Michael Kors Sporty nail polish collection swatched

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As we know, Michael Kors make up is divided into three collections: Sporty, Sexy and Glam. And I’ve already described all of them in a separate post 🙂 I’ve only left out nail polish range, which is divided the same way. This here is Sporty nail collection – as Michael Kors calls it, although it’s a permanent range, really 🙂


Sporty by Michael Kors is a natural look. Nude look. Elegant and simple. Very nice. Especially for those who love this kind of style. Or for those who work in the office and can’t really use bright shades in work environment. Or if you’re just having a day, when you want to look well groomed and nice without standing out much. Or when your make up is bright and you want to go lighter on the nails. Or when you change your outfits and make up ever so often and simply don’t have time to keep up with your manicure shades… There’s a huge amount of options here. Also, nude nail look goes well with sparkly or golden cocktail or evening gowns. Anyway, Michael Kors Sporty range consists of eight shades.



Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


The packaging is like the rest of Michael Kors make up line – white with gold letters. Very simple and very pretty. And different from all the darker shades packaging of most luxury make up brands.



Well, moving on to the shades here.





It’s white. Just white. No sparkle. No gloss.



Very neat. Goes well with just about anything.






Oh, and if you want to make it a little bit cooler and more artsy, pair it up with a black outfit. Yes, black 🙂





The lightest possible coral. Just a touch of coral. A whisper of coral on your nails.



Beige, brown, camel clothes – this shade will be a stunning addition to all of them.





And it’s a little bit of a twist on nude manicure, as it’s not beige proper, so you it can be a really good thing to bring some variety in your manicure routine.





It is a hint. It’s nude manicure in its utmost.



Beige. Not too light, not too bright, a perfectly balanced shade.





Even though nude manicure is not my favourite kind of thing, I like this shade a lot.





Pretty, grege like and pearly.



It’s a cool beige shade with a grey undertone and surprisingly a lot of pearl in it for a nude look line.





I mean, I like it, but if you’re after nudes, be careful and take a closer look first, as you might not like that it’s so pearly. On the other hand, the shade is not loud in any way, so, maybe, it will be a start for you in pearly metallic nail polish shades territory, who knows 🙂 Now, in terms of application – as we all know how hard it is generally speaking to work metallic nail polish – it’s Ok, not the best and not the worst out there, it’s not easy to get it all even and nice on the nails, but not too hard either. But you can manage it. Does this shade please the crowd? I don’t know, but it definitely pleases me 🙂


My advice is, when it comes to metallic shades, use a top coat, it helps to hide all minor unevenness that’s almost inevitable with such nail polish formula.





It’s the darkest of the batch. You know what, when I saw the top square designed to show off the shade – which I, personally, like as an idea, as I have so much nail polish I don’t always remember what each shade looks like – I thought it’s just another brown shade, boring. But guess what, it’s not. It’s grege, and it’s beautiful and pretty original.



It’s dark grege, that is dark beige and grey combined in one.





It’s like a girl who likes natural look goes wild and parties, you know 🙂 That’s as sultry and hot as it gets in this nude look nail colour collection.





Yes, it is ingénue like shade. It’s not even pink. It’s white with just a drop of pink in it.



It’s the lightest possible pink without any sparkle of shine to it.





Very nice. Very fresh. Girly and womanly at the same time. A wonderful take on nude manicure.





It’s beige with some coral in it, and, maybe, pink. More beige than coral.



And it’s not light. It’s a medium dark shade in the collection.





Once again, this is a pretty original shade. And having two original shades in one collection is a great job on the part of Michael Kors make up people 🙂 It’s an exciting shade, that will look good with all kind of outfits. You can easily match it up with khaki, bronze, brown, beige and even black clothes. And brown purses and shoes, of course 🙂





I agree, it is posh 🙂



This is the second pearly metallic nail polish shade in this line.





If dark Intrigue is ‘a natural look girl goes partying’, this is definitely ‘a natural look girl goes to a high end reception’. I mean, this shade is just calling for a long evening-gown of as beautiful beige shade with a touch of gold to it, as this nail polish itself. So pretty. This is truly chic. And still, it’s light and nude enough, where you can wear it to the office 🙂 Love this shade. Another great one in the range. Once again though, if you like classical nude, be careful, this is a highly pearly metallic shade. Might not be quite your cup of tea. Also, it’s a metallic shade, so it takes more work. Don’t forget about that top coat 🙂


This is the whole range.


The quality of nail polish is quite good. It’s definitely luxury nail polish level. I have no complaints here. It’s not the best out there, but it’s good enough for me to actually use it. Sometimes it takes long to dry, so you might think about getting one of those top coats that help to dry nail polish faster or drops that do the same kind of thing 🙂


I’ve already mentioned than I like the idea of squares indicating the shade on the package, right? Well, here are the two things I don’t like about them. One is easily fixable, the other, unfortunately, is not. The first thing I don’t like is that these squares are on the bottom of the package. To me, the whole purpose of them is to look on a bunch of your nail polish and be easily able to quickly get the right shade. In this view those squares should be on top. So, as in the case of all other Michael Kors make up, because all products like lip gloss and lipstick have these colour squares on them, and they are on the bottom too 🙂 – I turned the box of the nail polish upside down. This way the colour square is on top now, and the box opens on the bottom. I don’t know if it works for you, but that’s what I do anyway.


The other thing I don’t like is that those colour squares do not render the shades truthfully, and that’s something I can’t fix. I mean, it’s bad enough, so you can’t really rely on those squares to know the shade, you can just get an idea from them what the shades are like. So, look at the swatches rather to see, whether you like the shades or not. It will be more accurate.  I mean, just compare the colour square on the boxes and the shades themselves in the bottles, and you’ll immediately see the difference 🙂


All in all, I Iike this range. I think, it’s a well done natural and nude look manicure line. It has everything in it from everyday shades to going out shades. I really like Spotlight. And love Crowd-Pleaser, Intrigue, Coquette and Posh. And that’s half the range, so it tells you something 🙂


P.S. Sexy and Glam nail polish collections by Michael Kors are coming up soon in separate posts 🙂

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