? I don’t know. I’d say it’s modern day vampy. Dark and sultry.


Beam bronzer is truly bronze.






With an almost orange kind of shine. It’s the strongest of all the bronzers. This shade is made for contouring. And highlighting.

On the right here.



Remember I told you, the bronzer package is huge? So not only your face, but you neck and shoulders can benefit from this sun kissed shade. Especially in summer. Especially with tan.



Dame lipstick shade is a steaming hot sheer plum.




It’s all-eyes-on-you kind of shade. Strong.



It’s on the right in the swatch here.




Icon lip gloss is an even darker and stronger shiny plum.





No sparkle. Just mirror shine black cherry shade. On the right here.



Femme fatale. That’s what it is 🙂 And if you wear Dame lipstick together with Icon lip gloss… it’s a killer 🙂


This is it, Michael Kors permanent make up line. It’s a life style concept, where fragrance is paired up with basic make up for three different looks and images. I like this approach. It’s simple but strong, the quality is good, it saves time and stands out in luxury brand make up market. Good job 🙂


P.S. There’s also Sexy Rio limited edition collection to support Sexy Rio de Janeiro fragrance. I have a separate post about it, so if you’re interested to see it, read on 🙂

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