2 green summer nail polish shades

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As I’ve already mentioned more than once talking about summer make up collections, aqua is definitely a summer hit, especially for your nails. And as aqua is a mix of green and blue, green and blue automatically become trendy too. And I like that. Because using green on blue nail polish instead of aqua is a great way to personalize the aqua trend and make it your own and suitable for your individual style.


Also, green happens to be my favourite colour 🙂 , so I’m always on the lookout for pretty green nail polish. I’ve got two shades for you here by Nars that are totally different, but both beautiful, and that would work great this summer.


Any romantic girls out there? Sensitive souls? Idealists? Prepare to like this. Nars 3655 Thasos.







A wonderful pastel mint shade. So pretty. So tender. So summery. All those dresses and sandals and blouses and long chiffon skirts – this nail polish shade would be a great match for them. It’s not like it’s absolutely unique, I’d just like to remind you about this shade, which other brands have too.





If you like pastels in general and lighter nail polish shades, this is your kind of thing. And if you couldn’t wear aqua on your nails for the life of you, this light and delicate green shade might be something you’ll enjoy. Seriously, it’s so great for summer. Bud like. Princess like. Very cute.


Now, any vamps out there? Femme fatales? Or some wannabes, maybe? 🙂 Here’s a shade that’s as different from the tender Thasos as they come. Nars 3643 Mash.







It’s a dark metallic khaki. It’s sexy, artsy, sultry, luring, steaming hot. It’s not the blood red that’s been too overused to wear it every day. It’s trendy, as green is the colour of the season together with blue and aqua. But if green seems too playful, too light, too delicate for you, if you like darker, harder, more mysterious shades, more tempting shades, if that’s more you, then this is your shade for this season.






An amazing shade. Like cat’s eyes. Tiger eyes. Panther eyes.


I love both these shades so much. And I love green, so I’ll be wearing these two nail colours by Nars not only this summer. I just can’t believe how versatile green can be. So different. So much fun. If you don’t generally wear it on your nails, maybe, instead of going flat on to aqua, you’ll try one of these two shades and, hopefully, enjoy this little summer experiment 🙂

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