Benefit powder and blush

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There’s no doubt that Benefit brand stands out in the make up world. It’s fun, that’s what it is, imaginative, creative. It’s old Hollywood style, old NYC diner style, ‘Madmen’ and ‘Bewitched’ era style. It’s something different in the world of black and navy blue lacquered made up boxes. Benefit with its design, packaging and product range is like an explosion of colour, vigor and old fashioned chic.



I’d like to talk about they face products today, they come in cardboard boxes, the way they used to be packaged before plastic even came into rotation. Each box has a separate design of its own. Well, you’ll see. I have here four powders and one blush that are so pretty. And very soft, easy to apply and lush in terms of quality too 🙂


Powders proper first.






Well, for starters, it’s got a horse on the package, so they got my attention already 🙂 Not just a horse, a beautiful black horse too. And Dallas immediately brings me back to my Hollywood analogy, reminding me of the famous soap, even if I didn’t really watch it 🙂


Inside there’s a brush that, unlike most compact brushes that come with powders, can actually be used on the fly, if need be.







Also inside there’s a unique beige shade. A beautiful beige.




It’s not rosy beige, not yellowy beige, not orangey beige, it’s just beige. Now, I don’t know about using this shade all over, but I can see using it as a highlighter and sculpting shade for almost any complexion. And once again, it’s so soft and silky, so pleasant to the touch and on skin.





The packaging design is wild jungle prey cat like. Hot and tropical.



The name of the shade gives a hint of what it will be like.



Well, I was pleasantly surprised, when I discovered that there’s a lot of pink in this coral. Coral has a tendency to bring out yellow skin undertone, but this shade with this fair share of pink in it will look good on a lot of skin types and complexions. Very nice. I like it.


Please, see the swatch, Dallas is on the left, Coralista is on the right.





Moving on to blush territory. There’s one blush proper and then two powders that, to my mind, will work better as blush and highlighter.



Let’s see blush proper first. Now this is really a beauty. Rockateur.



The package supports the name. Snake skin and lace… it rocks and is very rock like. The design of the blush itself is one of those moments, when I go yet again – I love make up! Beautiful textured surface with a word Rock and a shiny sparkly kind of highlighter or blush shade for strong rock style make up. Leather skirts, biker jackets and black stiletto heels are all around 🙂 And the shade is gorgeous. It’s pink with some beige and a tiny bit of orange or gold in it.



This is a stunning blush shade that will become almost anyone. Any eye colour, any complexion… bring it on. As you can probably tell, Rockateur is my favorite 🙂


Here are the two more that Benefit brands as powders. I’d say, both are more of a blush and highlighter due to their shades. But it’s up to you to decide. They are pretty too though.


Hervana is purple berry heaven.



Yes, that’s what it is. Lilac clouds, sunshine, it’s all here. Very hippie like 🙂 Peace and happiness and all. And just look at this purple angled brush, I mean, it’s so pretty and nice.



By the way, this is the only brush that’s angled of all five I’m showing you here. I don’t know why 🙂 It’s Benefit’s choice, obviously. Before you get scared, the shade is not lilac or purple, due to clever colour mixing, it’s a cold rose with just a touch of purple in it.



This kind of blush is not to be overused, but it can freshen up complexion in a second, say, if you’re tired but don’t want it to show.





With as much sweet tooth as I have, it’s impossible not to like this name 🙂 Yes, please, sugarbomb, I want it, more of it, please. It’s the only case of all five, where I don’t get the connection between the packaging design and the name of the product. Sugarbomb just doesn’t seem to correspond with the acid gothic kind of packaging pattern. It’s not that I don’t like it. I do like this black pattern in the coral and pink background. But Sugarbomb? I do remember ‘Sugarbomb’ band, but it was a pop band, wasn’t it? It wasn’t punk 🙂 Anyway, so much for Coralista, this is the most coral of all five shades.



I think it’s also more suitable and usable as a blush or highlighter, although Benefit calls it a powder. It’s a nice lighter coral shade with a touch of gold and beige in it, a warm coral, not a crazy coral. Will look good with tan.


Here’s a swatch, here we have left to right: Rockateur, Hervana, Sugarbomb.





To round it up, yes, these products are not super elegant, but they are fun and stylish in their own vintage way. And vintage is fashionable, right? To me Benefit is a breath of fresh air, a chance to get distracted and not to be too serious all the time. I don’t use it everyday, of course, because there’s too much make up in the world 🙂 But from time to time I enjoy pulling these out and seeing their special design as a pleasant bonus to their quite good quality. Because there always is and has to be place for colour and cheerfulness in the world, that’s simply concentrated in these little boxes here. Wouldn’t you agree?

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