Best mascara – 5 of them

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Mascara is such an important part of our make up routine. Why? Maybe, because our eyes often reflect our emotions so vividly? Just think about it. Mascara is often one of the first make up products we start using. There’s something about it that’s very special.


Mascara being so special and being so closely related to feelings and emotions resulted in it being used in movies, TV, photograph, literature and other art genres extensively. If a girl is in trouble in any of the above mentioned genres, what will we see on screen or read about in modern books? Right. We’ll see smudged mascara or read a description of tears mixed with mascara streaming down a girl’s face.


To me personally, mascara is very important. My eyes are big, and I like dramatic eye lashes. That is long lashes, thick lashes, rather a little bit exaggerated than natural.


As soon as we apply mascara, our face changes. It’s one of the most expressive make up products and tricks we have at our disposal.


There are so many luxury brand mascara kinds out there, and they keep coming up with new ones all the time 🙂 Surprisingly enough with all the modern technology there are still all those mascaras on the luxury market, that don’t do much for me or else don’t do what I want them to do.


I keep trying new ones, of course, but when it comes to mascara, I have those safe ones that I always go to, use and enjoy. They are equally good, I think, so I’m not even going to rate them, I’ll just tell you what I like about each and every one of them.


Before we start talking about what mascara I love and what it does, let me tell you that my lashes are long and thick enough, I’d say, longer and thicker than average. What I mostly looking for in mascara is length. I love longer lashes. Once again, my eyes are big, so even when my lashes are very long, it doesn’t look too theatric.


And, finally, let me tell you up front that having used all kind of mascara I’ve spotted one thing. Very often mascara that’s said to be volume mascara gives me more length than mascara that’s intended for length. I don’t know why. It’s a fact of life. I just want to throw it out there, maybe, there are people like me, and they don’t know it yet, and this weird fact can actually be helpful to them 🙂


Anyway, here’s my favourite mascara. Five of them 🙂


Diorshow by Dior.







Now this mascara is truly dramatic. Just look at the brush 🙂



It’s the biggest mascara brush I’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s so big, when I first saw it, I got scared. But it works beautifully! Lashes and eyes accordingly do look more expressive with it. Lashes are longer and thicker and everything. Love it. Keep coming back to it. The new formula of Diorshow that was released by Dior not long ago is at least as good as the old one or even a little better. Oh, and the flowery scent! There’s no other mascara in the world with such a great scent. And I’m one of those people, who hate scent in make up, but this one I love.


Eyes to Kill Excess by Giorgio Armani.





Don’t mix it up with just Eyes to Kill 🙂 Armani always has such great make up formulas. This one is no exception to the rule. It changes lashes in a second. It gives me everything – length and volume, eyes look bigger and more dramatic. It’s awesome.





I like this mascara better than the newest Black Ecstasy by Giorgio Armani. Although Black Ecstasy is good enough. Oh, and as much as I love the flowery scent of Diorshow, Eyes to Kill Excess by Giorgio Armani has a not too pleasant chemical scent to it. It goes away fast, there’s just a whiff of it once you open it, and then it’s all gone, still it’s there. There’s something about Armani make up formula in general that makes their make up products so good, but at the same time gives them this initial unpleasant kind of smell that luckily doesn’t last. Still this mascara is one of my favourite ones.


Le Volume de Chanel by Chanel is exactly what I’ve been talking about above. It’s volume, but it gives me length 🙂 Don’t ask me why.





It’s spectacular. Once again, it’s all there – volume and length and everything. This mascara really makes a difference.





There’s no scent to it or, if any, very little. It’s been released a year ago or so only, but I’m already so fond of it I always have it 🙂


Diorshow Black Out by Dior is one of the best too.





Your eyes will get hot and expressive with it. It’s volume just like Le Volume de Chanel, but it also makes my eyelashes not only thicker, but longer too. I was amazed when I tried it. The brush is pretty big, but not as gigantic as that of Diorshow.





Unfortunately, Diorshow Black Out doesn’t have that awesome flowery scent. And unfortunately, it comes in one shade only – black. There’s a reason for it. It’s said to have a special intense black shade. Well, if that’s what makes it sooo good, I’m Ok with that 🙂


Grandiose by Lancome.





This is yet another mascara that kind of scared me up front with the way it looks. The first thing that I was kind of hesitant about is the super thick bottom part of the mascara tube. Once you open it and pull out the angled brush, you know what it’s all about.







Now that was the second thing that scared me. I wasn’t so sure I’d like this angled brush. Or that it would be comfortable to us. But it is. And I do. I love this mascara so much. It’s absolutely wonderful. My lashes and eyes are super expressive in just one second, when I apply it. It’s the newest release of my five favourites in mascara world, so I love it passionately 🙂 There’s almost no scent to it, I can feel almost none. Seriously, love this mascara.

And just look at this rose – so cute 🙂



So, here they are, five best mascaras in my world. They can make my lashes splendid without any kind of base or curlers, fast and easy. A perfect final touch to any make up. For what’s the hottest part of our body? Exactly. The eyes. With the right kind of mascara 🙂


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