Black and white movies… I mean nails… with a modern twist

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If you read my post about black and white nail polish, you know that my relationship with black and white nail polish’s been pretty complex and I haven’t warmed up to it right away. But eventually I have. My problem with black and white nail polish was lack of colour in it. Just not enough colour for me. But this very thing can also be an advantage. Black and white are such basic shades that they go well with just anything. Black used to be gothic and hippie, but not anymore. Now both black and white are used widely, we often see them in manicure, they are elegant and chic. Black is sexy in a lot of ways. White is romantic and lovely.


Still, if like me not too long ago, you aren’t that keen on black and white nails, here’s a way to try to come on terms with them, to like them, a little bit of a different take on these two now classic nail polish shades.


These two nail polish shades by YSL have been released this spring: 58 Nuit Blanche and 59 Nuit Noire.



These can be used separately or together. Let’s talk about using them separately first. Because you know, as we’ve already discussed above, black and white is a timeless classic now, and in summer, when you might be just too busy to change your manicure colour too often, black and white is a good option for you to wear. Especially if black and white are as artsy as they are here by YSL.


59 Nuit Noire is not just black, it’s black studded with myriads of silver sparkle, that is, glitter.



It’s like super starry sky, that’s what it is. Beautiful. Chanel did their take on black nail polish with silver glitter once in a very limited edition for Vogue Fashion Night out, and guess what, it didn’t work out that well, because there was just not enough glitter in Chanel version. While YSL definitely pulled it.





There’s a perfect balance of black colour and silver glitter in their Nuit Noire nail polish. If you could never understand what this whole big fuss about black nails was about, this is your chance. If you always found black nails boring, this is not boring. It’s fun and exquisite. I have to say, this nail polish is a little bit harder to wipe off than not glitter nail polish, but not really as hard as glitter nail polish proper, if you know what I mean 🙂 That is, you could wipe off cream or metallic nail polish much easier than this one, but full on glitter is harder to get off your nails – yes, we all knows what it’s like 🙂


58 Nuit Blanche is a white nail polish. But just as with Nuit Noire it’s not that simple. It’s sheer white with small flakes in it. Jelly like in texture. So pretty. So tender. So cool in a way.



Even if you don’t like white nail polish, you might like this. It will give your nails a well groomed and interesting look. And if you like sheer nail polish, you’ll love it, I think.





It’s such a great modern day twist on white nail polish. Once again, this here is not boring, it’s fun and exciting. You’ll find it suitable for any occasion. It’s one of those nail polishes, where you can easily go from a business meeting to a ball and look gorgeous. Just like with Nuit Noire this one is not as easy to get off as cream and metallic nail polish, but not as hard as glitter. So, you’ll be able to wipe it off without getting very much annoyed and agitated 🙂


Clearly, this kind of nail polishes that are designed to work together call for creativity. So, I couldn’t resist and tried an edgier manicure having combined both. Take a look.





See? That was black on top of white. Great. isn’t it? Here’s more 🙂 White on top of black.





Let me point out how beautiful this nail polish looks, when Nuit Blanche is applied on top of Nuit Noire. It results in a spectacular grey shade. Sparkly, mysterious, splendid. I’m ever so impressed with this silver grey shade with a blue shiny undertone. It’s so beautiful and unique. If it takes two nail polishes to get this shade, it’s definitely worth it. I can’t wait to get a full manicure with all my nails painted this wonderful grey shade.


Black and white aren’t the immediate choices we go to in summer, but there are so much bright colours around us every summer season, the nature is so lush and vibrant, that black and white as a counterpoint actually look fresh and crisp and sophisticated. Think about it.

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