Dior spring lip shades for summer 2015

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Dior released 9 lip shades this spring that are worth looking at and, maybe, wearing this summer. They’ll definitely be a little bit off the beaten track in terms of general shades palette, at the same time some of them are classical and universal and others are quite in tune with what is hot this summer. If you wear these shades this season you’ll be fashionable and trendy without being just like everybody else, you’ll have a chance to stand out and show some of your individuality. And isn’t that what make up actually about?




First we have five Rouge Dior Baume shades. Perfect for summer.




It’s lipstick, but shiny sheer baumy kind of lipstick that is softer and nicer for warm summer weather. And your lips won’t get too dry due to the baume texture. Great thinking, isn’t it? 🙂 With this lipstick your lips will look like you’ve just had fruit or berries or just bathed in the sea or walked in the rain. Sexy.


Oh, and if you like classic lipstick texture, you can layer Rouge Dior Baume and get it with some wet shine to top it.


And Rouge Dior Baume is small, so you’ll be able to fit it into smaller pockets and those clutches you wear in summer 🙂



I’d like to remind you up front that Rouge Dior Baume has a pretty strong scent to it. As scent sensitive I am, it doesn’t really bother me, and I stop feeling it in a little while. Not right away though. If you’re scent sensitive, it’s worth trying it out first in store. Anyway…


In terms of the shades we have all we need here – this summer trends, elegance, classics, it’s all here.


448 Belle de Printemps is a coral shade, but it’s quite different than general vibrant, almost neon coral that we see all over the place in summer luxury make up collections. This is a shy coquettish kind of coral. The kind those of you who’ve never work coral lip shades might want to try and, maybe, start with.






It’s nice. Romantic. Summery.






628 Palais is a nude shade. Classy. Elegant. Sheer. Well done.






If you like nude make up or specifically nude lips, take a look. I dare say you’ll like it.






650 Fleur de Lys reminds us of Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo 🙂 Well, maybe, Fleur de Lys wasn’t the main love interest in the story and didn’t quite come up to Esmeralda – a Gipsy and the main female character 🙂 – but Fleur de Lys was a beauty, the main guy loved her before he loved Esmeralda and she survived the end of the story which Esmeralda didn’t 🙂






Getting back to the shade. It’s like plum goes light. That’s what it is. Or else let me put it this way, it’s plum made for summer. You favour plum shades? Then this is probably it. You’ll love it this season.






668 Cotillon is a sophisticated take on fuchsia or all those bright hot summery pinks. But once again it’s different. It’s more womanly, rounded, it’s softer.






Truly pretty. And sexy without slipping into the vulgar fuchsia territory. Yes, you know what I’m talking about 🙂






678 Gala is raspberry goes light. It’s like taking this classic raspberry shade and make it modern and wearable. You never thought you could wear raspberry? This is your chance.






Remember when talking about texture I said your lips will look like you’ve had berries or fruit? That’s it.






Let’s look closely at the shades in this swatch. Left to right we have here:


448 Belle de Printemps, 628 Palais, 650 Fleur de Lys, 668 Cotillon, 678 Gala.



For those who like their make up really delicate in summer, or like to shine bright 🙂 , there are four lip gloss shades by Dior. Here they are.



004 Tiara is transparent with sparkly glitter in it. It’s an artsy touch for those who just like minimal mirror shine on their lips in summer. It’s airy and princess like. Interesting shade. Will go really well with smoky eyes and any kind of bright eye make up.






If you were wondering, whether you should or can wear make up on the beach, you can definitely wear this. And once again, romantic beauties are very welcome here. You’ll like this.





By the way, in all the lip glosses there’s a typically Dior brush – they just don’t go for sponge 🙂





154 Fastes is a fairy like pink. So pretty.






Will look good on any girl. A clean and cute shade. Anywhere anytime kind of shade. Nice.



584 Dynasty is a counterpoint to Fastes.







It’s an elegant, well balanced, natural kind of pink. Universal. Will go well with any kind of clothes. Will suit any occasion. It’s a good pink. Not too dark, not too light, not sparkly. Check it out.




624 Mylord is a great nude shade. Really, it is great.






No sparkle. Just nude and classy. Not too light, not too dark. Not too cool, not too warm. Perfect. You could never tell what nude is all about? Try this. It’s awesome.



In the swatch left to right there’s 004 Tiara, 154 Fastes, 584 Dynasty, 624 Mylord.



I love these shades by Dior for this season. In fact, I think they’ll look best in summer. And there are so many of them, so much to choose from 🙂


P.S. Check out my Instagram to see me wear all Rouge Dior Baume shades 🙂


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