Best cream eye shadow – 3 of them

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Cream eye shadow is my favourite kind of eye shadow formula. I also like classic eye shadow and shiny eye shadow. But what’s so good about cream eye shadow? I’ll tell you. It’s soft on the lid and easy to apply, when done right. And as eye lids are the most sensitive areas of our face, it’s always good to have softer texture to apply there. I also like that with mono cream eye shadow I can achieve fast track very exquisite eye make up look. And that’s especially important, when I’m in a hurry 🙂


I’ve tried all kind of cream eye shadow, and I’ve come to the conclusion that these three are the best. Here they are:


Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill. Amazing eye shadow.



The texture is soft. The shades are gorgeous, complex, consisting of two or more subtones. Eyes to Kill cream eye shadow has a nice shine to it. You can get a glamorous look in a minute. A light gleam to bring out the shine of your eyes. Or a smoky eye look that will be extremely femme fatale like with darker shades. Just anything you want.



And once again, Giorgio Armani make up textures are really superb most of the time. Their cream eye shadow formula is definitely that 🙂


Next. Illusion d’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow. Another great one.



The shade range is smaller than that of Armani, but it’s kind of compensated by a big number of limited editions that keep getting released. Once again, this is soft, sparkly sometimes, depending on a shade, but this sparkle is very fine, elegant kind of sparkle. The eye shadow is shiny.



The texture is really good. So good, in fact, that you can go from work make up, everyday make up to evening make up in no time by bringing a jar of a darker shade with you. The jar is really small, so you can fit it in your purse, even if your space is limited. This eye shadow is pretty. Love it. And the quality is consistently good.


Diorshow Fusion Mono.



The shade range initially is as small as that of Chanel. But once again, there are all the limited editions 🙂 Although feels like we don’t get as many as we do by Chanel. Still… this cream eye shadow is so good, application is a breeze, you can layer it and go from just a touch of shade to intense.




By the way, that’s what I love about cream eye shadow in general. When it’s good, like the three here, you can layer it and play with it and draw and… use it as an eye liner too. And you don’t get all the staining all around your eyes that you do get from classic eye shadow sometimes trying to do that 🙂


Cream eye shadow is a great thing to have 🙂 I love it. It’s glamorous, shiny, simple, versatile, fun. It’s everything I like. By the way, as much as I talk about shine here, those who love nude make up can also appreciate cream eye shadow. Due to its soft texture you can really layer it very thinly getting just a touch of shade or glow on your eyelids and look beautiful. You can’t stand spending too much time on make up? Need this time to do your hair instead? 🙂 Then cream eye shadow is great too, as it’s so fast and easy to use. And, well, naturally, this kind of eye shadow is awesome for going out make up, evening make up, party make up, special occasion make up. Because it has all the shine and glow and sparkle to it.


I love all the three eye shadows I’ve mentioned here and use all of them from time to time. They are just so awesome 🙂


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