The brush that actually made it possible for me to use cream eyeliners

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I’ve already told you how much trouble I had with liquid eyeliner till a certain point, when I, finally, found the one that works for me. Well, with cream eyeliners in small little jars, you know, the professional kind, it was the same story 🙂 And the issue with both liquid and cream eyeliner for me was the same – the brush. Even when I used special eyeliner brushes by luxury make up brands or professional make up brands it just didn’t work 🙂


And then I saw backstage of something – I don’t remember what – where a professional artist was using an angled eyeliner brush. I’ve never seen this kind of brush before and was curious.


Having done some research and looked around, I found it’s pretty hard to find this kind of brush. Few brands have it. Most just have a very fine brush or an angled brush for an eyeliner brush, both are no good to me whatsoever 🙂 Finally, I found angled eyeliner brush in brushes collection by Laura Mercier.









I pulled out my cream eyeliners in small little jars by Bobbi Brown and tried it.



And it worked! It’s great. Easy enough, actually. I was ecstatic. There are so many beautiful cream eyeliners, say, Lancome has a wide range of those, that I couldn’t use before, and now I can. Amazing.


While, by the way, the eyeliner brush by Bobbi Brown that came together with my two eyeliners you see in the photo here, was completely useless to me 🙂 I couldn’t draw an arrow on my eyelid with it for the life of me. But with this angled brush – I can do it! And you probably can do it too. Angled eyeliner brush in question doesn’t have to be by Laura Mercier, of course. Although I can assure you, that this one works. Just find this kind of brush wherever you can and try it.


Hopefully, if you have the same problem as I do, the cure for it will be the same too 🙂 Honestly, I could never picture myself drawing arrows on my lids like professional make up artists do, but here I am 🙂 Cheer up and don’t despair. Remember – I’m the worst at drawing lines – so you’re in a better place for starters. And with this angled eyeliner brush you’re so much better off 🙂 You’ll make it happen. I know you will. And you’ll have those arrows-on-your-eyes-super-graphic-and-hot-look. I’m sure you’ll look beautiful 🙂


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