Aura by Swarovski… make up

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Yes, make up 🙂 Not just make up. Swarovski calls it beauty jewels. And it makes sense. Because…


Let me show you. It’s one of those times, when I – yet again – admire creative effort that high end make up world sometimes undertakes. These products are like fairy tale. Although they are called Aura by Swarowski by the name of Swarowski fragrance, they are not scented. But they do have Swarowski crystals on them 🙂


Beautiful. Girly. Chic.


Amazing make up.


Really 🙂


There are only three make up products in the line: two shades of crystal lip gloss and one shade of face and body highlighter. So cute.


Let’s go one by one here.


Crystal Gloss Make-Up Jewel. Sparkling Gloss for Lips. Transparent Scintillant. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But wait, the fairy tale starts even before you get to the gloss. It actually starts once you open an elegant white box 🙂



Inside there’s this stunning paper rose like – flower like – thing.



And then inside that 🙂 there’s a pretty silver shiny box 🙂



And then inside that… See, it is a fairy tale 🙂 …my heart flutters… there’s a metal round lip gloss jar studded with Swarowski crystals – like stars.



Oh My God! That’s all I can say. They got me. Right here. Before I actually saw the product itself 🙂 And trust me, it happens rarely. I pull it out – it’s a pendant on a string.



I mean, seriously, isn’t this the most glamorous job of designing lip gloss? I slide the silver gloss jar lid to the side… and the gloss is all I could dream it would be.



It’s transparent indeed. It’s shiny and sparkly. It’s not scented.



It’s soft and nice on the lips. Luxury market level quality. There’s no colour to it, just a wet shine to your lips. I’m impressed. I am. This is spectacular.


Ok, so you think I was all ecstatic about the first lip gloss shade? Wait till you hear how I feel about this one 🙂 Crystal Gloss Make-Up Jewel. Sparkling Gloss for Lips. Rose Scintillant. Remember the beginning of this fairy tale? A white elegant box.



A paper flower. A pretty shiny silver round little box… Oh, Swarowski! This Rose Scintillant lip gloss silver jar is studded with pink and white crystals.



If you asked me after the first gloss, whether I could be impressed even further, I’d tell you – no, it’s humanly impossible. But here we go. Splendid. And did you notice this tiny silver circle thing with the word ‘Swarowski’ on it and a crystal, where two ends of the string meet? Oh. And oh again. Being all smitten and emotional, I still manage to slide the silver jar lid to the side and… find delicate and romantic rose shade of lip gloss.



I love make up. Don’t you just love it? C’mon, admit it 🙂 I mean, can you believe they’ve taken all the trouble to make crystals pink and white on this one? 🙂



Ok. One more to go here. Crystal Touch Make-Up Jewel. Face and Body Highlighter. Argent Scintillant.



The fairy tale is still all here – the white elegant box, the paper flower, the pretty shiny silver round little box… Ok, Swarowski, you’re killing me here.



Inside there’s a silver round jar with ray like crisscrossed things all over it, smaller crystals and then one really big one.



This is pure luxury. In the form of a face and body highlighter.



I can see fairies flying all over the place, tiny little silver boxes in hand, Swarowski crystals sparking and shining, fairies opening them and seeing… argent. Silver. Heavily sparkled. Much more so than both shades of lip gloss.



It’s a super shiny highlighter. For your face and body. I immediately imagine ball, black tie, high reception. But it can actually also be night club or party 🙂 This is for stronger make up. Although you could also use it moderately and strategically and incorporate tiny bits of it into your everyday make up, you know. And feel like a fairy. Or like a princess 🙂


Here’s a swatch, left to right there’s:

Crystal Gloss Make-Up Jewel. Sparkling Gloss for Lips. Transparent Scintillant.

Crystal Gloss Make-Up Jewel. Sparkling Gloss for Lips. Rose Scintillant.

Crystal Touch Make-Up Jewel. Face and Body Highlighter. Argent Scintillant.



See how Argent Scintillant is sparkly yet elegant? And how beautiful all three are?



These three make up pieces are unique. They are unlike any other make up I’ve seen. It’s really a work of art. Haute Couture like. Dream like. And the quality is good.


Aura by Swarowski make up is special. I want to always have it 🙂 It makes me smile. Fairy? Princess? Crystals? Yes, please. Bring it on 🙂


P.S. Could you do more of that, Swarowski?

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